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Attention All Straights-We Need You! This Saturday 10:30AM Counter Pride Protest STL, MO

Updated: Jun 22

Gays, Lesbians & Transgender Adults Leading a Counter-Pride Protest This Saturday - Saint Louis & We NEED Straight People TOO!....YOU! Everyone Welcome & Needed to 'Get The New LGBTQ+ AWAY from Kids!' Join us for a historical event - The Rainbow Rebellion is HERE! Time to TAKE BACK our Community! Special Guests & Speakers: Jaimee Michell, CEO Sasha Leigh HR / Executive Assistant - 'Lesbian' Chris Barrett Co-Director of Chapters 'Gay Man' Rocky Rodriguez Wisconsin Chapter Leader 'Gay Man' Micki Cutler - Tennessee Chapter Leader - 'Lesbian' Chelsea Colton - Member 'Lesbian' Taylor Conner - Member 'Transman' Scott Newgent - "Transman' This Saturday - 10:30am - Meet @ 10am 16th& Market in Downtown Saint Louise at the Memorial Plaza Corner Download Telegram - Email Handle To: & I will add you to the chain for updates on this event! Put our differences aside for one day, grab our hands, and let us lead you to save our children from being medically transitioned, sexualized and get the LGBTQ+ OUT of our school systems, we don't belong there!

Put our differences aside for one day, grab our hands, and let us lead you to save our children from being medically transitioned and sexualized and get the LGBTQ+ OUT of our school systems; we don't belong there! Are you frustrated and livid about the new LGBTQ+ targeting children but called a 'BIGOT' if you speak about your concerns. Do you need help with how to help? Let us help! Join Us This Saturday! Grab gays, lesbians and transgender hands leading the charge to take BACK our community, get the perverts, podophiles & money mongers away from kids.


99% of all appearances on podcasts, speeches, posts, and published articles are NOT paid. Donations Keep The SCREAMING Going & I will continue as long as I can stay afloat!

Rainbow Rebellion This Saturday In Need Of Audio Equipment $600. Donate Directly To The Audio Rental Company - Email Today

This Month 'Yearly Website Dues' Donations Totally $ 1867 Costs, Money Out $2345

Donate Today


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