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C-6 Senators

Transman Scott Newgent - Asking For Help - Oh & On Fox News

In Case You Missed TReVoices On Fox News - Scott Newgent On "The Ingraham Angle"


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"That was the best segment I've done on this subject, since? We will be inviting you back." -Laura Ingraham


The "What is a Woman?" documentary has shown that the whole world is longing for an answer to a question we all – except the media, the medical and political community – know we could answer correctly in grade school biology class. I have therefore been flooded with requests to give interviews and speeches; to educate and coach politicians in the U.S. and worldwide. In fact, in the next couple of weeks, body guards will be immanent? Let's say, keep watching! One day at at a time!

I have agreed to participate in government meetings in Australia, Washington D.C., to meeting requests from the U.S. Public School System; I'm currently working with one U.S. Governor, two Congressmen, four state senators, and trying to manage a U.K. Media Blitz as well. Oh, and meeting a request from the Catholic Church. I guess I'll add "Dear God" right here.

If you know anything about why I do this work, you will understand that this is a soul mission for me. Everything else pales in comparison. I promised God/Universe that if I was allowed to see another day, to live and take care of my wonderful children, I would do everything in my power to stop childhood medical transition. I would do whatever would be asked of me stop this horrific abuse of children and help their families. I would do whatever God/Universe told me to do. But I never expected God to SCREAM so relentlessly, so loudly! "I Got It! Stop Yelling At Me!"


Read More On My Journey To A Soul Mission - A Lesbian Prescribed Testosterone. A Body Destroyed But A Mind Awoken To Save Kids, by Scott Newgent

The Newgents SCREAMING

UNTIL - For Grandad - UNTIL - For Auntie Gail - UNTIL For My Kids - UNTIL For Yours - "Come On Kellie, Grab My Hand. It's Time To Shake Some SH%^ Up & SCREAM Newgent Style. You Ready Sis?" "Yes, Sir I'm Ready Grandad!"


I am at a crossroads, and I've decided to take a leap of faith and to take a leave of absence from my fulltime position. To date, I have managed all the above and TReVoices along with a full-time job, but there is only one of me, and I cannot do this by myself. I am accepting the challenge to come on faith, but I will need financial support. Travel? Is paid for, but the rest is up to me, to us and I do have a family to support. Here is the ultimate test of faith right! "OK, yes I will do it!" Then running off, "What in the hell did I just say yes to holly...I'll stop right there %^& %#$F &%R$% ...Faith %$^ What in the Hell %^#

Those of you who know me, know that I don't like to ask for help – in any form. My friend, who has not a religious bone in her body said that it is at times like this that we must remember that pride is one of the deadly sins!

In order to avail ourselves of this amazing opportunity to speak truth to the world about what is being done to our children, we must work together, or all will be lost, and that would truly be a sin worse than the one we now must fight.

I cannot do this without your help. I am therefore humbly asking for your support. Every smallest amount, every donation to TReVoices makes a difference.

You won't find a more determined, dedicated, passionate advocate to STOP childhood medical transition. I will speak truth – I will SCREAM the truth to power – wherever I go without reservation, without a stutter; Clear and Precise!

The floodgates have opened, and they will not be shut closed. Trust me I have tried!

"Truth will out," Shakespeare wrote. "Truth will out,


Scott Newgent/ Kellie King - Daughter of Scott & Cindy King and granddaughter to my superhero Bill Newgent - Until

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Jun 15, 2022

I donated a bit to your cause. Keep up the good fight, Scott/Kellie. But don't forget to take time for yourself and your kids. Sending you love and inspiration.


Iris E
Iris E
Jun 15, 2022

I'm writing you a good old-fashioned check, who with the TransMedicalTech Complex (PayPal & many more) can look fwd to roast in Hell at the end of your tour!


Scott Newgent

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