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TReVoices Exclusive - Another Trans Adult Steps Up "Med-Transing Kids?" This Email Floored Me!

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2-07-2022 Anonymous Trans Man "A"

TReVoices Exclusive - Another Trans Adult Steps Up "Med-Transing Kids?" This Email Floored Me!

I opened my email to check my TReVoices messages. I get a message a day from a trans and I've heard it all. Each one does infuse me with conviction, but this one...This one...I opened this and I never dreamed to received an email that jolted me regarding the 'Medicalization Of Children." I don't know why but this hit me and hit me hard. The way this trans man pealed his chest was persuasive...Just read it!

Dear Scott,

I'm a FTM who tried to detransition. But it wasn't believable, mostly because of religious pressure and the testosterone exacerbating a mental illness (multiple studies have been done where testosterone causes mania in women and estrogen prevents psychosis - I'd love to see doctors looking at those studies rather than the political trans agenda). I wholeheartedly agree with Scott that transitioning is not for kids.

Due to our appearance and voices, most of us FTMs can't believably detransition, so in short, the life we had, especially socially, is no longer available to us, no matter how much we may try to become comfortable with it. Making the other gender's hormone dominant in someone seems to make most act like they're going through puberty while doing drugs, especially in FTMs, because testosterone is a stimulant that causes mania, bad impulse control, memory issues, etc.

Relentless Focus To Stop The Medicalization Of Gender Confused Children! Help Us Continue The Fight & Donate Now.

Watching the radical trans agenda unfold, I just know something isn't right. People don't know they have gone down the wrong path and damaged their body and relationships until the love bombing of those encouraging them to change subsides. And if detransitioning doesn't work, they can't gain any of that back.

I only knew I made a mistake when my doctors finally found me an effective mental drug that helped me see what the testosterone did as well as helped me figure out my inner life. I'll probably always feel more male and I don't know if I fully regret transitioning, but I was pretty much ruined, both bodily and socially and maybe even spiritually because your whole being goes through the change. The only silver lining is that the experience has taught me a lot about who my true friends are.

Thus I am joining Scott's army to continue the good fight against the medical transitioning of gender-questioning kids.

Anonymous Trans Man "A"

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