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C-6 Senators

Prediction by Trans-Gender Ideology will lead to WW civil wars in 18 months & ICELAND Politics OPED

Prediction by Trans-Gender Ideology will lead to WW civil wars in 18 months.

My opinions and mine alone

-Trans Newgent

Iceland is just one of the countries fighting the absurdity of 'gender ideology. The article below details the craziness of Iceland's political battle, but you can copy and paste it to the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and Brazil....How about this: Blanket this article over 90 percent of countries worldwide, and you have a firm grasp on the medicalization of people and the push to medicalize an entire generation of gender-confused children worldwide!

I often state that we are butchering an entire generation of children with an experimental medical process; dangerous does not cure anything, causes massive health damage, shortens lives and causes mental health to worsen! Did you get the gravity of that:

Again, it damages today, tomorrow, and we don't know the future because it's experimental and makes mental health worse! How else do I need to say this before people get it?

----These are facts that unfortunately have to come by (see facts and studies page)

Why is always the word I run to when I don't understand behaviour or outcome, and the WHY is crucial to stopping this travesty and helping our society back on track to evolve into a better place? The progressing love bombs on the new LTGBTQ take us back...way back. There is no evolving here; we are regressing!

Since the beginning, males have been policed, circled and monitored about women and children because history tells us that men are the principal proprietors against physical and sexual assault of women and children. We created safe places for women and children for this very reason. Yet, gender ideology tells us that a man can 'POOF' into a woman and bypass all the safety precautions we as a society built with the flip of a wrist and nail polish, a man POOFS into a woman. Should we be surprised by the assaults against women/children by transwomen? Should we be surprised that transmen like me are the biggest SCREAMERS to get transwomen away from women and children? No; transmen are women regardless of the illusion created by cross-sex hormones. My SCREAMING should help affirm the realities of men and women! I am acting like a mother because I am one!

Society cheers ignorantly as children are being butchered, women's rights are being destroyed and 'Queer Theory" sexual fetishes are embraced as the sweet sip of a society evolving to a more loving, giving, accepting society...NO it's NOT!

Do you want truth without the unicorn farts and glitter bombs? Do you want the raw truth that can only come from someone who has NO agenda, cannot be bought, paid for and has a subtribe of one? Just the fact without any filters?

Here it goes:

Truth One:

This is a sexual fetish called Autogynephilia. A straight man who is turned on by being seen as a female sexual object! These are the majority of transwomen; the 2nd most considerable portion are gay men who want to belong (hurting no one), and the remainder are men who feel comfortable presenting as a woman; it helps them walk lighter in life, but they believe in biology, reality and hurt no one.

Truth Two:

Copy and paste the reason above transmen minus the Autogynephilia and replace that with the rejection as a society of dominant women, suppression and the fact that we have a hell of a long way to see women as equals to men!

Truth Three:

Normalize pedophilias and sexual fetishes to the point where what we see as a sexual assault today is an accepted practice tomorrow! PERIOD! - Normalizing child molesting and sexual assault!

Sexuality should not be required as a social status; in fact, sexuality should not be the topic of conversation with anyone unless they are your intimate partner. Evaluating levels of human importance based on one's sexual behaviour is NOT societal progression... It PERVERSION! Over 50% of autistic adults claim to be bisexual! This alone should cause alarm. WHY? Bisexuality, I believe, is real yet rare. Claiming both sides of the fence seems to be a cry to belong & bisexuality increases these chances. Autistic people have awkward social mingling behaviours, claiming both sides give them double the opportunities to feel like they belong—my opinion for the enormous claim of bisexuality amongst autistic adults.

Sexual fetish shaming is NOT hate or bigotry; it is necessary & needed to control normalizing types of sexual perversion that abuse & promote paedophilia as well as the degradation of women! Swing from the chandeliers covered in raspberry jam while yelling Tarzan, take me! You do, but go back to the fetish closet; no need to advertise because you become a recruiter of children whether you realize it or NOT! Last, 99.9% of the human race doesn't give a flying toad about what turns you on!

Truth Four:

Each child convinced they are transgender is guaranteed 1.3 Million to pharma, and each child on puberty blockers for the four years recommended generates $180,000 per child. I will not go into the complications; I can't because why? Because medical transitioning of children and adults is .....EXPERIMENTAL? Not studied. we have no idea what's going to happen to these kids!

So the why of truth four?

Follow me for a bit here:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott? You know the state that banned childhood medical transition recently, and he's getting headlines and signing medical transing kids raw raw raw 'I'm Texas Gov Abbott STOPPING transing kids!"

Greg Abbott is known as an extreme Christian against everything rainbow! Which is fine with me. Just don't be a hypocrite! Believe what you want; believe what you believe, and not duck and weave when it benefits you!

2015 - Abbott started taking millions from a gender clinic...MILLIONS to a total of now 3 million!

2017 - Texas became the WW hub for transing kids. Every year ABBOTT & team fought to get the bills to BAN childhood medical transition taken off the floor; not this year but last, they dared to take a $250,000 check from the gender pharmaceutical gender clinics four days before a bill would have passed to STOP transing kids and gave a 'UNITY' speech...Yup, the anti-gay politicians giving an address on unity while taking money from pharma to continue to butcher children.....3 months later, he declares, "Medical Transition Is Child Abuse." The following year, he is getting kudos for saving kids from medical transition....

Remember, this has been since 2015! Abbott's leadership has made Texas the worldwide hub for the medical transition of human beings!

It's hard to keep up, but ABBOTT?

Abbott is the fourth reason for circling politicians worldwide....Multiply Abbott to politicians worldwide.

The fourth reason!? Politicians know how to play politics!


I have been at this for five years, and I have been trying to warn people to no avail. What has been my warning? What have been predicting?

Each year, people are starting to realize how uncrazy I am.

When parents start to realize what they did to their children at the promotion of their government and medical professionals? When the rapes and sexual assaults that are not making the news make it to average people's dinner table conversation? When the suicides that have started, spill over into the carnage of childhood medical transition? When politicians like Abbott are NOT held accountable and society see it!

A worldwide civil war is coming, a revolt for history books! The camel's back will become broken, and I predict a massive civil war will begin in less than 18 months!

-Transman Scott Newgent

Support Work


by Iceland Journalist


Human beings cannot change sex any more than they can make themselves invisible. That expressing disbelief in this vapid nonsense should be the subject of a front-page “news” article is a sad testimony to “Icelanders’ illiteracy in “any kind of propaganda and baseless image-building." (Parliament Report on the Bank Collapse, VIII, p. 195)

“In March 2022, Morgunblaðið published an article by the undersigned, The Ethical

Trans Riddle (Siðræna transgátan), which criticized law no. 80/2019 on Gender autonomy (which is a misnomer; gender self-identification requires others to identify you

as a member of the sex, you say you are).

The law passed smoothly like a greased pig through Parliament (Alþingi), and Icelandic

taxpayers now finance two state churches, as well as the privileges and perquisites that.

l. 80/2019 grant to the Trans Church’s congregation the basis of their faith and feelings.

A few days following the article’s publication, the Icelandic State Broadcasting

Corporation’s (RÚV) morning news program broadcast an interview with a

representative of Trans Iceland. program description: ‘Trans Iceland criticized...

the media for repeatedly publishing articles that belittle minority groups under the

pretext that the writers are voicing their opinions. We spoke with... [representatives] of

the organization, but the courts have not yet put legislation regarding publication of such.

articles to the test.’

RÚV's program description does not indicate that it occurred to the producers to talk to those who are accused of the despicable act of ‘belittling minorities.’

The sexual dimorphism of human beings is not an opinion but a fact. If T states that

humans can change sex or that rain is dry, and I publicly state the facts that humans

cannot change sex and that rain is wet, I am not 'insulting' T. T may very well dislike these facts and find them disrespectful, but I am not responsible for T's feelings (nor is it the state media's responsibility to smear the reputation of people T believes have hurt T’s feelings).

Icelandic parents, whose children are in the clutches of the pseudo religious trans cult,

say that in Iceland no discussion is allowed about "Trans" issues. They said they were grateful that an Icelander ‘finally grew a backbone’ to discuss Trans ideology publicly.

If the media ‘repeatedly published articles’ on this controversial issue, as Trans Iceland

representatives claim – and thus fulfilled their democratic and social duty – Icelandic

parents would not have had to ask strangers abroad for help in raising awareness of

this dangerous cult. The institutions of Icelandic society would do well to reflect on the

desperation of these parents whom they have utterly failed.

On the current Administration’s agenda of the is to tighten the criminal provisions of the

General Criminal Code No. 19/1940 on defamation, which are based on the disgusting

ideology of imprisoning people for their opinions. In the ‘proposal for a parliamentary

resolution on an “action plan for queer people 2022-2025’ says:

Amendments will be made to Article 233 of the General Criminal Code, No. 19/1940 ‘...hate speech based on gender characteristics will be made a criminal offense.’ This ‘amendment ensures that hate crimes [will lead] to increased penalties.’ Members of the government are proud of this abominable proposition: ‘Similar legal provisions are not found in criminal legislation elsewhere in the Nordic countries.’

Those who want ‘hate speech’ legislation have in common with dictators a hatred of

speech. Such legislation is a favorite tool of tyrants, because they define the ‘hate.

speech’ du jour. There is no objective definition of ‘hate speech.’ One person ‘hate

speech’ is another person's love language (or a biological fact).

No one should be surprised that free speech is not on the Left Greens’ list of priorities

and goals. Freedom of speech in the Left Greens’ lexicon is the freedom of the state to

imprison you if your speech is contrary to the views of the party.”

The above is from an article I wrote almost a year and a half ago and sent to all & media in Iceland without success. No media outlet wanted to publish the article or explain why the article was deemed unfit for publication.

Icelandic journalists do not seem very worried about the demise of free speech in their

country. Perhaps the profession is relieved that doing the real job of a news reporter,

which requires one to think critically and ask difficult and unpleasant questions, has

become as good as illegal. By undermining the foundations of free speech, the Icelandic

government and the media have jointly threatened the basis of democracy in the


The part of the government’s 'action plan for 'Queer People'"(the Deluxe Citizens) which refers to the "increased penalties" for speech crimes is now part of the General Criminal

Code no. 19/1940.

"Icelanders are [still] illiterate when it comes to "any kind of propaganda and baseless building.” (Parliament Report on the Bank Collapse, VIII, p. 195)

Íris Erlingsdótir is an Icelandic journalist and editorial assistant to Mr. Newgent.

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