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Synthetic Hormones

Synthetic Hormones

There is nothing to see here; people keep moving in the new billion-dollar medically transitioning children line.

Synthetic hormones only have 12 significant complications that they are not telling people about: Who wants to live long, have strong bones? I mean, really?

I said, "MOVE," & give me your god...Da&* kids!

Here is what we do know about medical transition

Decreased life expectancy

Premature death from heart attacks

Premature death from pulmonary embolisms

Bone damage

Possible liver damage

Increased mental-health complications

Increases chances of mood-syndrome symptoms

Increased suicide rates than the non-trans population

12% higher chance than no trans population to develop symptoms of psychosis

Brain development stunted during hormone blockers

Reduced chance for lifelong sexual pleasure

It probably does not even improve mental health outcomes.


Studies & Facts - Every Study/Fact In Connected To A Link - Fact Check

UK analysis finds limited evidence for the effectiveness and safety of gender-affirming hormones in children and adolescents with GD, with all studies being uncontrolled and observational and all outcomes of very low certainty - October 2020

Bone density issues - 2019

Higher risk for blood clots - February 2021

Higher risk for heart disease - April 2019

Much reduced chance for lifelong sexual pleasure - November 16, 2017

Possible liver damage - November 18, 2016

Increases likelihood of sterility and infertility - June 2016

Not reversible - December 2020

Bias, not evidence, dominates WPATH “standards of care” - October 1, 2019

The Mayo Clinic's list of side effects - 2021

May cause brain to prematurely age - March 25, 2021

More high-qualities studies are needed, particularly for adolescent-onset GD/Endocrine Society and WPATH provide "practice guidelines" (not standards of care) - March 2021


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