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“In darkness of activism and ignorance” - The Glitter Faires & Unicorn Farts Alive & Well In Iceland

Iceland “In darkness of activism and ignorance”

Íris Erlingsdóttir

Having experienced the horrors of two world wars, the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung was aware of the dangers of what he called “psychic epidemics” – the most dangerous of these being "'mass psychosis' - when a large part of society loses touch with reality and becomes delusional…” such mass insanity “distorts the minds of politicians and journalists [and doctors] who let loose psychic epidemics on the world, which are the greatest threat to mankind."

The transpsychic epidemic that is now sweeping the world, manifests in young people claiming or wanting to be of the opposite sex and the medical profession’s belief that the "cure" for these illusions is to lie to children and say that, yes, they are in fact the opposite sex; give them puberty blockers and hormones – drugs that cause infertility, osteoporosis, heart disease – and to surgically remove their genitals.

After one of Iceland’s largest newspaper The Morning Paper (Morgunblaðið) published my article The Trans-Ethical Riddle last March, I received numerous emails from Icelandic parents and physicians, who said they were concerned about "activism and lack of professionalism" in Iceland’s health system. I asked an Icelandic friend if he would refer me to a few compatriots who might possess sufficient interest and bravery to tackle the denialism and the government and media’s war on free speech (unless it’s speech of the “right” variety).

Among a few others, he contacted Björn Hjálmarsson, M.D. at The National University Hospital of Iceland and sent an email to everyone explaining my request. Björn's answer, which he sent me himself ("reply to all"). I was overjoyed to receive an answer (“reply to all”) from Dr. Hjálmarsson, – to see that a prominent child psychiatrist had grown a backbone to tell the truth! “I’ve taken on this huge task by becoming the Chief Physician of the Psychiatric Pediatrics Department of The National University Hospital of Iceland. We are desperately waiting for evidence-based research results on this vulnerable group. Today we are all in the darkness of activism and ignorance. Björn.” Words spoken with such devastation that I shed tears.

When I heard that a journalist at the news magazine Stundin (Time) was writing an article on “transgender pediatric medicine”, I decided to send him Dr. Hjálmarsson’s comment from but without his name (which the journalist soon discovered). I believed the doctor’s opinion about what was being done to children at the hospital where he worked was so important that the nation had to be told.

The article provoked great anger among TRAlibans (trans activists don’t have a monopoly on insults) – who accused Stundin of "lies and slander". Dr. Hjálmarsson denied having made the comments (even though he’d sent them to five other people); and they’d been misunderstood. Neither did the editor have the spine to support her reporter and said that no more articles would be published on this issue. What she meant, as readers soon discovered, was that no more articles would be published on this subject unless they praised the wonders of the hallowed gender ideology. Which Icelanders already know; according to the angry “trans parents” who wrote to me to describe the "terrible situation [in Iceland] regarding this important national issue, Icelandic media simply do not allow any discussion about trans issues." No discussion. Only praise and lies.

This is reminiscent of the national economic collapse [in 2008, which bankrupted the nation], when the media, bankers, and politicians all shared the same silk sheets, but then only money was at stake," one angry father wrote to me. "Now it's the life and health of our children."

In 2007 and '08, Iceland was #1 on the Reporters Without Borders Freedom of Speech list. The Left Green Party dragged us down to 10th place in 2017, and the goal seems to be the bottom – down to #13 in 2018; #14 in 2019, #15 2020 and #16 2021. After all, LG’s definition of freedom of speech is no secret: the government's freedom to punish the public for speech LG politicians dislike and call "hate speech" – a favorite tool of all dictators, because they get to define the word themselves.

Freedom of expression is (still) constitutionally protected in Iceland. Citizens should have the right to express themselves without being harassed, threatened and silenced into surrealistic hell.

The truth is not "transphobic." We know that SEX is not "assigned at birth" but observed and recorded and that puberty is not a disease. Individuals who characterize themselves as "trans" are, just like all other human beings, either male or female, and homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, like the rest of us. Except, they feel that they are or want to be of the opposite sex. There is nothing wrong with that, but there is a significant difference between wanting and being.

The feeling of wanting to be the opposite sex can be satisfied with the help of hormones and cosmetic surgery, but there is no human being born in the "wrong body". We are our bodies. Forcing these lies, delusions and "medical treatments" on children and young people is abusive, and it is absurd to create a deluxe class of citizens whose cosmetic surgeries are paid by taxpayers.

"Transgender pediatric medicine" has been compared to the “barbaric” lobotomy craze that spread like wildfire around the world in the 1930s-60s in the blackest “darkness of activism and ignorance" in the history of medicine. Lobotomy was a fashionable treatment for insanity and consisted of pushing an ice pick up through the eye socket into the patient's brain and "stirring a bit”. News articles and descriptions of what medical historians have called "the most horrible savagery in the history of medicine" may be recycled these days; The New York Times, which in 1937 called lobotomysurgery of the soul,” now writes about the "transgender soul".

Dr. Walter Freeman performs a lobotomy using a device like an ice pick that he invented for the operation. By placing the device under the patient's upper eyelid, hammering it into the patient’s brain Dr. Freeman severed nerve connections in the anterior part of the brain. (Getty Images)

The Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson recently wrote: “I’m increasingly ashamed to be a clinical psychologist given the utter cowardice, spinelessness and apathy that characterises many colleagues and even more so my professional associations. At least in 20 years, when we all come to regret this terrible social experiment I will be able to say ‘I said no’ when they all came to insist that we participate in the sacrifice of our children. Heaven help us. Truly.”

As the transgeneration comes of age – mentally, sexually and physically mutilated and infertile – and demands an explanation for these atrocities, the villains who are responsible for selling the "childhood sex lobotomy" will no doubt use the Nuremberg defense: "I was just following orders…"

Íris Erlingsdóttir is an Icelandic writer. She lives in Minnesota.

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