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C-6 Senators

Most Trans Adults Are Against Transing Kids. Don't believe me? Press Play & See For Yourself

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

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Lisa Daluz
Lisa Daluz
Sep 14, 2022

Scott you are a bad ass gorgeous person!!!!!! I love How you speak and feel deeply moved by your heart space that spills out when you explain the facts of what must be stopped immediately! Prayers for your health and your children.


Iris E
Iris E
Sep 14, 2022

Scott is - like Matt Walsh said in his documentary - What is a Woman? - a hero!


This is why adult Parents and caregivers make important decisions for children. We can be objective outsiders advocating for their best care, preventing them from making impulsive decisions they may later regret. Good parents and wise adults have the courage and backbone to say no to children and are not afraid of seeing them get angry or cry. We restrict many of their decisions because of their lack of experience and maturity, and we are going to have them call all the shots on elective surgery? Really?


Scott Newgent

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