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Gender Dysphoria Treatment

Gender Dysphoria Treatment

.............We connect gender-dysphoria with the plight of homosexuals and the horrid converse therapy stories of the past and, quite frankly, some from the present. When we combine these two situations, we get blinded by what others are trying to make into a human rights issue. It is not; it's just not!

Contrary to what the medical and pharmaceutical industry tells you, medical transition is enormous and comes at a high emotional and medical cost. It's brutal, but no one studies us older trans, and why would they? We have nothing good to tell them: medical transition is akin to a facelift. Sure it helps some walk better in the world, but it doesn't save anyone's life. But what happens when you convince people it's life-saving, it's about human rights? It tangles things up and forces the insurance companies and governments to flip the dime.

So, convince kids that don't fit that they can, make the world think it's life-saving, scare parents with suicide and what happens?

Look around....A New Billion Sector In The Oldest Industry In The World.


Pharma? Pharma is using's time to SCREAM...

"Medical Transition Is No Place For A Child & Certainly Not For A Child Or An Adult That Is Suffering From Severe Mental Illness."


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