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Virgin Airlines descends into madness. An airplane is a place for decorum and professionalism

Íris Erlingsdóttir Lee

When photos of the Canadian Oakville Trafalgar high school teacher went viral, many – myself included – expressed disgust at how little respect and care the school andparents have for the safety and comfort of children to allow an adult man to engage in an obvious sexual fetish in front of students. This is of course a natural extension of our tolerance – indeed, acceptance and celebration – of the dangerous cult of gender ideology. I thought, would people get on an airplane if the cockpit crew showed up with ginormous fake boobs strapped to their chests? Would you feel comfortable going under the knife if your surgeon walked in decked out like that? But surely as night follows day, along comes Virgin Airlines “celebrating the trans/gender cult and "individuality.” And I won’t be surprised when the Mayo or Boston Children’s Hellannounce celebrating the “individuality” of their surgical staff.

Daily Wire show host Matt Walsh commented on the dangers of allowing the Trans cult of narcissism in places like passenger airplanes:

“To be an adult in a civilized society means controlling your impulses and conforming yourself to certain standards of conduct. As you go about your day, you find yourself in all kinds of roles – as employee, as customer, as parent, as neighbor, as spouse. Some of these are situational, some endure and maintain throughout your entire life, but each role is accompanied by expectations and responsibilities. Things you are supposed to do and not do, say and not say, whether you like it or not. So you bring yourself into the role in a physical and literal sense, but there may be aspects of your personality, inclinations, preferences or predilections you have that are not appropriate and should not be expressed or engaged in given the role or the circumstance.

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If you walk through life declaring that you are going to be yourself everywhere, all the time, meaning that you’ll simply do what you want, not respecting any standards or acknowledging any expectations, then everything in your life quickly breaks down, and you begin to fail in every role and thus in life itself.

Nowhere could this be more obvious than in the context of air travel. Because a metal tube 35,000 ft in the air hurtling along at 600 miles an hour isn’t the place for anyone to be their “true self” or express themselves individually. Nobody. I don’t want anyone on the plane doing that, given the stakes and consequences if things go wrong, and given that we are all stuck in close proximity to each other, and none of us can escape the situation.

An airplane is a place for decorum and professionalism. I want very little personal expression from the person sitting next to me, even less do I want it from the pilot. None of us are on the plane so we can get to know the captain on an intimate and personal level. None of us are interested in his “true self.” We don’t want the pilot to express his true self. We w

ant him to express the plane from point A to point B and that's it. We simply want to arrive at our destination; we want the flight crew to get us there as quickly and as safely as possible and with as little drama as possible.

Flamboyant individualism has never kept a plane in the sky. Engineering and physics keep the plane in the sky along with the expertise and professionalism of the people in the cockpit.”

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