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C-6 Senators

5 million views-Mainstream Media= 1 Made Fun Of Me-Why Behind The Video-Violence-Death Threats

Before I begin with an important post?

Updates - See Home Page For All State Successes - Many!

Yes, London Rally on the 29th will be detailed soon

More dates In The US - Careful Due To Violence, BUT I HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT CANCEL ANY DATES!

I am trying to get some security $$ for events as I have had death threats, but it won't stop me; these kids need to matter more!

Thank you for the donations that have allowed me to focus 24/7 on saving kids. I have two more weeks in my tour and was about to cut it short due to financial difficulties, but I received a donation that allowed me to hold on for the last two weeks and the London Date.

I am beyond slammed, and I know I have many to get back too; please be patient. I will get to you.

I will focus 24/7 on saving kids as long as I can care for my kids too. Speaking event sometimes pays for travel, most often than not, not at 100%. I have received $500 for a media spot, and that's it. This is all love!

If my voice matters, please ensure I can continue using it!


For five years, I have been fighting to stop childhood medical transition and the entire time, I have stayed firm that "to STOP the medicalization of gender-confused kids", we have to come together. When anyone looks at transing kids in a neutral place, no one walks away believing medically transitioning children is about love, no one! But the trick is bringing people to that neutral space. The boulder in the middle of the road is enormous, and all hands are needed to lift the weight. The problem is that activism is a business, and specific segments of society want all the credit. If different subsections of specific communities grab hands, their added followers and likes are distributed in more places diluting credit and, ultimately, diluting money. Thus, a tight grasp is taken on whichever topic is the topic of concern for that time in history! Yet, how we consume information has changed and thrown a wretch in a bicycle tire travelling thirty-five miles an hour downhill, resulting in an "ass over tea kettle situation" as my grandad used to say!

Recently I posted a video of a media conference in Ohio launching a bill to BAN childhood medical transition. It has gone beyond viral, with over six million views totaling all media platforms.

PLEASE RETWEET - It seems to get the needed point across! If anyone calls you transphobic tell them, you are supporting a transwoman to tell the TRUTH!


A little back history to this media event.

Two years prior, representative Gary Click brought this same bill that banned childhood medical transition in the state. The Ohio media attacked him viciously for being a bigot, focused on the fact that he is a Baptist minister and ran him through the mud; it was hard on him.

House Bill 113 Bill to Run 26th - I will be there before heading to London For a Speech - Please Support Bill - Write Testimony Here

Read Gary's Bio Here & Thank Mr Click for His Unwavering Strength


Gary and I have had conversations about homosexuality, and if anyone cared to ask him, you would hear him speak of concerns for these future children who will grow up to same sex attracted adults. Gary believes they are immaculate the way they are. The media would know that if they discussed it with him, asked and then listened to a response.


Yesterday I received this comment on one of my YouTube videos:

"Can someone help me understand why the Daily Wire isn't supporting you? It seems like they should have an entire channel on their website featuring you and your efforts, but here you are with videos taken on an iPhone. You are the voice this world needs, and it's being stifled from every direction."

My response:

My heart is a million per cent sincere, and my only goal has been to STOP the carnage of childhood medical transition. Tim, today I also received another message. When someone reaches out to me passionately about something I have written or a speech I have given, I always ask why? Why were you so affected? The same day I received this message on YouTube, I received this in my inbox, a response to my standard question:

"Why or how did I touch you so deeply?"

The response:

"Because you're RIGHT ON. I just had a Passover dinner, and you were the topic of conversation. If I told you who it was with, you would pass out. Perhaps you don't know anything about me, but you have struck a NERVE amongst the mouth-liberal people on the planet. I am very grateful to be your conduit. You are like that scene in Pulp Fiction where Uma Thurman overdoses. You are the shot to the heart."

This message summed up my entire goal in one short visual and powerful statement, and then I was the one who was deeply impacted. A message that summed up my fundamental goal since I began this journey.

My leap into activism was not because of anything I wanted, needed or searched for. As I have been healing more and more from the devastation emotionally and physically of medical transition, I have been chomping at the bit, with my only desire to get back into business sales, exhausted of being poor, something I never experienced with my sales conquests. But I made a commitment that is circled my children, and I will NEVER quit my children.


Read in detail what my WHY is!



Daily Wire


Daily Wire


What I have realized and have been begging people to do has begun, and the effect is throwing another further detailed premonition I have been saying for five years as well. When this starts to go haywire, be careful because violence will follow.


We are all needed to stop this mess, transing kids. I encourage everyone to understand what has been done is NOT working. This war, like the separation of right/left, is great for social media stars' success but terrible for society.

People ask me why Daily Wire and Matt Walsh haven't promoted me with a channel or mass media. The truth is that all of Daily Wire has been good to me offered me things I have turned down, Matt Walsh's wife is a personal friend and one hell of a lady, and Matt has always been good to me too. The reason I have not had the results you suggested has nothing to do with Matt Walsh or Daily Wire but instead with me!

If I intended to become a social media star or media darling, I would have done so; I am quite aware how to make a successful; marketing run at this, but although the payday would be significant to my bank account, it would be counter resulting in my goal to save a generation of gender-confused children being butchered under the guise of love.

Remember, I made a promise, and my children are at the center of that. I am not a martyr; I am a mother, and as most mothers know, most often than not, those two things are identical, just different words to clarify the truth of all mothers or what SHOULD be with all mothers.

The way we stop, the only way to STOP the devastation of the butchering of gender-confused kids, unfortunately, shatters the successful business model for current social media darlings of left/right. The "you're in danger, I can save you, shut off all contact with THEM & JUST listen to me?" Are a CULT mentality & blinds people to the truth? Both sides do it, hold yourself accountable and DO not allow yourself to say, "Yup the left" or "Yup the right" It's BOTH sides!

Be better, and hold yourself accountable to hard truths because our children deserve us to start adulting better!

This is the BIGGEST reason we are in this mess. How we consume media has raised and nurtured a new enemy perceived as a hero. Mark my word; the current media darlings will go down in history as the villains; I believe this 100%.

Dr Phil is my hero for many reasons, but the main reason is that he has not allowed himself to fall into this trap while staying true to his beliefs; he demeans no one. Dr Phil's brilliant and keen to learn and hear others; he has a powerful personality, but he always listens. If you watch closely, Dr Phil usually has to calm his wife down to be more understanding. But at a glance, people seem to believe it's the opposite. Dr Phil embraces other people's opinions with dignity and breaks them apart brilliantly for all to understand. Sure, he's conservative, but he's not a CULT leader!

Watch some of these videos or your favorite social media stars or news anchors with a new eye. You will notice the arrogance and disgusting display of cocky righteousness, making fun of people and saying, "These people are idiots, don't be an idiot too, follow me or forever have a LOSER sign on your forehead!" It's disgusting, and it's happening on both sides people.....Both sides!

The Ohio media conferences video with over 5 million views for not investigating and jumping to BIGOT? How many journalists reach out to me?

Zero, well, one if you count this news anchor. For Christ's sake, a news anchor made fun of me on Twitter and dared to cc me! This is the world we live in. I have emailed an executive ever at her station, and NOT one has reached out to me with an explanation or apology!


The current business model makes a few disgustingly wealthy while hanging our children out to dry. Now envision all the little people under these big people who want a piece of the pie too; how do they become successful? Does success come with supporting and lifting others, or is the clawing disgrace of success more critical than the issues?

Why do I get new eyeballs to look at this mess? It is because I don't allow anyone to own me. Being a media darling would instantly influx my donations, lift me out of living in a basement with sheets as a wall, and eliminate all the financial hardship. Still, throwing these odd-fitting kids under the bus would not be an option for me! So sheets as room dividers are OK because it's working, and people are starting to listen!

I will keep SCREAMING my way because it's the most effective to getting the new eyeballs need to STOP this madness!


Now for the second reason for this post: Recent Violence, Word of Warning!

The media has lifted only one side of the transgender debate, led by a mob with a dangerous 'victim' mentality!' When you couple a person with a victim mentality, sprinkle in the media praise of 'so brave' and the ease to shut people down who question the mission with one word, "BIGOT," you have the actual definition of a radical trans. You also have a recipe that can go violent quickly. The recent attacks from radical trans should not surprise you, and in fact, you need to understand with clarity that this will get worse before it gets better.

I want you to imagine a three-year-old that gets candy every time they go to Walmart. Every run to Walmart results in the unquestioned and ease of handoff from, "I want candy," to the knee-jerk reaction of the mom handing the candy unwrapped to the toddler with a pat on the head, "Do you want more sugar, sugar?"

Now, couple that image with mentally ill adults who suffers from one of the most dangerous personality disorders, sociopathic/narcissist, and a couple in a sexual fetish called autogynephilia, society and news at the beck and call saying yes to EVERYTHING....Then all of a sudden, a pushback begins, and questions rise to the top.

What happens to that toddler in


Now place that on trans radicals.


No the truth is trans radicals KILL

In the last 11 months there have been 14 shooters, 4 of the shooters identified as transgender resulting in 28% of shooters here in the US trans identified! Keep in mind that transgender identified people represent .06% of society <----This should WAKE you up.



Recently a trans identified person killed 6 people in Nashville, three of people killed were 9 years old! The motive is being uncovered as "You kill our kids (meaning trans identified youth) We will kill yours (referring to kids from Christian homes)

Nashville school shooter who killed 6 planned attack for months, police say

These people are unstable, and heck, I thought I was born in the wrong body; I'm a couple of sandwiches short myself; I get it. But never question Gender Dysphoria as a mental illness, don't kid yourself anyone that believes they were born in the wrong body needs mental health, not massive doses of cross sex hormones.

With that said if an adult wants to undertake plastic surgery, is level headed with reality and knows it doesn't cure anything? Have it, but pay for it yourself

The victims are rising to victimize and gaslight who the actual victims are, and we know the media will not cover the truth.

The Vulnerable, Fragile, Victim Narcissist.

Be careful at rallies and require your leaders to put the safety of the people who want to listen to them first. A true leader defuses emotional bombs that have started to erupt. The days of activists pushing a little violence here or there for video clicks and followers is in it's self a sign of a sociopath. Please require leaders to put the safety of others first!

List of recent violence to follow, if you want to see the carnage in detail watch this video!

As Newgent commenced his speech at the Missouri capital, Antifa instantly charged the stage as if they were waiting for this moment. Newgent opened his speech with tears thanking the organization Gays Against Groomers for being there and speaking the truth.

"I've been doing this for five years, and it's fantastic to see the rainbow here, too, fighting for these kids!"

As Antifa met bodyguards hallway to the podium, Newgent turned his engagement to the lingering threat of violence and did something that not only stunned Antifa, it made them do an about-face.

What did Newent do? Newgent welcomed Antifa,

"And we also have Antifa here, welcome, we are all welcome, we all have beliefs that need to be heard, thank you for coming. Would your leader like to speak today as well?"

In a deep, demanding voice, the room, scared into silence, heard something no one expected!


The Antifa turned and exited the rally for the rest of the event.

This event at the Missouri Capital did something that has never been done. All communities came together, resulting in a dying bill to ban childhood medical transition to stiff; uncompromising will inject into the politicians promoting the bill. The AG of Missouri issued Missouri Issues' Emergency Regulation' to Curb Gender Transition Procedures for Minors.


Violence in the USA & abroad


Tess McClure in Auckland and Charlotte Graham-McLay in Wellington

Sun 26 Mar 2023 13.58 EDT

First published on Sat 25 Mar 2023 06.54 EDT

Gender-critical activist was booed and heckled in Auckland and cancelled event in Wellington.

Anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, is escorted from her Auckland speaking event by police after being met by thousands of pro-trans rights counter-protesters. Photograph: Stuff/Chris McKeen


April 1, 2023 9:20pm Updated

A conservative protestor was assaulted multiple times on camera as he tried to talk to attendees of a Trans Day of Visibility rally in Vancouver, Canada while wearing a sign with anti-trans messages Friday.



Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old former Covenant School student who killed six people at the school Monday, carefully planned the attack, according to officials.

Hale’s parents, who lived with the shooter, said Hale was under a doctor’s care for an “emotional disorder,” Nashville Police Chief John Drake said at a news conference Tuesday.

Updated 4:54 PM EDT, Thu March 30, 2023

Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old former Covenant School student who killed six people at the school Monday, carefully planned the attack, according to officials.


The conservative political and cultural commentator Matt Walsh, known for his focus on transgender issues, said Wednesday he canceled a planned speech due to threats against his family.


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