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Thanks, Elon. “Grifters gonna grift.” Transgenderism The 6th Sign of Modern Medicine & The Lie

Updated: Jul 5

When you are going viral it is like being caught in the middle of a violent tornado that sweeps up everything around you. You can’t control it. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the tweets, the DMs, the quote tweets as they come in rapid-fire.

Elon Musk had just done something extraordinary. He changed the course of the culture war forever by amplifying a documentary I was in where I broke down in tears (it was my first time I had mentally had the courage to leave the house in three years if we’re being honest) and the messages coming at me felt overwhelming and hard to keep up with and or even take in. But I definitely caught that one.

Grifters gonna grift.

Something surprising happened. I didn’t cry. I laughed. The absurdity of it all came completely crashing down. I was nearly in tears laughing at how far away from reality these people attacking me were.

Did they think it was easy speaking out against a collusion of the most powerful, trillion-dollar industries that seek to silence anyone who dares challenge the cash cow of gender medicine in pumping out permanently medicalized patients like I now was?

Ah yes, grifting.

I have $427 to my name. I live in a basement, have sheets as room dividers at me ex's home. My “non-binary” manager who is married to a transman just fired me from a job because I speak out to prevent what happened to me from ever happening to children.

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But I don’t care what anyone says about me anymore. There is an incredible peace that comes with facing death and with speaking out against a crowd of people who say that acknowledging the medical butchery you personally experienced is “hate speech.”

You realize how little lies matter. Having “openness” to other people’s lies is what got me here in the first place. When you accept the first lie, something incredible happens.

You give up a part of yourself.
You lose a part of who you are.
You start doubting everything.
Common sense drifts away…like a hazy dream.

You want to please the people who are feeding you the lies because the cognitive dissonance causes your brain to hurt. It opens a loop. You want the pain of the first lie to stop. And like an abuse victim who wants to heal from the first act of violence by returning to the abuser himself, you get more and more and more lost.

I’m not lost anymore. And I have nothing to lose. Nothing.

I will never let anyone intimidate me into giving up on my grasp of reality again. Never again. And what’s more, I have a vengeance now. I have a soul mission.

I will never let what happened to me happen to another child.

It’s not about preventing someone from pursuing the surgeries and sex mimicry that constitutes transgender medicine–I’m all for grown adults doing whatever they want–but there is nothing, no way in the manner of informed consent right now for people to make intelligent decisions about the mind-bending illusion and mirage of transgenderism.

If I, a successful sales executive who understood intimately the methods of psychology that are used to sell something, could be sucked into this con, let me tell you something that everyone knows but is too terrified to say.

The kids don’t stand a chance.

Not against billions in predatory marketing. Not against society-wide ridicule. Not against mind control techniques that make MK Ultra look like a walk in the park. Not against emotional whiplash con man tactics where the truth is so controverted and distorted that you’re willing to do almost anything to just…make it stop.

I have three kids. Carried life. I am a MAMA Bear X million.
You don’t mess with kids.

Call me a bigot. Call me–a trans man (for many victims of gender medicine you have to take hormones the rest of your life–either estrogen or testosterone–to have your now damaged body be able to even function)--a transphobe. Yes, yes. I’m a bigot against myself. Sure. That makes sense. And absolutely, call me a grifter.

I don’t care if you call me Hitler at this point because lies hold no power.

You see? The only thing that matters is reality.

And facing ugly piss-filled, blood-stained, wrenching-pain death forced me–gifted me in a way–a reconciliation with reality that I will never, ever lose again.

I became, through coming to peace with being not long for this world, like a detective, determined to figure out how in the hell so many in society could be pushing these surgeries which are enriching pharmaceutical corporations in a manner that mimics what have been termed the “webs of influence” that were pushed by the Sackler family in advertising “pain relief” to millions in order to increase corporate profits.

Pain. It’s the fifth vital sign. That sign was added into doctor’s offices everywhere thanks to how easy it is to corrupt the medical establishment with inordinate amounts of power and money. Why? To make the Sackler's rich.


In The Rise And Fall Of The Sacklers' Opioid Empire, An American Dream Turns Toxic

The Genuis of The Fifth Sign Strategy


You know what today’s fifth vital sign is that is being pushed by doctors everywhere including the ones that sold me on more than $1 million in surgeries and drugs that nearly took my life?

Transgender. The Sixth Sign!


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