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Mental Health

Mental Health

.............Remember, our stance is that medical transition is plastic surgery with synthetic hormones and invasive surgeries. It does help a few walk lighter in life, but it doesn't cure anything, and the medical transition is brutal. For that reason, we know with experience that:

"Medical Transition Is No Place For A Child & Certainly Not For A Child Or An Adult That Is Suffering From Severe Mental Illness."

Remember one thing! The "better an alive daughter than a dead son?" It's bullshit! The study highlighted in red is the only long-term study done on medically transitioned adults from 1973-to 2003, following 324 medically transitioned adults. Here is what it found: something we call in the trans community the "seven to ten-year suicide itch."

The highest point of suicidal ideation for transgender people comes seven to ten years after the start of medical transition, not before.

Nutshell? If your child suicidal now? Wait, in seven to ten years, it gets worse. Medically transitioning suicidal kids is moronic. If your child is suicidal? Take them to the hospital and treat them for suicidal tendencies. Mass doses of opposite-sex hormones are absurd. If a mental health professional tells you this?

Call FOUL! Call them out, embarrass them and stand firm that they are the ignorant ones, not you!

Now get in there and fight for your child!


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