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ID Sen Trakel 1-WIN/ID school Board 1-LOSS Trans Kids Debate SCREAMING Louder Begins

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

by, Scott Newgent

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Sen Chris Trakel started fiery, refusing to permit the sand to drop in the hourglass allotted time to speak about the transgender bathroom debate until the rules given before the video recording started were firmly addressed, and the leaders corrected.

The rules for the night were not recorded, but Sen Trakel condensed the dissertation into a bite-size piece for all to understand. The leaders at this school board meeting had laid the gavel down, mandating that no one was to criticize any school officials; it would not be tolerated. After the airy virtuous self-grandiosity, the meeting commenced, and this was when Senator Trakel approached the podium.

Watching Senator Trakel walk to the podium, I could sense his nerves, and of course, calling authorities within any society niche to the carpet takes nerves of steel. I was embarrassed and nervous for him but was rooting for him all the same. "Go Senator Trakel!"

As a parent to three teenage children, as a lesbian, and as a fully transitioned transman, I comprehend on a level you cannot; you cannot understand without having undergone the entire process of medical transition. The journey of medical transition is a pilgrimage few have taken, but many who have are debilitated with PTSD; the enormous mental, physical and spiritual drain is beyond comprehension. What is marketed as a flip of the switch, in reality, is a long process of self-reflection, medical trauma from surgeries, learning to walk through life entirely differently, not comprehending that you learned how to be the sex you were born since you hit the floor attending a school you had no clue existed to which you were enrolled as soon as the light of the world hit your newborn face. The relearning is years of fumbles questioning 'did I do that right?' There are no answers, mentors, studies, or books to guide you, just joyful unicorns leaping through clouds and onto rainbows while farting with continuous giggling; it's so much fun, right?



Flying farting unicorns are lifesaving and don't tell me they are not you %^$% #$$^ BIGOT because medical transition will fix me, I will fit, and who am I or who is anyone to challenge the entire medical, mental health or social media industry? Remember, it all starts with not fitting in the first place. After all, medical transition is a lifesaving right? My life was to be someone who fits in, a carrot and 5-10 years later. Reread this paragraph; maybe you can connect why PTSD is rampant among transgender adults.

As I watched Senator Trakel start to speak, I found my eyes fluttering; I was terrified I was waiting to witness a train wreck, not wanting to look but incapable of looking away. Why? Because Senator Trakel is not standing up for what he believes in with an army he's alone isolated, he is standing up to an entire generation of zombies, not holding themselves accountable for knowledge beyond what they see on TikTok, the echo chambers of social media, the new GOD and teacher of right and wrong with a potent badass cocktail or peer pressure, acceptance as well as being human, understanding, everything is at risk when you speak against what others think is about love, it's a steep hill and the reason why so few climb it, it's brutal and without reward.

What we are allowing to happen to children is equivalent to declaring war on children. The transgender debate is not about civil rights; it's about an industry. The polarization we are now seeing due to social media has left a blind spot in society, creating mechanical chirping of whatever the social media gods tell them to say. Let's face it; social media has made a mush pot of noncritical thinkers turning the masses into parakeets regurgitating without engaging brain waves.


"Transwomen are women!" <---No, they are not; they are males who take cross-sex hormones to create an illusion of the opposite sex for comfort. Some men transition because they are gay men believing this will help them fit; it doesn't work; other men have a sexual fetish called; Autogynephilia is defined as a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female. It is the paraphilia that is theorized to underlie transvestism and some forms of male-to-female (MtF) transsexualism.

Nutshell? The obsession with 'transwomen are real women' is a fascination to ensure that straight men maintain an erection and who are children to stand in their way? Or women for that matter. Is medical transition lifesaving or erection-maintaining protocol?

Some men medically transition because they are autistic, mentally ill, mentally gifted, or abused, believing this is a cure but not. Then there are the men who medically transition, knowing it's plastic surgery; it's an illusion and a choice to create comfort. These men are the only ones who fair well long-term; the ones who planted in sanity and immune to unicorn farts.

With all that said. Males do NOT belong in female bathrooms or women's safe spaces....pssst...... Reread Auto gynephilia. There is the motivation for 99.99% of 'Transwomen are real women!'

Senator Trakel approaches the podium and begins in a broken voice, "Before my time starts, I want to address the rules you guys put forward; for instance, you said you can't criticize employees or anything like that"..... Trakel's voice cracks, and he misses his target trying to say, 'supreme court.' Still, his nerves got the best of him, and he misspoke 'supreme cruel,' he quickly recovered his equilibrium and proceeded to regurgitate a supreme court case I haven doubt had been weighty on his mind for days before this moment.

Sen Trakel did his homework as we all should. The transing debate is modern history's most prominent medical, moral and societal scandal. If you want to get involved? Do the work, and Senator Trakel did just that. Bravo my friend Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Senator Trakel summarized the 1983 supreme court case CONNICK, DISTRICT ATTORNEY IN AND FOR THE PARISH OF ORLEANS, LOUISIANA v. MYERS SUPREME COURT CASES 461 U.S. 138 (1983)

Sheila Myers, an assistant district attorney in New Orleans, received a notice of transfer and objected to the transfer. Ms. Myers distributed a questionnaire to the office staff that, in part, raised the issue of whether their office was poorly run. The supreme court ruled in favor of Sheila, reiterating what Senator Trakel stated that government employees were not invisible to the words of critical judgment, say what you mean and mean what you say won in 1983.

There are two other cases that the Senator could have mentioned that were identical in outcome of the 1983 supreme court case ruling. One earlier in 1968 and a more recent case in 2006, both have the teeth of the 1983 supreme court case and should be in your back pocket. Again, if you are in this debate? Hold yourself accountable to do their work as the senator did.

Enjoy the rest of the exciting video and remember? Calm. Rational. Debate? It's Not Working. It's time to SCREAM Louder and hit the streets 60's style and I'll see you there.

-Scott Newgent



SUPREME COURT CASES547 U.S. 410 (2006)


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Men in women’s and girls spaces trumps everything doesn’t it.


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