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Today I ask 'Find the Love & Grab My Hand! - by Transman Scott Newgent

It has come to my attention that I am a leader in the debate to STOP childhood medical transition, to STOP the new perverted LGBTQ+ from encircling our children for pure profit in this game or, shall I say, the business of activism, whether I or anyone else fancy's it or not!

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As a leader and a parent to my three incredible children, children my body produced as a mother, regardless of how testosterone has altered how I may appear, I think of my children today!

Today, I approach this event as a leader, as an adult who has finally come to realize that activism? It's not going away in my life; you need a voice as mine as we need many different voices, yet mine is critical. I finally have embraced what I believe destiny has been trying to tell me for five years.

Today, I accept the challenge, the role and what it means to many, grateful I have a voice that can penetrate this complex issue.

Today is a day in which over 100 cities in the USA, Canada and fourteen countries unite to educate and STOP the butchering of childhood medical transition.

Today is a day we save many children from the carnage that I and many have suffered; the dangers of gender ideology, including Kellie/Kenneth Anderson, another transman like myself damaged by the idea that there was something wrong with us as women, we didn't fit and needed to be altered to do so. I recommend you pay close attention to all the rainbow leaders across this extraordinary land of Canada, the USA and abroad. I implore that you listen to our voices with receptive hearts, understanding that you may clash with us on many other issues. Still, this topic is the butchering of gender-confused children for profit and perverted intentions, both financial and sexual.

I pray that today you accept our hands and those of organizations like GaysAgainstGroomers, Log Cabin, Gay and lesbian conservatives and other organizations pleading with you to pay attention to us, not out of spike. Not to point and say, "SEE I WAS RIGHT!" But to understand that today, we have an opportunity. The opportunity is to save children with loving hearts and make no mistake, this is the fastest way to protect our child. Please accept my offer as it is intended: as a mother fighting for all children!

That opportunity is to save kids or allow us to revert to childish behaviour, right fighting, degrading others or lift to understanding that:

Some people do medically transition and find comfort in that, but not many, and it's not lifesaving; it's a choice; it's cosmetic, and these two issues, homosexuality and transgenderism, do not parallel each other. If we continue to combine homosexuality and transgenderims with the idea that medical transition is lifesaving. Well, it creates a new channel of profit that would boggle the minds of financial gurus, all who have ever lived. These profits are behind this push to transition children, and again, I pray today that I show this revelation with the great white light of prosperity and love with NO HATE in sight!

Because whether transgender radicals' gender ideology theorists like it or NOT, the facts remain that medical transition is:



Does NOT Cure Anything.

Causes Massive Health Issues

& Ultimately, it makes mental health worse.....

.... Yet, it makes a ton of revenue for many if you are convinced its lifesaving.

These are the facts. Go to to gather the facts related to the factual statements I made above!

We need each other today to unite, all with a universal need to protect children, evangelicals, gays, lesbians, transgender people, left, right, liberal, conservative and all parties together, grabbing hands.

Do not allow HATE to enter your hearts today, and do not be tempted by the chatter of others; I pray that today you stay focused on peace, love and what all humans can unite regardless, and that's the love we have for our children!

Show people the love you have; this love is what will save children.

Grab my hand,

-Transman Scott Newgent

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Scott Newgent

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