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Transing kids. The Call Is Most Definitely From Within. Explained By A Trans Activist, Scott Newgent

(All statements regarding complications/financial or other wise are underlined with articles/studies and verifies statements. Please open them up and read them, I want you to. Arm yourself with the truth.)

Are adolescents trends that much different? The craziness? No! But this trend doesn't fade away. The new trend? It's butchering an entire generation of children. Currently, we are witnessing the single biggest medical scandal in modern history.

But who I am I. I'm just a fully transition trans man that studied trans health for 17 months, trying to save my own life.



"The Call Is From Inside The House." A documentary that is, to date, the absolute hands-down best documentary on transing kids I have ever seen!

"The Call is Coming From Inside the House" was posted on YouTube on 1-16-2022 and had over 45,000 views. YouTube has removed the film, but you can watch it here on TReVoices.

I reached out to the Mom who made the film, and we exchanged a few emails. Her need to stay anonymous is understandable; many parents are hiding behind in the shadows throwing grenades at gender ideology while at the same time trying to duck out of sight of their children. Adolescence is a time when us parents tread lightly, trying to curb the crazy from afar.

Warning Explicit Content: (This is no Joke! Consider Yourself Warned)

Hands Down The Best Documentary I Have Seen To Date
Transing kids. The Call Is Most Definitely From Within. Explained By A Trans Activist, Scott Newgent

Adolescence is filled with hormone surges that completely throw our systems out of whack and at lightning speed. Most human growth phases happen gradually and slowly, but puberty is: "Boom, Here I Am & I Am Going To Fuck You Up Good For About 3-4; At least.

Mix in minor mental disorders or problems that nag at us in adulthood, "mild anxiety, depression" is x 10 in adolescence; everything is magnified and then blows up. Crazy idea, right........It is exaggerated, and then it blows up; in essence, things you didn't understand a couple of years prior are understood, but you are still not capable of filing the emotions properly; dealing with the situations.


As someone who has medically transitioned, I understand why these children feel out of whack. The vast hormone surges we all experience in puberty–I lived through them again at 42. This experience helps me understand why these kids feel the way they do. The way you think and feel changes so much, or at least it did for me, and no less at 42! Sure, I was the same person on the inside, but the mega-doses of cross-sex hormones change everything (and not in a way these kids believe). What I liked before, maybe I didn't like it any longer. How I wanted to be intimate changed; when I used to cry, I got angry; my need to talk about everything before testosterone–let's just say two lesbians are talking about issues....TALK...TALK...TALK, but after testosterone, that was the first time in my Life I ever thought, "I don't want to talk about this anymore. Please!"

I changed.

Adolescence is the only time in our lives when we can go from liking Barbies and Disney movies and loving to cuddle with Mom to being a black-haired/nailpolished/dressed goth metal-head, to an all-around athlete, and then to a preppy college girl and from there off into adulthood, and then we all laugh and reminisce about how nuts she was just a couple years earlier.

Adolescence creates Cra Cra Crazy. Having gone through a modified version of puberty at 42, I consider myself as having a unique understanding. I am saying that I understand teenagers under the influence of puberty…and all the changes driving them mad for a couple of years. I have three teenagers, and one day they love wrestling with me; the other, they tell me they hate me. Is it part of it, right?

This documentary, I believe, shows this in detail and at different times in different areas of the world. Generations express the Cra Cra Crazy in different ways. But, the Cra Cra now? Nothing these kids will be laughing with their mother about at 25. The Cra Cra Crazy teenage years? This expression of Cra Car doesn't go away; a lifetime of Cra Cra following behind, never disappearing, forever living in the Cra Cra that teenagers could grow out of before. This Cra Cra?

Hormones and puberty blockers change the chemistry of who you are FOREVER.... It's a forever walk.

For example, take that girl who would have ended up as a preppy college kid, then married a handsome man and had three kids after her Cra Cra Crazy period? That same girl now could very easily believe she was trans and wake up with a colostomy bag for Life, like at 25, to realize she can't have kids; she has heart disease, a heart, lungs, liver or all three the size of a 12-year-old because of jumping over puberty; that 99% off her dating pool has been slashed. She's not a boy...yet still not a girl either–a hybrid version of boy/girl and will have major complications with her for Life. Her Life was cut short by 10-15 years for no reason other than we didn't protect her from adolescent self.

  • Ryan James - Colostomy bag for Life

  • Scott Newgent - Having six teeth pulled due to deteriorating bone; I'm getting this done next week, no clue why. The dentist believes it has to do with massive doses of testosterone.

  • Trans Girls - Have early-onset osteoporosis; again no clue why but it happens a lot with children that take puberty blockers (see images below)

  • Atrophy ←– Very Painful & Chronic. Like for Life

  • Blood Thinners For Life - Trans Men Super High Chance

  • Physician Explaining About Medical Transition - Validates The Above

  • Be In The Highest Bracket To Commit Suicide ←–FYI, better and live daughter than a dead son? - Bullshit. The highest suicidal ideation for people with gender dysphoria is after. Trans makes it worse. and Google trans suicides you worse.

More On The Truth About Suicide Within The Trans Community...Psst Most Likely To Commit Suicides 7-10 years after the start of medical transition.

Suicide Facts
More Suicide Facts
More Suicide Facts
Suicide Facts and Myths UK parents? This is from Transgender Trend, an org that is...WOW, they are no joke. Join this org UK parents
Google trans suicides, you will find all the suicides are after medical transition

Instead of me blabbering on? Have a look for yourself. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, right. Keep in mind these surgeries are being promoted by all the five primary children's hospitals in the US (see images for google ads), puberty blockers(not approved by the FDA)and synthetic hormones without any studies that tell us anything about the long-term consequences. Again, remember the studies that said medically transitioning kids? RETRACTED. All of this damage to a generation of children for the profit of pharm, plastic surgeons and politicians.

(The surgery promoted by these children's hospital? See photos below it's for this surgery called a phalloplasty)




Currently, we are sitting on a 4444% increase in children referred to gender clinics and started on medical transition. Another Link 4444% & Another 4444% & Another 4444% & Another 4444% & Another 4444% & Another 4444%

Shall I continue, or do you get the point?

If nothing changes from today, the percentage of kids are still being referred and started on medical transitioning? I'll repeat it - 18-21% of the population worldwide wild be trans. If that doesn't scare the shit out of you, I don't know what would.

The rate at which we are medically transitioning kids will result in the entire population worldwide in 20 years sitting at 18-21%. 18-21% of the whole population would be guaranteed monthly revenue feeding a new trillion dollar yearly transing industry.

Wow, that's some dough for pharma right there.

To give better ideas. Texas, still the capital and hub for transing kids, doesn't matter what Gov Abbott said, stating that medical transition children is child abused; he knows it won't hold up. The truth is that Gov Abbott took 2.4 Million the prior year from the gender clinics. Days before the bill to STOP childhood transition went on the floor in Texas that would have banned medical transitioning nine months ago? Days prior, Gov Abbott took $250,000 from a gender clinic and let it be known to push the bill off the floor. The exact thing he said was child abuse a month ago. All of this is very sinister.

$250,000 - Texas Gov Greg Abbott Bribe Click Here

2.4 Million - Texas Gov Greg Abbott Bribe Click Here

Let's look at The Texas Numbers:

Six years ago, 22 children were medically transitioned in Texas. These 22 children generated gross revenue of $1,100,000, one million one hundred thousand dollars. (Just Puberty Blocker)

Fast forward to 2021.....over 400 kids started on medical transition; this doesn't include the kids who started a year prior or another year adding to the total. No! Just the new kids that began medical transition in 2021?

The 1.1 Million Generated in 2015 went to over 20 Million Dollars.

People? This is just Texas! These numbers only reflected one year six years ago compared to just 2021, two different years, and I didn't include what was made in total for all six years combined.

1,100,000 1 Million 2015 - 22 Kids Began Transition In Texas

20 Million 2021 - Over 400 Began Transition In Texas

All Six years combined?

If the numbers play out if we combined all six years just in Texas, an estimate would be that 1885 children began medical transition from 2015-to 2021.

The estimate of gross fiscal revenue for all six years combined?

Almost 100,000,000 - One Hundred Million Dollars

Again, not surgery, not cross-sex hormones, just puberty blockers.

Recently the Governor of Texas announced that "Medically Transitioning Children is Child Abuse." Gov Abbott left out that in 2021 he took 2.4 million dollars from gender clinics to support his reelection campaign. Gov Abbott took $250,000 days prior to a vote that would have made transing kids in Texas illegal, the exact thing a month ago. If that bill had passed, it could have already been illegal. Kicker Kicker and the ultimate Kicker?

Gov Abbott's statement about transitioning kids is child abuse? It does nothing to protect kids; it still has to pass to become law, but the mere acknowledgement of it does what we call in Texas:

"A Major Cover Your Ass Cowboy!"

Texas remains the international hub for transing kids.

(Seems like Texas Governor Greg Abbott Is Not A Good Negotiator, Should Have Held Out For More.)

There he is, isn't he cute? Texas Governor Greg Abbott - Takes 2.4 million from gender clinics, Texas is now the biggest hub worldwide for transing kids, and a month ago, he says, "Transing kids is child abuse? "All the years you took money from the gender clinics were child abuse. This is what we call in Texas

This is the money Abbott Took. Those funds came from doing this to children and yes they are all children. Gov Greg Abbott Has Been Taking Money From Gender Clinics For Years.


Why don't he donate the money he took to help stop medically transitioning kids. Give it to TReVoices to fight against transing kids world wide?



All of this because we didn't protect her from herself as a teenager. This documentary brilliantly shows you through a time warp how the same phenomenon repeats itself, again and again. Each era has Cra Cra Crazy adolescent phenomena. But the trans generation of kids doesn't get to laugh about when they wore all black, had a nose ring and listened to metal. These kids' Cra Cra Crazy for Life.

And the Cra Cra Crazy thing teens are into…?

I've done it, I studied it to save my own Life, and I can promise you, they will not be laughing with Mom about how crazy there were because that 25-year-old will be experiencing the 7-10 years "suicide itch" and wondering what the fuck did she, realizing it helped not one bit. That teenage girl that would have been married girl to the handsome man and kids and great career, but instead thought she was "born in the wrong body." She's 25, and she will be in the category most likely of all human beings to commit suicide.

That's the fucking truth!

It's nuts what we are allowing kids to do!

This is a Mom trying to save her child. Her effort might save yours too.


Oh one last thing:

Did you google suicide? No? I did it for you…..All suicides were after medical transition. Now try and find one child who committed suicide that wasn't allowed to transition in 2021?

YOU WON'T find any. (did it for you)

All Suicides Were After Medical transition. Medical Transition Makes People More Suicidal. - Sorry, Parents, You Have lied Too.

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Scott Newgent

Trans Man Who Is A Parents First

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