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C-6 Senators

Yes, All True, But What Does It Mean? I Won, I'm Scaring The Doo Doo Out Of The Right People! YES!

Every part of society is covered in this image, gays, straights, conservatives, liberals, religious, atheists, right, left and center ...This is adulting better, and this will save kids faster ...Grab our hands; we can fight later! Right now? Right now, they are butchering children under the guise of human rights...STAND UP & SCREAM Louder...Adult Better - Join Us

I am fine and not going anywhere! Yes, I was fired the day after my speech at the Matt Walsh Nashville Rally by my nonbinary manager, who's married to a transman 'Guitar Center' <--In Case You Were Wondering.


Nashville SPEECH That Flipped People Out!


Yes, I was banned from TIK TOK, an account run by a PR firm professional that followed all the rules. Yes, my LA Speech had over 2 million views in 7 days on TikTok BANNED; minutes after my Nashville speech, YES, my TikTok went nuts from 14,000 to over 24,000 in less than an hour..BANNED, no reason given...Yes, Yes, Yes & Yes.

This is not a distraction or event that pulls the oxygen out of me. For me? It does the opposite...HOW EXCITING! I am scaring the SHIT out of people.

Super exciting, right?

I must be doing something right. Who else was banned after the Rally...ummmm no one. So for me, it's like winning the gold! I'll take the bumps and get back up knowing that

"I won, I won, I scared the people that needed to be scared!"


Social media has created an echo chamber of untruths, creating a society that genuinely believes that butchering an entire generation of children is about love and not the monumental amount of money it generates. We have polarized ourselves into these unseen boxes, unable to stick our heads out and say, "What in the f%$#*? That's not right!" We are like robots salivating at the social media stars creating the left/right taglines regurgitating the tag lines.....brilliant way to generate stardom but leaves society-----unable to see around corners.


The Tik Tok Video Viewed 2 Million Times In 7 Days

Hear The Entire LA Speech Here Link

Shame on you if you are a left/right activist, hold yourself to a higher standard... that's lazy activism! If you shout left/right with each tweet? You are not just part of the problem; you are the problem!

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For me? All this attention? Man, it pumps me up! I just needed to get pissed for a couple of days.....but I'm back and TWITTER...TIKTOK......Screw you! I only have 327 followers ban away, you communist trifle of hell butchering children for the dollar...Shame on you.

Here's to hoping Elon Muskinth Musk dares to join the fight and SCREAMS Louder.....STOP TRANSING KIDS! Until then I will keep bobbing and weaving, getting knocked around but I will never quit! What can I say? I may look like a Dad, but what you see, this heart....All a Mama fighting for children!

SCREAM Louder!

-Scott Newgent

Hold tight....Realigning Things - & You Know The Whole Job Thing? Hold Tight!

PS...To all the grammar people. Comments are open....Have at it..Me? Yeah busy saving other people kids. Grammar? Really? Ok Have at it! Next you can make fun of my name....So many things! LMAO

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Scott Newgent

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