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#MillionMarchRound2: Trudeau Censored Trans Scott Newgent - So Scott's Going Back Full Force!

Million March Round 2: Canada and the World Have More to Say!


On Wednesday, September 20th, 2023, concerned Canadians made history as we participated in the 1 Million March for Children, what’s being called the largest protest of its kind in the world to date. People from all walks of life came together to show that we are done with gender ideology and the sexualization and medicalization of our once great nation’s children. On that day, Canada came together, and the World heard us.

Joining in the collective voice that day in Windsor, Ontario, was transman, lesbian and Mother Scott Newgent. Scott has been shouting about the dangers of medical transition from every rooftop for the past five years and is returning to Canada for Million March Round 2 to do more of the same. In true grassroots fashion,

Transman Scott Newgent
Gays Against Groomers

Gays Against Groomers and Mom Army are leading the charge with the Stop the War on Children Rally happening across America, throughout Canada and in other countries around the globe, including Germany and The UK on October 21st, with the Million March Round 2 putting forth a parallel and joint effort to have all voices heard.

Many who united in peaceful protest in September will come together again this month, amplified by voices worldwide. Scott Newgent’s previous visit to Canada for round one was met with a rigorous search at the border, online censorship and a desire to come back and scream louder! Scott is working closely with Canadians from several non-profit and grassroots organizations this time to pull off a massive peaceful protest in Toronto, Ontario. This, too, has been met with significant setbacks, including the cancellation of the Million March Round 2 T-shirt design by a company that Scott has given business to for five years. Efforts to silence and censor those who fight to save children from the most significant medical scandal of our lifetime were, once again, unsuccessful.

As the face of Stop the War on Children and Million March Round 2 Toronto, Scott Newgent will be the headline speaker in Queens Park on Saturday, October 21st. Melanie Bennet of the Resilience Podcast and Canadian Gender Wars Weekly will be introducing the line-up of knowledgeable and dedicated speakers who come from a wide range of backgrounds to focus on this critical issue including Kellie/Kenneth Anderson, female to male Transition Regretter,

Jacques Boudreau, leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, the passionate Maureen of Canadian Women's Sex-Based Rights (Cawsbar), and Christina Bairos Fernandes, a Christian leader in EMPOWR (Educating Minds, Parents of Waterloo Region), Wife, Mother and Healthcare professional.

#MillionMarchRound2 Toronto

Through setbacks, pushback and much perseverance, we plan to make Stop the War on Children and Million March Round 2 a massive success in Canada and worldwide on Saturday, October 21st.

These marches, protests and all the other SCREAMING Louder are because of donations from people like you. Scott is not paid to speak or organize; none of us do! We do it because we are parents. If you believe childhood medical transition is the most significant medical scandal in modern history, consider volunteering or donating so we can SCREAM for you!


Learn Why Scott Does What He Does

Watch what happened at the last Million March that ignited a fire felt worldwide!

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Anonymous Mom

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