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Parents I can teach you how to get your point across

Parental Coaching-Gender Confused Child

Consider me to have insider information about what you don't grasp. I do, and I can advise you.

  • 1 h
  • 110 US dollars
  • Zoom Online

Service Description

I am confident that I can provide you with the essential guidance and assistance at this tough time, just as I have done for many parents throughout the world. Dealing with the complexities of the media and the medical field in this situation can be difficult. My goal is to help you identify between real and incorrect information and to present you with all of the necessary knowledge to make educated decisions. What I can provide parents is an understanding of what leads people to believe they were born in the wrong body, as well as instruction on how to gently challenge this belief. As a mother myself, having given birth and carried life, I am in a unique position to assist parents, and I have. Consider me to have insider information about what you don't grasp. I do, and I can advise you on what you're up against as well as where you may get help! This is a major epidemic, and I believe it is the most significant medical scandal in recent history. You must take control of this. Consider yourself blind, and I'll help you restore your sight. It is critical to recognize that the medical transition is an experimental technique with inherent risks. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that treatment will provide a cure and, in certain cases, it may worsen mental health outcomes. These are verifiable facts that you can rely on, and I am confident in my ability to supply you with the necessary resources to validate their authenticity. If you require additional assistance or wish to discuss your concerns further, I recommend that you schedule a meeting with me as soon as possible. We can manage this trip together and guide you to the best possible outcomes for your child. I appreciate your consideration of my aid and eagerly await the opportunity to assist during this process. Scott Newgent, a transman regretter, offers help to parents and individuals who regret gender transitions.

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Dallas, Texas Dallas, TX, USA

Scott Newgent

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