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Trans Regretters Membership Quesionnaire

Do you want to warn others about the harms and PERMANENCE of medical transition?
Are you against the medical transitioning of children?
Are you STUCK with permanent physical changes from you medical transition?
Are you STUCK with permanent mental or emotional changes from you medical transition?
There are varying levels of regret. To what degree would you say you regret your medical transition? (hover to see choices)
not at alla little- some thingsmostlyregret it, but it brought me to where I am todayregret it all and would never do it again!
As a member of Trans Regretters, in which ways would you be willing to WARN others about the harms and permanence of medical transition?
Do you primarily see or refer to yourself as...
Do you understand why the term detransitioner doesn't necessarily fit for everyone?
Do you feel STUCK in medical transition?
Are you currently involved in legal action against any entity, professional or individual who took part in your medical transition?
Do you have any mental health concerns that would make it difficult to participate in actions on behalf of Trans Regretters? No need to disclose them specifically.
Do you agree to our privacy and non-disclosure terms as listed below?
Trans Regretters is a non-profit organization and we rely on donations for the work we do. Are you willing to become a monthly donor at $10/month?

Thank you for your submission!

Scott Newgent

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