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C-6 Senators

Podcasts, Unicorn Farts & Transition Memoir. "Rocking The Foundation of Transgenderism."


Unicorn Fart: When someone says something that is not true but wishes it was and demands that you play along with the delusion as if you are obligated to soothe someone's fantasy while throwing kids under the bus...AKA Unicorn Fart.

Beware of unicorn farts, they are silent but deadly!


I have been writing a memoir. The problem is that publishing houses are unwilling to publish an authentic, raw, unpretentious, heart-wrenching account of why I medically transitioned and why it has led me to become a fierce activist fighting to STOP childhood medical transition.

What to do?

Throw my hands up and quit?

Or ask for help? Or quit?

People deserve the truth regardless of who it offends. If you feel the same, help publish a memoir that will tilt the foundation of gender ideology! This memoir will clarify in agonizing detail what led me to transition medically and guaranteed to shock people out of the current comatose state where internal fires have been squashed and replaced with robotic monotone talk tracks of "Left/Right" and "Woke/Unwoke." Our brains checked out, unable to think critically, substituting people's fire for talk tracks that have made a handful of social media stars billionaires while tying the balance of our society and brains into tense knots we can no longer untie, unable to recognize simple truths of biology. Or understanding biology yet brow whipped to remain muted, to challenge nothing for dread of being dubbed a BIGOT!

SNAP out of it, people, and feel, ponder and think for yourself!

Once again, I am a trailblazer, standing alone. But I can't stand alone on this one. I cannot do this alone. I need you, people, and I hate needing others! Not my comfort zone, but saving kids is worth it all.

Don't you agree?

I am willing to go all in, as I always do. If this weighs on your soul, please donate! Every dollar helps, and they add up. I will keep everyone up-to-date on the changes and where we are with a donation thermometer on all my social media!

Every person that enters adulthood does so with a carved-out sense of self, an invisible stamp placed on every person that combines all the physical, emotional and spiritual experiences from our childhood. Everything fantastic and everything wretched can be retro backdated to childhood. All our behaviors are tied to DNA and what we experience or learn in childhood. Childhood is pivotal to all! Childhood is the most consequential element in why we do, do not do, prosper or wither into a ball too scared to fight.


$625 Raised So Far


Everything goes back to childhood.

Childhood is sacred, and internally, our feral side understands this; it's why we gravitate to save a child in a crisis before an adult; our emotions take over our brains when we hear a baby cry; the baby doesn't have to be ours, just the sheer agony of listening to a baby cry is like chalk screeching on a chalkboard, makes us explode into action. Guarding children is innate to being a human being. We understand this either blatantly or sub-conscience, but our spirit knows that the foundation is being laid for every child. As adults, it's our responsibility to ensure we do everything we can for every child entering our sphere; it's a human obligation!

The silencing of information concerning the medicalization of gender-confused children is a deliberate endeavor to mute the agony of these children being targeted by pharma as cash cows. Silence, blended in with billions of dollars, a comatose society has led us to a place where we are butchering an entire generation of children with a process called medical transition. A process that is 95% experimental; all seven studies that said it was beneficial to have been retracted; the only long-term studies tell us they will reach the heightened state of suicidal ideation seven to ten years after they complete medical transition and will suffer from lifelong medical and mental health complications!

& ......... society cheers!

What I will guarantee to you is that any donation that comes in to publish my memoir will be respected and tunneled to save these children. It's my obligation as an adult and now yours to do something! Do whatever you can but do something to soothe the invisible crying baby that now sits out of your subconscious, and you can envision in your conscience what just popped into your mind as you read that last paragraph. That baby! Do something for that child, a child you have never met but could change everything for them without them knowing you existed. Care because caring is needed now more than ever! Explode from your seat as if the baby crying was your own; this is how a society should act. Protect children's innocence and help them graduate into adulthood knowing they were worth...Well, they were worth everything!

Love more, remain quiet less, SCREAM Louder, push back more, ask questions, demand answers and by all means, when someone feeds you a 'Unicorn Fart", not saying anything, remaining silent when you know something is wrong, saying nothing and leaving a grey cloud above your head knowing if you speak up, you will be called a bigot so thus you remain mute...Yeah, at those times? Please STOP doing that and SCREAM because children deserve us too adult better!

Unicorns are NOT real people...SNAP, SNAP and wake up!

Thank you Transman Scott Newgent


Record views on the GBNews Video


Sometimes the truth is needed regardless of who it offends! It has been a good analogy in the UK.!

"We are medically transitioning children because of money and to ensure straight men with sexual fetishes don't lose erections!"


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May 19, 2023

I came to say the same thing. Daily Wire launched a publishing wing a couple of years ago called DW books. I'm sure they would be interested in your story.


May 18, 2023

Reach out to Daily Wire. They have a publishing arm and I'm certain they would support this.


Scott Newgent

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