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  • Parental Coaching-Gender Confused Child

    I am confident that I can provide you with the essential guidance and assistance at this tough time, just as I have done for many parents throughout the world. Dealing with the complexities of the media and the medical field in this situation can be difficult. My goal is to help you identify between real and incorrect information and to present you with all of the necessary knowledge to make educated decisions. What I can provide parents is an understanding of what leads people to believe they were born in the wrong body, as well as instruction on how to gently challenge this belief. As a mother myself, having given birth and carried life, I am in a unique position to assist parents, and I have. Consider me to have insider information about what you don't grasp. I do, and I can advise you on what you're up against as well as where you may get help! This is a major epidemic, and I believe it is the most significant medical scandal in recent history. You must take control of this. Consider yourself blind, and I'll help you restore your sight. It is critical to recognize that the medical transition is an experimental technique with inherent risks. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that treatment will provide a cure and, in certain cases, it may worsen mental health outcomes. These are verifiable facts that you can rely on, and I am confident in my ability to supply you with the necessary resources to validate their authenticity. If you require additional assistance or wish to discuss your concerns further, I recommend that you schedule a meeting with me as soon as possible. We can manage this trip together and guide you to the best possible outcomes for your child. I appreciate your consideration of my aid and eagerly await the opportunity to assist during this process. Scott Newgent, a transman regretter, offers help to parents and individuals who regret gender transitions.

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    EXCITING UPDATE - PUBLISHING DATE ANNOUNCED 'LESBIAN DEVIL TO STRAIGHT MAN SAINT' to trans hell & back - BY TRANS REGERTTER SCOTT NEWGENT August 17th 2024 - My Twins Birthday Things are moving on schedule, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has donated to make this memoir possible. Your support has been invaluable. I asked for help and received a little over $5000 for the memoir. As many of you know, I lost a second job several months ago when a man recognized me from 'What is a Woman' and threatened to kick my a$$ and another woman when I was training my team. The salespeople felt uncomfortable with me as their manager. I often say that 'What is a woman' was the worst and best thing that I could have ever agreed to do. The best because it opened so many people's eyes, but the worst because it has been nothing more than more suffering from me and my own children. Progress is unfolding as planned, and I find myself overwhelmed with appreciation for every individual who has contributed to making this memoir a reality. The generosity you've shown has been more than instrumental - it's been the lifeblood of this project. When I reached out, unsure of what response I'd receive, you answered with an astonishing $5000 towards the memoir. Update Donate Today I often reflect on how 'What is a Woman' was simultaneously the best and worst decision I've ever made. It was enlightening for many, but it also brought unprecedented hardship upon me and my children. However, there's no changing the past; all we can do is move forward. And so, I'm grateful for your support in helping me share an insightful memoir about why so many individuals feel they were born in the wrong body. The book is gradually taking shape and should be available for 'Pre-Sale' by next week's end. Its publication date coincides with a personal milestone - my twins' birthday on August 17th. My hope lies in turning this turmoil into something meaningful – educating others without causing further distress to my children. Your contributions go beyond financial aid; they're part of a movement that can instigate real change. The words to express my appreciation feel insufficient for the unwavering backing you've provided during this expedition. As for publishing houses, I haven't ventured far into that realm just yet. I’ve attempted to connect with notable figures from my past work regarding my memoir- their lack of response was deafening in its revelation of their interest or disinterest. However, don't misconstrue this as a reflection on the quality of the memoir; my inquiry was simply to gauge if they would be open to entertaining a business proposal, their silence was quite telling. The Lesbian Devil To the Straight Man Saint -To Trans Hell & Back Scott/Kellie Newgent Chapter 1: 1st Surgery: 'So Sorry, We Cut Your Bladder. Here's Tylenol!' Chapter 2: 1st Surgery Take 2: Transman & The Gargantuan Woman Names Clarence Chapter 3: Conquering Kindergarten – Early Childhood; & Alex P. Keaton Briefcases Chapter 4: Sports & Solace Chapter 5: Dad: The Good, The Bad & The Bisexual Grandfather Chapter 6:  We're Bringing His Wife Home! Chapter 7:  What Is the Why? Trauma? Chapter 8: Trying To Escape Abuse Chapter 9: Coming Out Chapter 10: Wild Child Days Sex & Sexuality Chapter 11: Melissa's Motherhood/Faith Chapter 12: "I Finally Get to Meet You?' Chapter 13: Come On In Chapter 14: The Catcher in the Rye Chapter 15: Higher Love Chapter 16: Breaking Each Other's Fall or Breaking Each Other In the Fall? Chapter 17: Third Surgery Making a Man of Me Chapter 18:  Finally, Part of A Family Chapter 19: Damn you, Dr Phil! Chapter 20: The Apartment  Chapter 21: Unraveling Love Chapter 22: Finally Broken: By Your Catholic God Chapter 23: Decision To Transition - Lynette's Delight Chapter 24: Leaving Lynette Chapter 25: Fighting For My Life Chapter 26: Naked Comedy: The Electric Charm of Gail Newgent - Murdered by a Chapter 27:  Grandad 'Until' Chapter 28: Regret, Remorse Chapter 28:  Activism Chapter 30: Current Day/Health/Kids I do not allow any subtribe to claim me, and because of that, I have no help; I give help to others, but the chip is never turned the other way; this is a reality. I do not fall within the outline of any subtribe, and I refuse to lie and say I do. This memoir is not about fitting into a category, but about speaking the truth, raw, honest, and with a genuine heart to save the gender-confused kiddos. This commitment to truth is what makes this memoir powerful and your donation is doing just that; thank you. With a vision of raising $25,000, we didn't quite hit the mark. Yet, your generous donations have served as a buoy, allowing me to remain completely dedicated to this cause. Your support has been nothing short of miraculous and I'm deeply grateful. As we move forward, our focus shifts to marketing - an area where publishers become invaluable allies. Ideally, I would like to set aside at least $10,000 for social media promotion and SEO optimization on Google. Unfortunately, mainstream media is likely to turn a blind eye towards this book. While we might secure some spots on smaller podcasts, breaking into larger platforms presents a challenge. If anyone has creative strategies for gaining access to these bigger outlets, your input would be greatly appreciated. In truth, it often requires financial investment to break free from the pervasive echo chambers that are damaging our society and isolating us from one another. These echo chambers are creating wealth for a select few and bolstering certain organizations while simultaneously excluding others - contributing to an increasingly unhealthy societal landscape. If you or someone you know feels compelled to lead efforts in advertising or donation collection - ensuring funds are used effectively - please don't hesitate to contact me. It may sound like I'm pleading out of desperation but in reality, I'm simply weary and could use some respite. My children deserve my undivided attention and by reaching out for assistance now; I hope it will highlight the challenges many families grapple with while also providing some relief for my own. This memoir isn't just ink splashed onto paper; it's an intimate portrayal of my life journey which has proven emotionally taxing yet cathartic. Reflecting on past experiences is never easy but only through raw emotion tied with truth can we truly awaken others' empathy. When this book finally hits the shelves? Remember that it belongs as much to you as it does me. Your faith in me—expressed through your hard-earned financial support—has made this extraordinary journey possible. I aim to make you proud and am eternally grateful for your backing. Thank you. Scott/Kellie Donate Today

  • Shocking: If Elon Musk Was 14 Today, He Would Come Out as Transgender?!?

    The studies say in a high percentage he would, as a transgender man I say he would! by trans Scott Newgent Support Work Here: Donate A young Elon Musk, just barely 14 sits at his computer, deep in thought and struggling with questions of identity. As he navigates adolescence in a constantly connected world, he grapples with the complexities of gender and sexuality. With his exceptional intellect and traits commonly associated with ASD, he may feel torn and uncertain about how to define himself. His internal conflict manifests itself through a contemplative gaze and a creased forehead as he strives for self-understanding. In solitude, Elon paces restlessly, seeking clarity and comprehension on the internet. As he scrutinizes his reflection in the mirror, he ponders whether it genuinely mirrors his inner self. Yet even amid this battle, his intellectual prowess remains evident in his analytical observations of everything surrounding him. As a transgender man myself, I can't help but speculate whether this would have been Elon's journey today within the boundaries of gender ideology - he checks all the boxes. What would his experience with gender identity have been like if he were navigating adolescence today and exploring the notion of being transgender? At 14 years old, it's likely that he too would have wrestled with understanding himself much like many teenagers do in present times. However, now as an influential figure in society, there is an expectation for him to use his prominence for positive impact. This topic demands more scrutiny and deliberation from every angle. Having walked this path myself, I understand the significance of accepting differences rather than forcing conformity or suppressing them with medication. It's crucial to initiate candid dialogues about this before these young individuals' futures are irrevocably affected. Transgender and nonbinary people are up to six times more likely to also have autism. This intersection has researchers trying to understand the connection and how society views these identities. Autism holds the biggest percentage of children who believe they are transgender, some studies tipping the 50% scale and we have to ask why. It's crucial not to conflate correlation with causation, and it is important to approach the topic with sensitivity and depth. Autistic individuals often experience the world with a unique intensity and may grapple with societal norms that feel arbitrary or challenging. This same sensitivity may make gender non-conforming feelings more potent and, perhaps, the structured categories of gender more confining. Furthermore, autistic individuals might have a heightened preference for self-definition that defies standard classifications, thereby seeking an identity that feels inherently authentic amidst an often inordinately binary framing of gender in society (Strang et al., 2018). Some Studies Reaching Nearly 40% Could not fitting in be the entirety of the gender ideology boom within the youth today? It is also crucial to note that the concept of not fitting in extends beyond autistic or gender-diverse populations. Youth, by nature, is a critical period for exploring and pushing boundaries. When compounded by the rousing cognitive diversity that autism brings, the binary concept of gender might tightly confine an already strained fitting-in process. The idea that an 'ideology boom' is exclusively due to not fitting in requires further examination, as it may oversimplify the confluence of multiple factors at play, including increased awareness, improved access to information, and shifting societal norms (American Psychological Association, 2020). Given the complexity inherent in the intersections of ASD and gender identity, researchers and clinicians have advocated a careful, personalized approach to working with young people navigating these aspects of their experience. Johanna Olson-Kennedy, one of the leading experts in care for transgender youth, emphasizes the importance of individualized treatment and consideration of each person's unique set of circumstances, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach (Olson-Kennedy, 2016). Support Work Here Link The observed link between autism and a higher probability of identifying as transgender, in my perspective, provides almost enough evidence to credit the entire phenomenon known as the "gender ideology boom" to two principal factors: same-sex attraction being prevalent among these individuals at a staggering 47%, and the singular aspect of feeling like an outsider often reported by children on the spectrum. The life experiences of people, regardless of whether they are neurodiverse or neurotypical, are intricate and layered. As discussions persist and fresh insights surface, it is paramount that conversations about autism, gender diversity, and their interconnectedness stay rooted in an empathy-led comprehension of the rich mosaic that forms human identity. This understanding not only propels forward dialogue but also offers thoughtful support to all young people as they traverse through the complex journey of maturation and self-discovery. Allow me to say again: We are butchering a generation of children with a medical process that is experimental, dangerous, doesn’t cure anything, and causes massive health issues. Because if I am right, which I believe I am, we are medically transitioning an entire generation of youth because ...... wait for it ........... kids are autistic and or same-sex attracted, again, curing nothing! Head out of the rectum, people! -Transman Regretter Scott Newgent References National Institute of Mental Health. (2021). Autism Spectrum Disorder. Retrieved from, G. R. (2017). Autistic traits in an Internet sample of gender variant UK adults. International Journal of Transgenderism, 18(4), 394-404. Retrieved from Strang, J.F., et al. (2018). Initial Clinical Guidelines for Co-Occurring Autism Spectrum Disorder and Gender Dysphoria or Incongruence in Adolescents. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 47(1), 105-115. Retrieved from American Psychological Association. (2020). Psychological Science Accelerator Identifies Four Key Risk Factors for Mental Health. Retrieved from Coll-Planas, G. and Missé, M. (2020). Challenging the Gender Binary? There's No Escape. Sociological Research Online, 25(1), 68-83. Retrieved from Olson-Kennedy, J. (2016). Mental Health Disparities Among Transgender Youth: Rethinking the Role of Professionals. JAMA Pediatrics, 170(5), 423-424. Retrieved from Strang, J.F., Kenworthy, L., Dominska, A., Sokoloff, J., Kenealy, L.E., Berl, M., Walsh, K., Menvielle, E., Slesaransky-Poe, G., Kim, K.E., Luong-Tran, C., Meagher, H., Wallace, G.L. (2018). Increased gender variance in autism spectrum disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 47(8), 2435-2445. doi: 10.1007/s10508-018-1218-3. Retrieved from R. Brown & E. Kale Edmiston. (2019). Transgender Health: A Practitioner’s Guide to Binary and Non-Binary Trans Patient Care, Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Retrieved from, S., & Eriksson, J.M. (2014). Sexuality and gender role in autism spectrum disorder: A case control study. PLoS ONE, 9(1), e87961. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0087961. Retrieved from Identity Development Service (GIDS). (n.d.). Overview of gender dysphoria. Retrieved from Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). (n.d.). Standards of care. Retrieved from Kapp, S. K., Gillespie-Lynch, K., Sherman, L. E., & Hutman, T. (2013). Deficit, difference, or both? Autism and neurodiversity. Developmental Psychology, 49(1), 59. Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). [No URL available for the DSM-5 as it is a textbook reference]Strang, J. F., Kenworthy, L., Dominska, A., Sokoloff, J., Kenealy, L. E., Berl, M., Walsh, K., Menvielle, E., Slesaransky-Poe, G., Kim, K. E., Luong-Tran, C., Meagher, H., & Wallace, G. L. (2014). Increased gender variance in autism spectrum disorders and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 43(8), 1525-1533., J., De Graaf, H., & Begeer, S. (2017). Sexual orientation, gender identity, and romantic relationships in adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 47(9), 2927-2934., S. J., Uljarević, M., Roberts, A., White, L. C., Morgan, L., Wimpory, D., Ramsden, C., & Leekam, S. R. (2021). Knowledge about autism and empathy toward autistic people: A cross-national study. Autism, 25(3), 787-800.

  • Don't miss out on Rami's incredible story! Join us live this Sunday @2pm EST For An Unforgettable Journey. TRUTH About Medical Transition?

    Don't miss out on Rami's incredible story! Join us live this Sunday at 2pm EST for an unforgettable experience. The first hour will be dedicated to hearing Rami's story, and the second hour will be open for any questions you may have. Mark your calendar and tune in for this must-see event! 6-9-2024 LINK YOUTUBE LIVE I've been immersed in writing my memoir, but after a phone conversation with a 23-year-old transgender man, I realized I needed to take a break and share his story. Transitioning is a challenging journey, and many reach the same point as Rami without regretting their decision. I didn't either at the time, but that doesn't guarantee he won't in the future. It also doesn't mean he will. The true perspective can only come from those who have experienced the pain. Let's not forget, real leaders bring people together - True unity is a battle, one that requires relentless effort and sometimes causes unimaginable pain. I have faced this pain countless times before as I stand before evangelical crowds, their stubborn views on homosexuality digging into my skin like daggers. But I refuse to back down, even as I high five my way to the podium, because it's important to accept disagreement and still stand for what is right. So I grit my teeth and push through the agony to deliver the raw truth about medical transition, pleading with all to listen and question - for together is our only chance at stopping the horrific practice of medically transitioning gender confused children. You want to educate and stop childhood medical transition? Help us Get the word out - Donate Today Rami's Words: I am Rami Ramirez, a 23-year-old transgender man who began transitioning at 18. I do not regret my decision to transition, but I deeply regret not being informed about the potential impact on my overall health. My external appearance may have improved, but my internal well-being has taken a severe blow - what good is that if I lose my entire health? The pain and exhaustion I have endured, both mentally and physically, from the shortcomings of the trans healthcare system are beyond words. We are left to fend for ourselves, with little knowledge of our own anatomy and the potential complications that may arise. The suffering we endure in silence is unimaginable, and it breaks my heart to know that there are countless others experiencing the same fate. The mental toll of this neglect is indescribable. My health deteriorated rapidly once I began transitioning, facing issues I never knew were possible. Doctors must be held accountable for their negligence - hospitals, gender affirming physicians, all of them need to take responsibility. Research must be done, proper plans put in place before blindly prescribing hormones. I am angry and devastated to discover these problems at only 23 years old. Thankfully, a specialist has come into my life to help me recover from the harm caused by the lack of proper care. But others may not be as lucky - some may even lose entire organs due to this neglect. It's time for the trans community to demand better care and for our voices to be heard. I've personally been dismissed by two gynecologists and a urologist, given false diagnoses and ineffective medication. Even a trans gynecologist brushed off my concerns and prescribed estrogen cream without properly addressing the issue. The healthcare system failed me, leaving me to suffer while they profited off my appointments and hormone prescriptions. Sunday 6-09-2024 2 PM EST I was hospitalized thirteen times within just two years of starting my transition due to vaginal changes and infections caused by atrophy - something no one bothered to warn me about. My own transition doctor didn't even inform me when my T levels were dangerously high, simply saying "if you feel fine then you're fine." It took another specialist stepping in to reveal how unhealthy my levels were. Why didn't anyone tell me sooner? Are we just dollar signs to them? I was never given any information or guidance on this matter, and it's my hope that my message will reach someone and prevent them from going through the same experience. The trans healthcare system must be fixed before more lives are harmed or lost. It's time to make a change. My Name Is RAMI

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  • Transman Scott Newgent & Accidental HERO 'What is a woman'

    Donate Today We are engaged in a relentless struggle against unyielding organizations that tirelessly champion the medical transition of young ones. Their driving forces are dual-pronged: the considerable monetary benefits reaped from pharmaceutical corporations, and the zeal of activism. TransRegretters, under the leadership of transman HERO Scott Newgent, stand as a formidable ally to challenge these colossal titan entities. We steadfastly refuse to demand payment for lending our voices to children's causes and it is through generous donations that we can continue this vital work. Book a TransRegretter Today ADULT Better Motivational Speaker, Transgender Health Educator, Writer, Blogger, Social Media Influencer & All Around Powerhouse With The Tools To Actually Change Hearts & Minds Watch Transman Scott Newgent In Action Transman Scott Newgent Accidental HERO of Matt Walsh's 'What is a Woman. ​ Activist, Public Speaker, Author, Writer, Transgender Health Specialist & Mother of Three S ome can desist S ome can detransition & S ome are Stuck! Mail Because Some Scars Don't Heal! We Are The Trans Regretters! Join The Community That Is Saving Children! Email* Subscribe I want to subscribe to your mailing list. Hi! We Are The TransRegretters The last seven years have seen increased prominence of transgender ideology in the media, showcasing both positive and negative aspects of this trend. While there are success stories related to medical transition, achieving 100% success is rare, and some individuals regret some or all of the changes associated with medical transition. In the past two years, there has been a broad range of labels used to describe the diverse experiences of individuals undergoing medical transition. ​ Trans man Scott Newgent, featured in Matt Walsh's documentary 'What is a Woman,' found that a significant portion of the transgender community is being overlooked. This group represents a large proportion of people who have begun the medical transition journey. ​ The truth is that most people who start medical transition experience varying levels of regret after starting medical transition, ranging from regretting one aspect and wanting to do things differently to realizing they will never pass as their birth gender. The reality is that life is usually grey, not black and white. ​ ​ Some Can Desist. Some Can DeTrans. Some Are Stuck. Transition Success: People who have started medical transition and found it beneficial to their journey through life have no regrets, are 100% satisfied, and would make the same choices again. Desister's: People who started social transition but had not begun medical transition have since ceased. Detransition: Started medical transition, stopped taking cross-sex hormones, and started on the journey back to appearing as their biological sex. TransRegretters: Some can desist, some can detrans, but some are stuck with the decision they made to medically transition and regret at all varying levels. Meet The TransRegretters: gives a platform to regretters at every stage of regret. Meet The Trans Regretters JK Rowlings 'Scott You have been a hero of mine for quite some time.' Matt Walsh Scott Newgent is the hero of the film. Such a remarkable contrast between the raw openness and honesty in this interview and the evasiveness and defensiveness from the “experts” I spoke to. Watch the full film at Have you noticed... Society has divided and created subtribes alienating further & wider? And what makes up these subtribes? The Leaders & Influencers. What if these leaders and influencers have a sole purpose to keep us all divided Benefiting them, by placings blinders on you? On Your Logical Thinking. So, how do you understand the complexities of issues people perceive as human rights issues. How do you truly understand what is happening regardless of what subtribe you have been thrown into? That's where Scott comes in At a turning point in my life, I found myself ready to abandon trying to conform to society's expectations. It had never been something I excelled at nor desired, and now I was on the verge of embracing my uniqueness. But then, the transgender movement gained momentum with Caitlyn Jenner's public coming out and Jazz Jennings' rise to fame on reality TV. Suddenly, there was a glimmer of hope that maybe I could find acceptance too - as a confident and assertive lesbian woman trapped in the wrong body. ​ ​ The dream of fitting in was enticing and so I embarked on my own journey of medical transition. After ten years, seven invasive surgeries, a persistent bacterial infection lasting 17 months, 15 hospital stays, an additional seven procedures, a heart attack induced by anxiety, severe pulmonary embolism and sepsis, a disabled arm, a botched surgery below the waist, and the loss of everything I had ever strived for - I lifted my gaze from the brink of mortality, PTSD, and much more. In that moment, I recognized the glaring misdirection within the medical community when it comes to transitioning children. This realization sparked a fiery mission within me to confront and expose any politician, doctor, or celebrity who perpetuates the falsehood that these transitions are life-saving. The truth is starkly different - medical transitions can have a devastating impact on one's life, not life saving but life taking! Read Scott's FULL BIO Hi! I am Scott. Partner With Scott To Save Gender Confused Children We First Have To Change Hearts & Minds But Prefer together. Pick Leaders Who Can Stand Alone Embrace other opinions. Listen. Learn. Educate or Be Educated Be Willing To Learn & Be Wrong Embrace Debate. Learn To Love The Uncomfortable Zone Put people together who believe differently. You want to STOP childhood medical transition? Scott Can Show You How! Documentaries Are you ready to uncover the truth about gender ideology? Do you want to inspire and influence others? Look no further, because Scott is here to help you! Learn More Ben Shapiro Show ​ Transgender Male Scott Newgent Exposes the Horrors of Gender Reassignment Surgery ​ Watch Catholic Weekly ​ by Transman Scott Newgent Trans Activist Serious concern over child re-assignment surgery ​ Read Article Appeared in ‘What is a Woman’ Documentary by Matt Walsh with Transman Activist Scott Newgent ​ Watch ​Dallas Morning News by transman Scott Newgent I’m working to save children from my deepest regret: gender-affirming medical transition ​ ​ Read Article Epoch Times by transman Scott Newgent The tide may be turning in the battle to halt gender transitions on minors crusader says ​ Read Article Epoch Times by transman Scott Newgent Activism to Save Children From Medical Transition Is Not About Right and Left. It’s About Right and Wrong. ​ Read Article X Twitter ​ 'That was the most powerful speech I have ever heard! Wow!' Speech Rally Speech 'The atmosphere seemed historical watching you speech in Nashville, I have never experienced something so incredible! Beyond amazing Scott!' ​ Watch ​Dallas Morning News ​ Scott, you changed me! History will remember you!​ ​ Read Article Daily Caller by transman Scott Newgent Waking Up From Gender Surgery Finally Woke Me Up To The Truth ​ Read Article Live Debates & Shows It's amazing to see someone like Scott who is willing to take risks and engage in debates! He truly believes that children are worth the effort and committed to helping adults become better at "adulting". Let's all take inspiration from his example and strive to make a positive impact in our own lives the lives of those us! Learn More Daily Wire ​ by Transman Scott Newgent I Was In ‘What Is A Woman’: It Was The Hardest Thing I Ever Did, But I’d Do It Again Read Article Newsweek ​ by transman Scott Newgent We Need Balance When It Comes to Gender Dysphoric Kids. I Would Know | Opinion. ​ Read Article Quilette ​ by Transman Scott Newgent Forget What Gender Activists Tell You. Here’s What Medical Transition Looks Like ​ Read Article Bill C-6 Canadian Conversion ​ Therapy by Transman Scott Newgent Bill C-6 needs more nuance: Conversion therapy is wrong, but pushing kids to transition medically is worse. ​ Read Brief Led the biggest march in Canadian history. ​ By transman activist Scott Newgent Watch Rallies "Wow, Scott is truly a powerhouse! He has the ability to deliver massive turnout and ultimately change hearts and minds about the reality of gender ideology. His work sheds light on the harm it causes and the carnage it creates." ​ Million March Learn More Daily Wire ​ Daily Wire by Greg Wilson Angry Hero Of ‘What Is A Woman?’ Says Film Is Helping Healing Process ​ Read Article Newsweek ​ by transman Scott Newgent We Need Balance When It Comes to Gender Dysphoric Kids. I Would Know | Opinion. ​ Read Article Quilette ​ by Transman Scott Newgent Forget What Gender Activists Tell You. Here’s What Medical Transition Looks Like ​ Read Article Bill C-6 Canadian Conversion ​ Therapy by Transman Scott Newgent Bill C-6 needs more nuance: Conversion therapy is wrong, but pushing kids to transition medically is worse. ​ Read Brief Led the biggest march in Canadian history. ​ By transman activist Scott Newgent Watch Press Conferences, News Podcasts & OPED Press Conferences, over 30 million views without mainstream media, Podcast receives record numbers, Daily Wire , most read article of the quarter Learn More ADULT Better . . . Change Hearts & Minds Through Powerful Testimony & a Passionate Heart! . . . Podcasts Scott Rallies/Speeches Changes Shows/News Hearts Writing/Bills/Help & Minds Educate With Knowledge, Passion & Sincerity . . . Partner With Scott Lesbian Devil To Straight Man Saint To Trans HELL & Back A Dynamic Speaker, Writer an Activist Transman Regretter Scott Newgent publishes a memoir that will answer the only question remaining within the medically transitioning children the most important one: Why do people believe they were born in the wrong body? ​ August 17th 2024 Learn More About You Start A Converstation First name* Last name Email* Address Phone Additional information Email Phone Company name Long answer Dropdown Donation $25 $50 $100 Submit Start a converstation

  • Trans Man Scott Newgent & Others Fighting To Stop Childhood Medical Transition

    Donations are used for travel, organizing events, website maintenance, security and much more... We are up against Goliath, with on souls on fire . . . Help STOP The Travesty Of Childhood Medical Transition We are fighting the most significant medical scandals in modern history, and your support can make a real difference. Your help can save children's lives. ​ The truth is that medical transition for gender-confused children is experimental, dangerous, and ineffective. It not only causes significant health issues but also worsens their mental well-being. These are undeniable facts that need to be brought to light. (See Facts & Study Page) ​ Unfortunately, mainstream media is censored, and society continues to believe that gender ideology is solely about human rights. The reality is that every child they convince to transition yields substantial financial profit, with synthetic hormones alone amounting to over 1.3 million dollars in a lifetime. This doesn't even account for the expenses of surgeries and potential complications, which are extensive. Disturbingly, puberty blockers prescribed to children generate eight times more profit and cause the most long-term damage. ​ We are in a battle for the lives of these children, and we are determined to make a difference. Our organization, Trans Regretters is #SCREAMINGLouder to STOP childhood medical transition, is dedicated to STOPPING, 100% stop for all children worldwide because all kids matter - Not creating change but rather saving lives. We share robust, factual information and real-life stories to break free from societal subtribes and echo chambers. ​ Now is a critical moment as innocent children continue to be subjected to unnecessary procedures. Our relentless pursuit aims to put an end to the suffering caused by childhood medical transition. Every contribution we receive brings us closer to saving a child's life. Every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment to grow and thrive. I know firsthand the love and devotion a parent feels towards their child, and this deep sense of care drives me to speak out and make a difference. I am confident that you share the same sentiments regarding your children. Our society cannot turn a blind eye to such injustice. If we fail to protect our children, we risk losing our way as a compassionate and responsible community. ​ Together, we can make a meaningful impact and ensure the safety of these vulnerable children. Your invaluable support and involvement can create a better tomorrow for them. By educating ourselves, raising awareness, and advocating for policy changes, we can create a society that prioritizes the protection and well-being of all children. ​ Please join me in this important cause. Let us unite in our efforts to safeguard the rights and dignity of these innocent lives. Together, we can ensure that they have the chance to grow up and fulfil their potential. ​ If you have any questions about how you can contribute or are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch with us at . ​ All my love and all my passion, I #SCREAMLouder 'STOP Transing Kids!' -Trans Regretter Scott Newgent $25 $50 $100 $250 $500 $Other paypal VENMO

  • Trans Man Scott Newgent & Others Fighting To Stop Childhood Medical Transition

    Do you have a gender confused child? Parental coach for parents who have gender confused children. ​ I can help; reach out today to schedule. Learn More WHAT DO Professionals HAVE TO SAY? Bio DR JOSEPH BURGO A LEADING PSYCHOLOGIST CHALLENGED WPATH WPATH HAS DISCREDITED ITSELF With the recent release of its Standards of Care, 8th Edition, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has undermined its standing as the preeminent authority on health care for gender-questioning youth. WPATH’s neglect of safeguarding issues for children, its adherence to ideological views unsupported by evidence, its exclusion of ethical concerns, and its mischaracterization of basic science all make its Standards a fundamentally unreliable guide. #SCREAMINGLouder MUST READ Award! I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle. There are more than 100 pediatric gender clinics across the U.S. I worked at one. What’s happening to children is morally and medically appalling. I am a 42-year-old St. Louis native, a queer woman, and politically to the left of Bernie Sanders. My worldview has deeply shaped my career. I have spent my professional life providing counseling to vulnerable populations: children in foster care, sexual minorities, the poor. Read more WPATH World Professional Association for Transgender Health WPATH is the baseline for transgender medicine I encourage you read it! Cliff Notes: WPATH has never held up in a court of law as a credible baseline for care in any court ANYWHERE in the world! Transgender Health Is 90% Experimental - Only Thing That Is Not Experimental? Top Surgery! ​ Latest Version WPATH is 95% Experimental Transgender health has never been studied! Transgender health is experimental and dangerous, and no one knows the long-term effects of childhood medical transition or what these kids' lives will look like in the future . WPATH World Professional Association For Transgender Heath Link WPATH is the supposed transgender health care guidelines for transgender medicine. Since its inception in 1979, WPATH has never held up in a court of law anywhere in the world as a valid standard for transgender care. Parents sue Florida school district over colluding with daughter to change her gender identity Grooming Gay & Trans Kids USA The Trevor Project: Undercover Mom UK - Tavistock Leader - Age, Play, Kink How Activist Teachers Recruit Kids Leaked Documents and Audio from the California Teachers Association Conference Reveal Efforts to Subvert Parents on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation New Slow Waking Gender Curriculum - NYC grooms children into gender Grooming Gay & Trans Kids USA The Trevor Project: Undercover Mom UK - Tavistock Leader - Age, Play, Kink How Activist Teachers Recruit Kids Leaked Documents and Audio from the California Teachers Association Conference Reveal Efforts to Subvert Parents on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation New Slow Waking Gender Curriculum - NYC grooms children into gender Guidance to School Districts for Creating a Safe and Supportive School Environment For Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students JULY 2015 Are children being bullied into being trans? Schools are not fulfilling their duty of care to vulnerable children Your children can get hormones without your consent! School Personnel are not Qualified to Diagnose or Treat my Child for Gender Dysphoria - Especially Without my Consent or Knowledge Grooming & Indoctrination - teachers recruiting and grooming kids Team Member Name Job Title To connect this element to content from your collection, select the element and click Connect to Data. Read More Team Member Name Job Title To connect this element to content from your collection, select the element and click Connect to Data. Read More Team Member Name Job Title To connect this element to content from your collection, select the element and click Connect to Data. Read More Say it on a T-shirt! Shocking Facts The baseline for transgender health: WPATH has never been held up in a court of law anywhere in the world as a standard for care. The science is NOT there, and the truth is that medical transition is: Experimental. Dangerous. Doesn't Cure Anything & Makes Mental Health Worse! These are facts! THE LIES! 'Better An Alive Daughter Than A Dead Son!' & Journal of Psychiatry Study Published Oct 2019 Boasting Remarkable Mental Health After A Child Is Medically Transitioned. The 2nd Truth? Journal of Psychiatry Study Published Oct 2019 Boasting Remarkable Mental Health After A Child Is Medically Transitioned was ​ RETRACTED by Yale Medicine one year later, yet if you search the internet or go to a gender clinic, they still recite this study as a source to convince parents to medically transition their children! The 1st Truth? The only long-term study on medically transitioned people followed 324 medically transitioned people from 1973-to 2003 and this study tells us that the highest point of suicidal Ideation is seven to ten years after the process is started. If your child is suicidal right now and you are medically transitioning children Hold Tight! ​ Suicidal Ideation gets worse. In the transgender community, we call it, ​ "The seven to ten-year suicide itch." Study Link Don’t treat all cases of gender dysphoria the same way Whatever it's called, "ROGD" describes a new type of teenage-onset gender dysphoria - August 9, 2021 Here is what we do know: The long-term use of synthetic hormone therapy shortens lives. Specifically, these medications are associated with an increased risk of heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms, bone damage, liver and kidney failure, mental-health complications, and more. Almost a quarter of hormone-therapy patients on high-dose anabolic steroids (such as the testosterone taken by female-to-male transitioners) exhibit major mood-syndrome symptoms. Between three and 12 percent go on to develop symptoms of psychosis. Gender Dysphoria has an 82% success rate when it's treated with talk therapy. 82% come out the other end released from the grasp of GD with talk therapy. Guess what? In the US due to the TREVOR project and C6 in Canada? They are currently making another thing other than instant and immediate medical transition illegal. "What makes you feel like you are transgender?" LUPRON - X Drug - Puberty Blockers Gender Dangerious - The Cass Report-Report-independent review of gender care outcomes, dr hilary cass Finds Tavistock Gender clinical unsuitable and dangerous Drug used to halt puberty in children may cause lasting health problems Grooming & Indoctrination - teachers recruiting and grooming kids By puberty, the majority of child-onset GD sufferers cease to want to transition - 2018 New Slow Waking Gender Curriculum - NYC grooms children into gender Guidance to School Districts for Creating a Safe and Supportive School Environment For Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students JULY 2015 Your children can get hormones without your consent! Are children being bullied into being trans? Schools are not fulfilling their duty of care to vulnerable children Team Member Name Job Title To connect this element to content from your collection, select the element and click Connect to Data. Read More Team Member Name Job Title To connect this element to content from your collection, select the element and click Connect to Data. Read More Team Member Name Job Title To connect this element to content from your collection, select the element and click Connect to Data. Read More W arning Real Images of Real Children Watch If You Dare The Realities of Medically Transitioning Children ​ Press Play If You Dare To Know The Truth! C hildren have become a target for the NEW LGBTQ+ & Gay/Lesbians & Trans are are trying to warn parents to #SCREAMLouder 'Leave our children ALONE!' O rganizations like 'The Trevor Project' have gone from an LGBTQ+ youth organization funding raising 1 million dollars a year to over 67 million in 2022. see video below SHOCKING T he TREVOR Project focuses on educating your children and educators in the US. T o date this org has 22 thousands people employed and volunteered teach your children about sexuality and gender ideology whether you like it or NOT! on children within the RAINBOW! O ver two dozen children's hospitals in the United States are actively investing in advertising campaigns to promote a specific surgery to children. Parents Need To Get Involved & Tell The LGBTQ+ To Get AWAY From Kids! It's NOT BITGOTRY to protect kids! The New L G B T Q + ? IS A REQRUITING AGENCY! SCREAM lOUDER...... Is infiltrating school systems. Your child's gender-confused is everyone's business but their parents' business. Currently, around the world, gender-confused kids are being ripped from their parents to begin medical transition! ​ ​Every child convinced they are trans in childhood represents 1.3 million dollars to pharma within their lifetime. This number doesn't include surgeries or complications, and they are vast! ​Being trans is nothing to promote . Do we deserve respect for our choice to transition medically? Yes, but that respect doesn't include recruiting children to make us feel better about our own decision! Yes, medical transition is a decision; it's plastic surgery. ​ 12 Leading Complications-Medical Transing Kids-USA Estimate Of Money Generated-312 Million A Year! THE NEWLGBTQ+ Is A Dangerous Recruiting Agency & It's Not Bigotry To State The Truth. ​ Us the the LGBTQ? We have nothing to sell... We are a soft place to fall for adults... No Kids ... No Religion In Schools? ​ No LG BTQ! New LGBTQ+ ​ Get Away From Kids. 50 years ago, we within the LGBT Fought For Righteous Rights! The rights to work, love, and live without fear! We achieved these rights by helping society understand we were not a recruiting agency for children, just a soft place to fall for adults and adults only!

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