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Wrong Kind Of Trans Banned By Twitter-A Must Read Appeal By Transman Scott Newgent

This post is the exact response Scott Newgent sent to Twitter to appeal the lifetime ban for hate and bigotry and the cancellation of a rational trans voice/the other side of the trans debate. We ask that you send this to news organizations, posts it on all social media platforms and SCREAM to stop the madness of silencing people…


"I might be the wrong kind of trans, but I'm the right kind of parent!" -Newgent

To date, a response has not been received from TWITTER!

Appeal Below.

What if I told you that we are heading for the most consequential suicide epidemic modern history has ever seen? What if one of the main reasons for this coming epidemic falls on the guilty laps of twitter for not being strong enough to cover complicated issues - the truth? What if I went further and said it was you? Yeah, you, the one reading this right now. What if you knew that 30 years from now, you were responsible in small part for this suicide epidemic, just a tiny swell but part of the ocean of suicides coming? What if you knew that? Would you be strong today??

I am a transman and I am writing to appeal my twitter suspension to show you the other side of the debate over gender-questioning children - trans people like myself who believe that medical transition is not for children I have heard from hundreds of trans people who think just like me about the need to safeguard and slow down when it comes to gender-questioning kids. These kids are vulnerable, frequently have other mental health issues, are often gay, and deserve the best, most thoughtful, and most evidence-based care.

I have published essays about medicalizing gender-questioning kids in Newsweek and Quillette, have been interviewed for the National Review and Catholic Weekly, and have been a guest on the following podcasts: Dan Crenshaw’s Hold These Truths, Theology in the Raw, Benjamin Boyce, and Sasha White’s Plebity, among others.

In the spirit of opening debate and dialogue as well as balanced society, I hope you will consider reinstating my account.

A true story on experience and the lack of critical thinking and knee jerk reactions to all who oppose anyone’s ideology.

A Transman Talks Honestly about Gender-Questioning Kids

By Scott Newgent

When my son was two, I was engrossed as a telecom account executive, my mind always obsessed with the following presentation, the next meeting, the best chess move to further my career. My baby son knew if he wanted my attention, he had to be different. One day when I was running out the door, he ran up and said, "Stop, Ma, stop right now." He commanded such strength and presence that I did just that. He said in his toddler language, "Sit down, couch, there." To my surprise, I sat. He proceeded to crawl onto my lap and place each little hand on my cheeks. Then he pressed his nose to mine. "Don't listen to them, just to me, k Ma?" He knew he had the attention he was after. "Ma, waterslide, 'member?" The week prior, we’d been racing through a store, he'd spotted a huge, blow-up waterslide, and I said I would buy it in between my calls and texts. Well, later had come for him. I immediately took the day off, and before night fell, he was having a ball on his huge backyard waterslide. To this day, in my family, if you have something important to discuss, you say, "Don't listen to them, just me," and immediately I plugin.

This true story is exactly what needs to happen within the trans debate. People are terrified of being called a bigot - even trans people like myself are accused of it. The truth is that medical transition is brutal on the mind, body, and soul, and the media refuses to cover it. Anyone who voices concern for medically transitioning children is immediately labeled a transphobe, even the many trans people who think like me. We are silenced like communists during the Cold War for wanting to slow down the medicalization of gender-questioning kids.

But as family members of the LGBTQ community, many with our own children, we’re starting to speak up, grab society's face, and say, "Listen to me, don't listen to them, just me."

Many people might label me the #wrongkindoftrans because I want to talk openly and honestly about our gender-questioning kids. Unlike some very vocal trans activists, I fully support and promote the fact that medical transition is experimental and is no place for a child.

In the past year, much important information and peer-reviewed research has come to light about just how shaky the foundations are of so-called affirmative care. Several prominent Swedish hospitals have restricted the use of puberty blockers for under 18 except in clinical trials, while one Australian gender clinic will require a court order for their usage. Finland has banned all surgeries for under 18 and prioritized psychotherapy, recognizing adolescence as a time of rapid identity development. The UK conducted comprehensive reviews of both puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and found the evidence “very low” (their words) as to efficacy. The researchers who created the Dutch protocol are alarmed at how it’s being misused on teenagers. A massive study into the mental health outcomes of transition was retracted because upon further analysis it came to the exact opposite conclusion.

I wish we didn’t need this debate, but unfortunately, we do.

But since they show no signs of doing so, I believe we need debate like this and shutting me down is shutting down a portion of society that is right on the medicalization of children. Where are the brave trans people like me? We are banned and that suicidal epidemic has started. My nights are spent trying to convince the kids you allowed to be convinced by the onesidedness of twitter that medical transition would save them and realize it did not just add to the list of woes...physical illness leaves me trying to convince them it all gets better and to remove the gun from their mouths. Who will stand up and speak the truth, for the sake of a generation of gender-confused kids who are becoming guinea pigs? Quite frankley we know it’s not twitter...But, I want you to understand the person reading this right now...You, when history is written you need to know where you are going to lie...A contributor to shutting down fair debate and responsible is some part for the suicide epidemic that has started that the media wont cover and what you...Twitter stops from immersing to save these kids.

We need to put the care back into the hands of adults willing to take the time to listen to these gender-questioning kids, untangle their complex mental health issues, and explore their possible homosexuality. We need to adult better. These include unbiased research-oriented groups, such as SEGM, loving parents such as those at Genspect, and rational trans people like at TReVoices.

So when the trans activists or shall I say TWITTER who don’t care about your particular child attack you for contradicting them - and trust me, they will - "Don't listen to them, just to me, k parents?"

Scott Newgent

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