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Sweden terminates cooperation with the transmedical organization (WPATH)

The Swedes have decided to go turn their backs on the "activist organization WPATH" (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) and have updated the knowledge support and guidelines upon which care for care of children with gender dysphoria is based. According to the Swedish medical journal Läkartidningen, the National Board of Health and Welfare will publish the new guidelines in their entirety before the end of the year, and the previous guidelines/knowledge support with their/its extremely weak scientific foundation will be terminated. Both the National Board of Health and Welfare and healthcare providers have changed the guidelines point by point. The new knowledge support/guidelines will advise against surgery, puberty blockers and sex-opposite hormones before adulthood.

by Iris El


"No irreversible medication or surgery will be offered to children under the age of 18," writes Mats Reimer, M.D. "In Swedish healthcare, child psychiatry will continue to be responsible for treating those under the age of 18 who experience gender incongruity and suffer from it. Care will now primarily consist of psychological support to help the youth live with the healthy body they were born with."

Last October Eldur wrote a detailed, critical, and controversial article about the newly published WPATH guidelines, which abolished not only age criteria, but also because the began classifying so-called "eunuchs" as a gender identity. "The protection of children has been neglected, and ideology has been put above everything else," Deville wrote.

"WPATH's guidelines are used indiscriminately by trans activists in Iceland in order to get their demands in the health system advanced."


"It's a welcome Advent gift for my little heart — the middle-aged gay man who's still on good terms with the teenage boy I once was," says Eldur Deville, spokesperson for Samtökin 22 - Gay Interest Association. "There is still hope. Now that Sweden's health authorities have thrown the WPATH's guidelines into the trash, where they belong, Swedish parents can breathe a little easier, a little longer." Eldur adds.

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Dec 20, 2022

Brilliant news. Take heed the rest of the world before more damage is done by this heinous ideology.


Dec 20, 2022

Way to go Sweden!!!


Dec 19, 2022

I wish Canada would act the same way. And Scottland. The billionairs stop financing their propaganda. My heart is broken for the young girls who get their sweet and healthy breasts sliced off. For what? When she is grown she will realize, finding love mutilated like a frankenstein doll will not make them happy. Loosing the ability to conceive , could hurt a lot more then they realize in these years of preteens.


Awesome news! Finally, some sanity! Let’s hope it continues to spread throughout the world!


Dec 19, 2022

This is fantastic news 👏 🙌 😀


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