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It's Money Honey

It's Money Honey

.............To date, there has not been one long-term study "over five years" on what the medication does or does not do to children, and it's not approved by the FDA to prescribe to gender-confused kids.

Cost For One Adult to Takes Hormone Blockers for One Year = $4400 approx.

​Cost For One Child to Take Hormone Blockers for One Year = $52,258 approx.

We have no clue about the long-term effects, but we are starting to see early-onset osteoporosis in trans girls "biological males" in their early twenties.

The company that makes puberty blockers. Lupron was sued in 2003 for bribery and false advertising, forced to pay 874 million to the US Gov and deemed a criminal enterprise. This is the company that is saying,

"Yup, completely safe!" Really Now?

FACT: Profit eight times more prescribed to kids

FACT: No long-term studies

FACT: Company that makes puberty blockers deemed a criminal empire by the US government

FACT: Not FDA Approved

FACT: Hormone blockers were created to lengthen the life of terminally ill patients with cancer; no one was worried about long-term complications from this drug, and guess what?


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