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Matt Walsh and Sloppy Joe Rogan & the winner with FACTS? Walsh....Rogan FAILED!

Rogan's "fact" has gone "round the world while truth is pulling its boots on.”

I'm just going to throw this out there! ROGAN! Have Transman Scott Newgent on your show; Walsh was kind; Newgent would have eaten you alive!

Not that anyone’s been waiting with bated breath for my promised Sloppy Joe Rogan post, but I still want to apologize for how late it is. [My recent R rotator cuff surgery recovery is just as nasty, brutish, and long as the surgeon promised.] Anyway, to recap, I’d been discussing with a close family member why I believed gender ideology was the greatest evil of our time: I care about the truth, and this is all a lie. I listed a few of the real-life effects on women of transforming preposterous ideas into policy and law – housing males with court-onset “gender dysphoria” in women’s prisons; disregarding basic safeguarding principles; destroying women and girls’ sports; depriving them of scholarships, financial opportunities, and awards – on the children and young people destroying their healthy bodies, and that brought the subject to puberty blockers.

Matt Walsh said on Joe Rogan that ‘millions’ of kids had been put on puberty blockers,” he said. ”That’s a lie. The number was not even 5,000! Walsh is a liar, a LIAR.”

I knew 5,000 made no sense and promised I’d do my own research.

Daily Wire show host and producer of the “What is a Woman?” documentary Matt Walsh was interviewed on Rogan’s podcast in November last year.

As widely reported (a search of “Walsh & Rogan” shows pages listing rabid gender ideologues’ rejoicing quotes over how “Rogan proved Walsh a liar” (thus themselves proving that a “lie will go ‘round the world while truth is pulling its boots on”), “the pair sat down to have an in-depth discussion on gender and society. Walsh began the conversation by explaining the financial benefit healthcare providers could be getting by taking advantage of demands for gender affirming care.

…they have staked everything on this [including] their professional reputation… Not only is it the political incentive and the money, but if they admit that they’re wrong, they’re also admitting that they have horribly disfigured and abused thousands, maybe millions of kids,” he said.

How many people have had this done?” Rogan asked. [“This”, as in “gender affirming care,” which includes puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries.]

… I don’t think we have exact numbers, but if we’re talking about the drugs, it’s…millions,” Walsh replied in reference to the medications used in the treatment of “gender dysphoria,” or “feelings cancer,” as the great Exulansic sometimes puts it. “I’m sure someone’s gonna fact check me on it, but my guess is that…we’re into the millions now at this point,” Walsh replied.

“[Walsh] used the increase in mastectomy surgeries as his reasoning behind the number.

I read a report recently that there were over a thousand done between 2016 and 2019. And when you compare that to how many were done between…2008 and 2015, it is a massive increase. Over a thousand girls had double mastectomies — gender affirming double mastectomies in that timeframe,” Walsh explained.

[A 2023 JAMA study found that “gender affirming surgery breast and chest procedures… occurred in almost 30,000 patients from 2016 to 2020.]

As the conversation continued, the projection screen in front of Rogan and Walsh lit up and producer Jamie Vernon interjected with a fact check from a Reuters article.

[The following is what Rogan’s producer got from the article:]

“Over the last five years, there were at least 4,780 adolescents who started on puberty blockers and had a prior gender dysphoria diagnosis.”

That would be a big undercount,” Rogan said as he was reading the article aloud.

Less than a thousand people a year,” Vernon reiterated.

I would guess you know, hundreds of thousands at this — but I could be wrong,” Walsh corrected his earlier estimation.

A million sounds great,” Rogan laughed.

Media matters will have fun with that clip,” Walsh added.

Walsh went on to blame the numbers themselves, saying that data on gender affirming care and other treatments are hard to find and trust [he is correct].

Part of the problem though is that it’s very hard to get numbers on any of this stuff and — to know who are you gonna trust when they’re telling you the numbers…that’s one of the issues,” Walsh concluded.

[Had Rogan and his producer read just a few paragraphs further, they’d have come across more information relevant – a big understatement, to paraphrase Rogan – to their discussion:]

“At least 14,726 minors started hormone treatment with a prior gender dysphoria diagnosis from 2017 through 2021…However, these numbers only include children whose medical records specify a gender dysphoria diagnosis or whose treatment is covered by insurance.

There are more than 100 specialized pediatric gender clinics across the U.S. “More than 300 clinics and medical offices in the U.S. … provide ‘hormonal interventions’ to minors,” and most of the nearly 600 Planned Parenthood centers dispense cross-sex hormones. In 2016, only 32 PP clinics provided “transgender care.” [emphases above are mine].

So, the correct number available to Rogan and his producer – in the story they themselves pulled up! – was almost 20,000 kids. Again, the number is limited – only pediatric patients (under 21) with a gender dysphoria diagnosis. No “kids” over 21, no privately paid prescriptions.

The numbers almost certainly don’t include kids who receive prescriptions from Planned Parenthood (“one of the country’s largest prescribers of “gender-affirming” hormones. More than 35,000 patients received gender-affirming hormones from Planned Parenthood in 2021 alone, according to an NPR report”), and the Planned Parenthood numbers show that not only is it, as Walsh said, very hard to get reliable numbers on “gender affirming care,” it’s impossible. In PP’s annual report “transgender services” are listed under “Other Procedures” along with “WIC services…pediatric care…other adult preventive care, and high complexity visits, including infertility services.”

In 2021, the number of “Other Procedures” was 15,902. In 2022, the number of “Other Procedures” was 256,550.

The numbers make no sense. If more than 35,000 patients received hormones from PP in 2021, that should have been reflected in the number of “Other Procedures” in 2021. In any case, it would be interesting to know what specifically caused the more than 240,000 hike in “Other Procedures” at PP between 2021 and 2022. The only medical fad these days is “transgender medicine” (the oxymoronic nature of “trans/gender” ideology language must be a linguist’s nightmare).

The 2023 JAMA study referred to above found that almost 50,000Gender Affirming Surgeries” (GAS) were performed from 2016 to 2020. What numbers on “gender affirming care” – puberty blockers, hormones, and GAS – were available a year ago is anyone’s guess, but Rogan should know better than to offer a random number from a file of Dr. Google as fact. The very least he could have done was have his staff read through it first.

Rogan is usually a thoughtful, respectful conversationalist, but to say he dropped the ball here is an understatement. Serious, reality-based research and information** on “gender medicine” rarely makes the news – precisely because of those qualities – but a salacious soundbite, however erroneous, will if it fits the transtech-industrial mass media’s fictional trans narrative.

So, have millions of kids have received “gender-affirming care”? Possibly. Hundreds of thousands, certainly. Thousands? Absolutely no way, and Rogan should correct that fact-free “big undercount” he offered to his 11 million listeners.

In closing… Re the OB-GYN Services of Drs Transenstein & Frankenstein

It’s insulting that the 2023 JAMA 2016–2020 study of these taxpayer- and health insurance premium-funded cosmetic psychosurgeries was done under the category “Obstetrics and Gynecology.”

National Estimates of Gender-Affirming Surgery in the US Results: A total of 48 ,019 patients who underwent Gender Affirming Surgery (GAS) procedures were identified…The most common procedures were breast and chest procedures, which occurred in 27,187 patients, followed by genital reconstruction in 16 ,872, and facial and cosmetic procedures 6,669.”

“A total of 48, 019 patients who underwent GAS were identified (Table 1). 25 ,099 patients (52.3%) were aged 19 to 30 years

10 ,476 patients (21.8%) were aged 31 to 40 years 3,678 patients ( 7.7%) were aged 12 to 18 years

[Reflect on this for a few moments: Doctors – society’s most highly educated individuals, who have been entrusted by the state with the power over people’s lives and health – are sterilizing and mutilating the healthy sexual organs of 12-year-olds.]

“Almost 30,000 patients were under age 30. This study has limitations. First, there may be under-capture of both transgender individuals and GAS procedures…performed in other settings; thus, our estimates may under-represent the actual number of procedures performed each year in the US.”

Your Dollar$ at Work “Private insurance coverage was most common in 29,064 patients (60.5%), while 12,127 (25.3%) were Medicaid recipients.”

Flyoverland [Less InsaneLand] – TRAlifornia [InsanityLand] “Most patients (42,467 [88.4%]) were treated at urban, [sic] teaching hospitals, and there was a disproportionate number of patients in the West (22,037 [45.9%]) and Northeast (12 ,396 [25.8%]).”

*“Inside Planned Parenthood’s Gender Factory” by Abigail Shrier is a recommended read for anyone, especially parents of teenagers. “Youth as young as 16 can receive hormone prescriptions…with parental consent; 15 and younger can get birth control ‘to stop periods’ without parental knowledge. Teens 18 and older who want to medically transition can typically do so without any barriers. Planned Parenthood states that ‘in most cases your clinician will be able to prescribe hormones the same day as your first visit’ and does not require a letter from a mental health doctor to start a patient’s transition.”

“In order to receive gender-affirming hormone therapy services at Planned Parenthood you must be 18 or older and able to provide consent. Patients are not required to provide an approval letter from a therapist to start hormone therapy. Most people are able to get a hormone prescription at the end of their first visit with us.”

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