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Live Speech - Detrans Chloe Cole & Transman Scott Newgent - Live From Nashville

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Within 60 minutes of this speech TReVoices was banned on Tik Tok No Reason Given - Shadow Banned on Facebook & Twitter. If you think these speeches are useful? You have to post on social media!



Newgent's Speech In Written Form:

My name is Scott Newgent. You may have seen me in a little documentary made a while back. You may have heard of it?

What is A Woman? During that interview I had no clue who Matt Walsh was. I just thought, WOW this dude has an awesome beard! I was the transman who has been called the hero of Matt’s groundbreaking documentary. The hero? That’s pushing it, all I did was tell the truth. I am a woman, and I will never be a man. No one can change their sex. Medical transition is experimental, cosmetic, and only creates an illusion of the opposite sex. But, medical transition doesn't cure anything as society is being led to believe.

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But who I am? My most important role? Is that of a parent to three incredible children. I am a mother, and as a woman who has given birth, carried life and as someone who fell for the relentless onslaught of glitter bombs & unicorn farts by the new LGBTQ, I am here today to put an end to the idea that medically transitioning children is about human rights. It is not, it is about money.

We need to stop pushing puberty blockers, hormones and surgeries on children and youth. Stop telling kids that they were born in the wrong body. They are just different. Different is ok - in fact different is a superpower! You see the truth is that awkward children, the gifted, the mentally ill, austistic, the abused and the same sex attracted are being targeted as a new cash cow for, “Transgender Health.” This series of dangerous, experimental and costly medical procedures has no long term study that states it’s beneficial or safe.

How are we butchering an entire generation of youth in the name of tolerance and acceptance?! This is hypocritical! These kids are not accepting their bodies! Drastically changing their physical appearance through puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries and this in itself is the act of true intolerance.

Market research predicts that gender-”affirming” medicine will generate more than 5 billion dollars by the end of this decade.

If the current rate of kids that are being transitioned continues, we are going to have a whole generation of sterile humans, and life-long patients without them ever having a disease.

If I as an adult couldn’t resist the temptation of a quick-fix elixir, do you really think someone with an immature frontal lobe can? These children need people in their lives to help them embrace, accept and love themselves so they can flourish for who they already are - not a delusion of something they will never become.

There are many reasons a child or teenager might think they are transgender. But transgender isn’t a condition. It is a verb, it’s something you do through a choice that you make. No one is born in the wrong body. That’s hogwash.

There are major medical organizations calling on big tech and the Department of Justice to investigate, prosecute and silence us. But the truth is on our side. A lot has been happening lately - exciting progress being made all around the nation from Robin Lunstrum’s Bill in Arkansas to lawmakers here in Tennessee and many other states working on legislation. Vanderbilt Hospital temporarily halted performing gender-”affirming” surgeries on minors thanks to the pressure of people like us who won’t stop sharing the truth.

You may not know that I have been in this fight for over 3.5 years. I founded an organization called TReVoices - Its mission is to SCREAM LOUDER that medical transition is no place for a child. To educate that the transgender craze is NOT about ‘Human Rights,’ it is about the oldest greed since the beginning of time…MONEY. If everyone knew the FACTS then we would all be calling it what it is:

child abuse.

My objective is to transfer my passion and experience as a transman, as a lesbian to encourage everyone to talk to your children, parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, even your neighbors and co-workers. I want to inspire people to have those difficult conversations with those that might not agree with them - Do the work and get outside of the twitter echo chambers. This debate is not political, not about human rights and we need everyone here in Tennessee and abroad to be brave enough to release their own SCREAM and join together with millions more in unison as human beings, something we all have in common, joining hands creating one colossal SCREAM that ‘Medical Transition Is No Place For A Child.’

Because within this debate, a bigot today will be a hero tomorrow. My question is are you willing to take the heat today to be a hero tomorrow to save a whole generation?

I can tell you I can…The question is can you? Children deserve us to adult better

…Grab my hand!

Thank you.

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Scott Newgent

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