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C-6 Senators

Transwoman testifies against puberty blockers for CA Foster Kids - STOP Transing Kids

Transwoman testifies against puberty blockers for CA Foster Kids and only gets a measly 2916 views.

Are you kidding me?

Welcome To TReVoices Blog By, Scott Newgent

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Rene Jax, a transwoman for 40 years, testifies in the California Senate Judiciary Committee against AB 2119, a bill to make sure foster kids have access to sex-change operations and puberty-blocking drugs to help them align their bodies to match the gender identity.

I found this little treasure on YouTube, a transwoman in 2018 who testified against puberty blockers for children within the foster care system, and it got me thinking. How many verbal trans are there for medically transitioning children? How many are against the medicalization of children, like myself?

Relentless Focus To Stop The Medicalization Of Gender Confused Children! Help Us Continue The Fight & Donate Now.

I started tallying in my head, and I came up with over 50 vocal trans against the medicalization of children, and believe me, this takes guts to do publicly.

And so, it got me thinking of the vocal trans pro medically transition children.

Who are they?

Because as a salesperson my whole life, this is the time within an unsuccessful sales deal where I would stand up and say:

"Hey People! We are not doing this deal right; we are not negotiating right—something's missing, an angle. What is it?"

It's time for a different take.

My idea?

Create a list of trans who are proponents of the medicalization of children and the huge list I have compiled against to challenge our thinking. Let the pro-trans tells us con trans why not allowing children to transition medically is the wrong position to take.

Make them sell us......

We need to stop selling this; we need to require them to sell us.


Because as soon as they open their mouths with another trans in the room, do you know what happens?

They look like total imbeciles!

I've seen it up close and personal, and it's POWERFUL!

So I ask.

Who is the high profile trans you know pushing the medicalization of children as life-saving?

Let's try something new.

Ok let me have the names,

Scott Newgent

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Scott Newgent

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