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Parents walk your child through puberty not around it. - Scott Newgent

Updated: Aug 21

The power of a mother is insurmountable to a child. Parenting is a verb; it's something you do.

A 14 yr old boy wakes his mother up in the middle of the night, "I can't sleep, Mom!"

The mom escorts her child back to bed & asks, 'Why do you think you can't sleep?

You've never had issues before!"

"Mom, when I close my eyes, I can't shut my brain off. Images of what's coming, what I need to do won't stop; I think I might have ADHD!"

Mom wipes the hair away from her son's head and says, "No, son, you are in the middle of childhood-adulthood & you are dealing with life with miraculous hormones that will someday make you a father. You are learning what it takes to survive, to care for people, protect, provide, and the innocence of childhood is wearing off. All this is normal but perfect with you, my child.

Support The SCREAMING To STOP Childhood Medical Transition

Close your eyes and tell your brain you know you have things to do, coming, to figure out & you will... TOMORROW when you are rested. Now, tell your brain I need rest to accomplish what you worry about. Let me rest & trust I will figure it out... TOMORROW!

Now close your eyes, knowing you are growing AWESOME. No diagnosis is needed other than growing into a remarkable man!

So proud of you!"

The boy closes his eyes as his mother sits close, resting her hand on his shoulder, repeating, "You are doing so good, son; you're going to be an awesome husband, father, provider, leader, follower, and bring so much joy to so many!"

Within minutes the boy falls asleep!

Parent better! Talk your children through puberty, not around it.

-Scott Newgent

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