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UPDATE on Transgender Violence - Tour USA/UK & Guest Post by Journalist Iris El

Post By Iris to follow.......

Most are aware the transgender debate has become violent. At the last Rally I spoke at, Antifa charged the stage, and I believe my warm welcome, thanking them for attending and asking their leader if they wanted to speak, might have defused a situation that could have gone badly, quickly!


Others have not been so fortunate, like Posie Parker in New Zealand, Billboard Chris in Canada, and some threats have been beyond frightening, that the FBI has been called in, and high-profile people like Matt Walsh have been forced to cancel events. To terrorize a family because of one's beliefs goes against our country's entire foundation. Top it off with the fact that Matt's family have become personal friends of mine; you can guess I am not only livid but mortified at the trans community to which I am forced to belong!


Differences of opinion do not categorize people as saints or intrinsically evil; it just means that "we do not agree," and that's OK. That is healthy. When you silence any side of society, you create an imbalance, and we are living in that imbalance right now! Michael Brown, a high-profile evangelical activist, has become a good friend of mine. Early into our friendship, I commented that we needed each other. Michael didn't quite comprehend when I said,

"Michael, we need you to speak for the gay community, not just at it, but rather to hold us unaccountable. Your beliefs and vigilant eye, making people think of the consequences of homosexuality gone wild, align us with doing what's right. Just as our voices within the homosexual community hold your community accountable for not going off the deep end with HELL, FIRE & DAMNATION, we counterbalance each other."

The proof is plain to see where we are now as a society. The free rain the LGBTQ+ has been provided, the instant head nodding agreeing with whatever the ACLU or LGBTQ+ says, has led us to a time where we are massacring children with a medical process that will not only make their health degenerate but as well makes a monumental decline in mental health. But, no one hears the facts because of the silencing of sectors of society that social media has allowed. It is harmful and dangerous, and it's how and why we have veered off into a ditch with keeping children safe. We are not keeping children safe, not by a long shot!

My USA UNCUT is still progressing as planned, nothing has been cancelled, nor will I cancel anything. I made a promise almost five years ago, and my children are wrapped in the promise, and I will not quit, I will not be bullied and I will not turn away, regardless of what comes of it.

This cause is not just something I merely believe in; it's something that I understand from one side to the other, as only one can who has all the puzzle pieces. I will not be bullied or silenced. I believe in what I am doing; it's why people say I am passionate. What people see as passion is something we are rarely afforded as human beings with feelings that ebb and flow. A steady, consistent belief in something is rare, and it only comes when it comes from within, and it does with me!

The only thing that has changed is that I am not listing the bills I am working on and the days they are scheduled for testimony. But I have six more states on the UNCUT Tour & close to three weeks remaining!

I have one Rally scheduled in London on the 29th with the org Turning Point! We do NOT have all the funds required for travel; we are halfway there. I am not calling off the Rally, but I need donations to help get me there. With the violence, there is also a need for added security! This event is half funded by Turning point and half supported my I have some media with GBNews, but I still need to cover the expenses. I wish I was paid to SCREAM Louder, but I am not!


Plane Ticket: $1200

Hotel: $1000

Food, Taxi, Misc. $700



If you want to see me speak in London on the 29th, please consider donating. Tickets will not be sold at the Rally, and all our welcome to attend.

If anyone has a place I can stay, that would be helpful.

"Who will save the children, Scott will"

by Íris Erlingsdóttiir Lee, journalist


Why do you care about this trans stuff?” my few remaining friends asked me when I sent them link to TT Exulansic’s video of the monstrous violence from transactivists around the world, from Tennessee USA, Auckland, New Zealand, London UK, to Vancouver, Canada, to Seattle, Washington, USA just in the last week.

“Are you living under a rock?”

I asked before I remember that they are consumers of activist propaganda that passes for news, garbage produced by a media who have managed to grant a mass murderer victim–martyr status; who’ve condemned – not the mindless, vicious violence and murder of six people, including three children but – Audrey Hale’s the posthumous misgendering. Who cares about the victims and their families? Eh? Victims who, what? God forbid we hurt the hallowed trans feelings of the mob beating and murdering citizens by using the wrong pronouns.


We knew this was coming. It’s been in the air. Just in the last week:

● A raging Tran terrorist mob battered a number of women at British women’s rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen’s #LetWomenSpeak rally in Auckland, New Zealand.

● Swimmer Riley Gaines was Gaines was assaulted and barricaded in a classroom following her speech at San Francisco State University on why women’s sports must be for women only. She was punched and hit while the crowd screamed threats and insults for hours.


● Smirking women cops watched an out-of-control mob batter Billboard Chris in Vancouver, Canada.

● A 19 year old Colorado bloke – “Transgender Woman, 19, Arrested over Plot to Shoot up THREE Schools and Churches, Commit Murder in the First Degree” – Yeah? It was one of those penised women.

● Hysterical hooligans drove Jonathan Choe out of Volunteer Park in Seattle, Washington.

● And just this morning:


ANDY NGO REPORTS: Trans person arrested over brutal murder of Portland cab driver


The suspect in the Easter Sunday stabbing murder of a Portland cab driver is a trans person with a history of threatening behavior.

Editor's note April 10, 2023: The report has been updated with new information. The Post Millennial can exclusively report that the suspect in the Easter Sunday stabbing murder of a Portland cab driver is a trans person with a history of threatening behavior.

Moses Jacob Lopez, who presents as a woman and appears to have addresses in both Portland and Coos Bay, Ore., has been charged with second-degree murder and unlawful use of a weapon. The deceased victim, who has not been named, was identified by Radio City Cab as one of its veteran drivers. Lopez allegedly stabbed him to death during a taxi ride.


The “subculture that has grown up around trans identities too often excuses, legitimizes, and even glorifies violence,”

Eliza Mondegren writes on Unherd. “That includes violence directed at the self — where self-harm and suicide demonstrate sincerity and commitment to trans identity in the face of adversity — and violence directed outward at perceived enemies. This goes hand-in-hand with a toxic dynamic called phobia indoctrination: the attempt to instil irrational fears in members of a high-control group in order to manipulate them.


I’m all out of patience, all out of tolerance with the transactivist community, and so should you. The insanity and violence of gender ideology must stop, and it’s time to start saying so. Like Joshua Slocum points out on his podcast Disaffected, “if we don’t, we’ll not be able to, because we’ll be six feet under.”


We’ve reached a cultural turning point. The warning signs are everywhere: grimacing skulls promising “DEATH BEFORE DETRANSITION”, knives, baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire, assault rifles painted in the pastel tones of the trans flag, torrents of rape and death threats, the not-so-subtle threat that “EVERY DAY IS TRANS DAY OF VENGEANCE.”

Surely Scott will cancel all travel plans, I thought to myself. Who would walk up on stage to try and talk sense into a screaming crowd of insane terrorists? The answer is, Scott would.

“I promised. I promised I’d fight for the safety of gender confused kids. There is nothing more important than the health and lives of our kids.”

I know trying to talk Scott out of the speaking tour – to the UK and to several US states – is futile, so instead I’ve been doing the math. This time Scott must cover not only airfare and travel expenses, but – as you can see if you view the video of the above events – security. To ensure Scott’s safety, a team of linemen-sized guys will be needed!

I’m asking you to please consider a donation. Every dollar counts, any amount helps. I want to help my friend make this tour possible, but more importantly, I want Scott to return home safe and sound!

Donate to Scott's UNCUT Tour

Íris Erlingsdóttiir Lee, journalist

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