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The Church of Trans at Hazelden By, Iris E. Lee

When I’d spent a few days at the gorgeous Hazelden treatment center in Center City, Minnesota in early 2000s, the team of counselors called me on the carpet, and told me I was to be sent home. My crime and punishment: While walking with my “sisters” to the dining room, I ran into a guy from my home country, and we said “Hi, how are you, how nice to see you!" (We were both in our late 30s). Hazelden policy STRICTLY forbade patients to even utter a single word to a patient of the opposite sex. They ended up allowing me to stay (I guess my insurance benefits were too good).

Welcome To TReVoices Blog By, Scott Newgent

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But things have changed! A young woman in my family needs Hazelden’s services, and given the insanity in the medical community, I decided to find out if Hazelden had been captured by the Church of Trans. I wanted to make sure this 19 year old woman wouldn’t have to share living and sleeping quarters at Hazelden’s Plymouth, Minnesota’s rehab for “young people ages 12-25” with a man identifying as a woman and in possession of his male genitalia (not to mention the mental problems that come along with being a man but “identifying as a woman.”)

Well, duh. Why would I expect anything but dumb and dumber from the medical establishment?: “Once stabilized, a client moves into one of the gender-specific [not SEX-specific [reality-based], nota bene, but blablablablah gender bs] residential dormitory style halls. Each gender specific suite has a full bath and a separate sleeping and living area for four clients including a twin bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and locked safe for valuables. Each sleeping area is separated by a privacy wall. Oh, what a relief. Hazelden was ready to kick my 38-year-old self off campus for saying “hi” to a male compadre in public, but they see no problem with allowing extremely vulnerable young women to share sleeping and living quarters with men who identify as women. I guess Hazelden docs figured out that there would be no way that men who “identify as women” could use their “female penises” or “lady sticks” to rape these young women.

I don’t know what Hazelden was trying to do back when I was there, by protecting me from a “hello” from a man I knew, but what the heck are they thinking now? I’m not by any means saying that everyone who identifies as a “trans” kid or a “trans” person is a bad apple - of course they’re not - but there’s a reason we have safe-guarding: “The psychosexual evaluation of a teenage boy convicted of two separate sexual attacks in Loudoun County Public Schools "scares" the judge who on Wednesday sentenced him to undergo treatment at a residential facility and ordered him to register as a sex offender. Loudoun Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Judge Pamela Brooks ordered the teen to receive treatment, counseling and full rehabilitation at a locked residential facility until he turns 18...Before the sentencing, the teen had to undergo a psychosexual evaluation, which evaluates a person's sexual interests to see if there is a deviation from generally accepted behavior and the risk of sexual reoffending in the future. Brooks said she had read countless psychosexual evaluations, but found the teen's results particularly disturbing. "This one scares me.”

What an absolute disgrace. But in any case, I wouldn’t want “medical professionals” who worship at the altar of the Church of Trans and its BS cult “gender ideology” to touch me or my family members with a ten-foot pole. My beloved young relative managed to graduate from high school without being infected by the T-RATs parasites, and with her breasts intact (unlike the woman below - your taxdollars at work), so until you come to your senses, Hazelden (and American Medical Establishment), say goodbye to our $50,000!

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression...through any media regardless of frontiers.” ― UN, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

By Iris E. Lee

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