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Politicians & Activists-How To Shut Down 'Better Alive Daughter Than A Dead Son'

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By Scott Newgent

Politicians & Activists-How To Shut Down 'Better Alive Daughter Than A Dead Son'

I am currently overloaded with politicians/lawyers asking me for word tracks on overcoming "Better An Alive Daughter Than A Dead Son." Brilliant idea I had today! Why don't I create a response and share it with all?

Stop people in their tracks with this response.

With confidence say,

Do you have an

y other reason you believe children should medically transition besides holding parents emotionally hostage with something that is not true?

Deciding to transition a child because they are suicidal is like telling a child that is anorexic to stand in front of the mirror and recite, " I am fat and ugly" 50 times a day and follow that up with daily classes on the 'benefits of starvation to the body."

That sounds ridiculous, right?

Because it is.

That is what medically transitioning a suicidal child is; it's absurd. If a child exhibits suicidal ideation, they need help immediately and should be taken to appropriate centers to receive support. Shooting these suicidal kids with synthetic hormones is like taking a group of pedophiles to a children's camp unsupervised because the offenders said, "I'm cured, I am no longer a pedophile, and I like helping kids,' followed up with accolades from the camp leaders welcoming them to help children unsupervised. This may offend you, but I'm trying to shake you awake; we are talking about your child, and I hope you want the hard cold truth, I would!

The calm a child experiences in the beginning of medical transition is not permanent; older, wiser trans call it the 'Santa Claus Present Phase." If you have a child, you understand the present phase where a child wants something so bad, with all their heart and becomes obsolete quickly as the phase ends; unfortunately, this phase that you are acquiescing too? This phase

leads to massive suicides, but I'm afraid to tell you that this phase peaks 7-10 years after completing the medical transition. Better said,

"A Child That Is Medically Transition Is More Likely To Commit Suicide After Medical Transition Than Before."

12 Leading Complications Of Medically Transitioning A Child

  1. Decreased life expectancy

  2. Premature death from heart attacks

  3. Premature death from pulmonary embolisms

  4. Bone damage

  5. Possible liver damage

  6. Increased mental-health complications

  7. Increases chances of mood-syndrome symptoms

  8. Increased suicide rates than the non-trans population

  9. 12% higher chance than no trans population to develop symptoms of psychosis

  10. Brain development stunted during hormone blockers

  11. Reduced chance for lifelong sexual pleasure

  12. Probably does not even improve mental health outcomes

The only long term study was done in Sweden from 1973-2003, followed 274 medically transitioned adults. This study shows that suicides peak for medically transition 7-10 years after the completion. Scott Newgent, a transgender man, has helped us understand from the inside and informs us along with other older trans within the trans community naming it

"The 7-10 Year Suicide Itch."

Medical Transition is plastic surgery and every person who creates an illusion of the opposite sex deserves respect, protection within the law and a life without hostile attacks. With that said, telling the truth that medical Transition is a choice is not hate; it's a fact not being exposed to parents. For this, I am very sorry, and I am trying to remedy it as a politician.

Another fact is that 82% of children who enter into talk therapy recover from gender dysphoria, and that's a good thing. Medical transition has enormous amounts of physical and mental health complications, and once again, they are not being told to parents.

Below are some resources that I hope you invest some time into reading and educating yourself. Medical Transition is not the same as homosexuality; homosexuality is ingrained, trans is something created. I am sorry that evangelical Christians tried to turn homosexuality into a choice, but it is not. It leaves us here today trying to help people understand that medical Transition is absolutely a choice. This choice guarantees pharmaceutical companies 1.3 million for a lifetime of synthetic hormone needs and hundreds of thousands of dollars in surgeries and complications.

Trans Adult Organizations Fighting To Stop Childhood Medical Transition:

Transgender Adults Against Childhood Medical Transition:

Scott Newgent

Aaron Kimberly

Buck Angel

Dr. Debbie Hayton

Miranda Yardley

Edan Walker

Claudia McClean

Aaron Terrell

Todd Whitworth

Fionne Orlander

Scott Newgent - Texas Trans Man

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