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Where Are My Christians? Hold Your People Accountable - Texas Gov Abbott? 2.5 M Gender Clinics

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

TReVoices Is the Leading The World Wide Charge To STOP The Travesty Of 'Medically Transitioning' Gender Confused Kids! Support Us Today - Donate


Nutshell: Governor Greg Abbott is a staunch anti-LGBT until 2015, when he still is anti-LGB, but somehow the T has changed, becoming a supporter. In 2015 Abbott started taking money from UT Texas University Hospital that was funnelled from a colossal gender clinic in the southwest.


As soon as he started taking money from this gender clinic? Texas boomed as the WW hub fro transing kids.

Abbott took $250,000 four days before he made some statement about 'Accepting people' pushing the bills 1311 that would have made transing kids illegal in Texas.

Three months later, he states, 'transing kids is child abuse leading to article after article about how Abbott stopped/halted transing kids in Texas.

The truth?

Support TReVoices - Donate Today

NOT one clinic or one child was stopped from medical transition....full steam ahead.

Evangelicals - Religious People?

Hold your people accountable. Wrong is Wrong. Be strong and do what's right!


Texas Tort Reform Act-Newgent referred to the Texas tort reform act and how states with these laws are hotbeds for transgender health due to the difficulty of filing medical malpractice cases on experimental procedures. Texas is the WW hub.

Link Explaining Tort Reform Acts - This tort reform does two things: Limits compensation, Places harsh Restrictions On Medical Malpractice, incl. Forcing The Law Firm To come up with a Standard Of Care. If one doesn't exist, the law firm is responsible for researching and setting the standard., which entails hiring physicians, surgeons, scientists, finding reliable studies, and so forth. This costs $millions, and each little trans case which would result in $900,000, leaves the firm negative several million. Not good business. California Attorney Who Filed The Cases Against Dr Crane: Located in Opera Plaza Cinemas Address: 1388 Sutter St Suite 1210, San Francisco, CA 94109 Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Sun Phone: (415) 441-5544 Suggest an edit · Own this

Tort Reform Attracts Surgeons like Scott Newgent's Surgeon Dr. Curtis Crane - Lawsuits are neary impossible, it's also why Florida is a hub, although that Gov is fighting a good fight!

Crane - Doe v. Crane, CGC-16-550630 was dismissed April 5, 2017. Carter v. Crane, CGC-16-554254 was dismissed December 10, 2018. Raynor v. Crane, CGC-17-556713 was dismissed November 8, 2018. Carson v. Crane, CGC-17-556743 was dismissed October 10, 2018. Doe v. Crane, CGC-17-557327 was dismissed November 8, 2018. Davis v. Crane, CGC-17-557363 was dismissed December 10, 2018. Shepherd v. Crane, CGC-17-559294, dismissed October 3, 2018. Doe v. Crane, CGC-17-560690 was dismissed March 15, 2019. Hansen v. Crane CGC-18-571442

$250,000 Bribe - Explained with links and dates

Texas Bill 1311 - This bill would have passed a law making the medicalization of gender-confused children in Texas

Four days before this bill was on the floor? Texas Governor Abbott took $250,000 from UT Texas Medical Center. This money was funnelled through a Southwestern gender clinic. But hold on, more money is coming!

How these leaders blocked the bills that would have made medically transitioning children texas Katy Christian Magazine: Governor Abbott, Patrick and Phelan received over $250,000 from Group Tied to SB 1311 Texas Leadership Stalls Bill that Would Stop Boys from Competing in Girls' Athletics Why Prohibitions Against Sex Change Drugs, Hormones And Sex Change Surgery Will Not Pass Unless You Take Action 05-24-2021 Official Voting On SB 1311 - The bill did not pass

Link Verifications First - Second - Third - Fourth

In 2015-2017 Study on the increase of gender-confused children referred and starting medical Transition - Reference to the 4000% Increase In Children Medically Transitioning In Texas Newgent also referenced the UK 4000% increase.

In 2015 around two dozen children were medically transitioning in Texas Two years later and after Abbot's team started taking money from the gender clinic links to donations Links to Genesis Clinic. Genesis Clinic, which was formerly Children's Health Dallas, is "the first and largest pediatric gender clinic in the Southwest." At the time of the article, they were expecting many more patients...that was six years ago

What's happening? Why are so many trans kids medically transitioning?

What that means monetarily - Just puberty blockers, not cross-sex hormones, surge4ry, regular check-ups or complications - Remember this is all experiment except mastectomies and breast augmentations!

Genesis, a gender clinic in texas 2015, treated about two dozen kids Today - 400 - Link

Keep in mind puberty blockers generate 8x more revenue & it's gone up even higher recently. $37,000 to $45,000 - Link Hormone Blocker Shocker: Drug Costs 8 Times More When Used For Kids

Adult per year $4,400 Child per year $45,000

In 2015 approx, two dozen or 24 kids were medically transitioning, taking blockers; two years later, over 400.

Let's look at the numbers 2015 - 24 kids produced = Almost $2 Million 2017 - 400 Kids produced = $18 Million

Let's flip this to the adult costs: If these were adults? 2015 - 24 Adults Would Have Produced = $100,000 2017 - 400 Adults Would Have Produced = $1.7 Million

THIS IS WHY WE ARE TRANSING KIDS - Keep in mind it's just the start because we haven't eventalked about surgery or cross-sex hormones.

The average studies estimate that 90% or more of the kids that take hormone blockers go on to take cross-sex hormones

The $250,000 bribe? Just getting started. Now let's look at the 2.5 million Abbott and his team have taken since 2015-2022 from UT Texas, funnelled through a Southwest Gender Clinic - Real SNEAKY Shit!

5-24-2021 Texas Bill SB 1311 To Ban Medically transitioning children failed...did not pass & Abbott & his team has taken substantial amounts of money from links to major childhood medical facilities. Abbott's team was crucial in getting the bill thrown off the floor.

Yet, In Feb 2022, a little over half a year later, Abbott declares:

Abbott Official Letter Below To The Health Commission. This letter resulted in many articles saying, "Abbott Bans Childhood Medical Transition."

Greg Abbott says he'll soon unveil plan to restrict transition-related medical care for transgender children. That's a big FAT NOPE Houston hospital pauses hormone therapy for transgender children as threats of child abuse investigations loom That's a big fat NOPE. The list goes on and on..the truth? Abbott hasn't done JACK Shit but has some great articles to point to when this goes bad! The truth? Not one clinic has been shut down, and full steam ahead.

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