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C-6 Senators

Turn The Mirror Around

I do not have to detrans to save kids from medical transition. I do not have to detrans to out the travesties of transgender health. If you bully me to detrans how are you any different than what the radical trans have done to the children of the world?

Turn The Mirror Around

Welcome To TReVoices Blog By, Scott Newgent. If you believe in what we are doing, consider helping us with a gift.


My rainbow is a human rainbow. I learned from a young age to see past differences in beliefs, sexuality, and social and financial status because behind someone different from you or someone you hate are fears of not being worthwhile. If we look past our infantile differences, the world turns from a scary place to one of grace with boundless potential for human growth and enlightenment. Words of wisdom came to me once when my ears were susceptible to mentors, a whispered moment as I sat at a lesbian dinner party at the tender age of 20. The giver of wisdom, who, I think of often, was a 70-year-old lesbian. I had just made a an impassioned speech about hating straight people, how every lesbian and gay man should band together to create a superior community where straight and bisexual people could live without the unique gifts and talents homosexual people have given to society since the beginning of time without recognition and with the oppression that had never lifted and never would. The old dyke turned her head towards me and snapped her fingers crisply and with authority, piquing my curiosity instantly. I leaned in, eager to hear what I thought would be a song of praise, but this is what I heard instead:

“Kellie, if I stayed within lines of safety because I wanted complete acceptance of who I am before I allowed people to know me, I would have never had a single conversation with any human on the face of the earth. I am a 70-year-old African-American, Jewish, Republican, bull-dyke lesbian who listens to country music. If you stay within the lines you believe are safe because of not wanting to be challenged by the differences of others, your challenge will become learning how to not wither away and die because, let’s face it, you wouldn’t be invited to dinner parties like this and you would have no one to talk to because you're an asshole, a passionately cute asshole, but one nevertheless. Simmer on that a bit and do shut up. You learn by listening, and it doesn't make you look like an idiot as much as you do look right now.”

Relentless Focus To Stop The Medicalization Of Gender Confused Children! Help Us Continue The Fight & Donate Now.

When my son was two and a half, he knew how to get my attention. At that time, I was at the dead center of my career as a business account executive, leading the USA with record numbers for Verizon Wireless. I was fierce. But my mind was always obsessed with the next presentation, the next business meeting, the next chess move to further my career. My baby son knew if he wanted my attention, he had to be different. One day when I was running out the door, he ran up to me and said, "stop Ma, stop right now." He commanded such strength and presence that I did just that, I stopped. He said, "sit down, couch, there," in his toddler language. To my surprise, I listened and sat on the couch. He proceeded to crawl onto my lap, straddled me, and placed each little hand on one side of my face, cradling it. Then he leaned in and pressed his nose to mine and said, "don't listen to them, just to me, just me, not them, k Ma?" He had my total attention, he knew he had to slow me down to get the proper attention he was after, or he would get the inevitable, "yeah ok sugar, sure sugar, lunch, candy, you bet, just go ask your nanny." His face couldn't hold in the excitement; he knew he had the attention he was after and blurted out, "Ma, waterslide, ‘member? You said waterslide; it's not there outside, I need waterslide, please, k Ma?" The week prior I had been running through a store, and he’d spotted a huge, blow-up water slide for parties, and I said I would buy it in between my calls and texts. Well, later had come for him, and he was determined to let me know. I immediately called in, got the day off of work, picked him up, and before night fell he was having a ball on his vast, commercial $600 waterslide in our backyard. To this day in my family, if you have something important to discuss, you say, “don’t listen to them, just me,” and immediately no matter what I am doing is dropped and I plug in.

That’s what we need to do. We have to grab society's face and say, "give me a minute, just listen to us for a minute, don't listen to them, just us," with the same heartstrings that a child holds within his mother's heart. The most effective way to do this is for the message to come from family, a familiar place, a place that is and has been a soft place to fall. My son got my attention because of the way he did it but most importantly because of who he was to me. I believe this approach would work to stop the dangerous trans radical craze that we are currently experiencing.

Don’t get me wrong; the LGBTQ community is family to me. I was a lesbian for twenty-five years, and I have been a transman for five years. I am a familiar, I am family. I am not a transitioner, and although it’s complicated, transitioning definitely has helped me in some ways. I am also a parent to three adolescents, an age when children are professing their transgenderism in record numbers. If it's done in the right way, with the right people, with hearts in the correct place, we could save children who don't even know they need to be saved.

We need courageous people to say what needs to be said, be guided in the most appropriate and best way to say it, and to take criticism to ensure what is written is done in the most powerful manner possible. We need to be willing to work within a team to save kids because make no mistake; as a transman I am telling you that these kids need to be saved a million times more than you already believe. Lets march hand in hand to the forefront, representing children, to keep children safe and criminalize any medical professionals who medically transition a child. Speak in unison saying;

“Here’s a transgender person. Here’s a gay person. Here’s the evangelical person. Here’s the Republican person. Here’s a Democrat. We have everybody covered. Okay. So, you can’t call us a bigot. Cause we got the whole circle around. We’re all here. Now let’s talk about facts.

Medical Transitioning Is No Place For A Child & here is why!”

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