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I battled God & I got beaten all too HELL...AGAIN! by transman Scott Newgent

by transman Scott Newgent

I have always been open about my medical transition, complications, and the raw feelings that have come with it. I have opened myself up purposely because I realized long ago that spitting facts was not working. I spent six months before I jumped into activism analyzing the leaders speaking out against medically transitioning children, and although they were correct about the facts? They could not, did not change people from what I call a looker to a buyer. They did not sell the points, hence leaving the opponents able to slaughter them with one sentence:

STOP Transing Kids
I battled God & I got beaten all too HELL...AGAIN! by transman Scott Newgent

'Better An Alive Daughter Than A Dead Son!'

The facts alone would change someone instantly IF/WHEN you could bring them to a neutral place where they genuinely listen and abandon the human condition of listening to a verbal opponent only to counter everything they say—in other words, NOT genuinely listening. The only way to do that?

Make Them Feel, Forcing Them To LISTEN Truly!

How do I Do That?

This was a question I posed to myself, even though I knew the answer. The answer? The answer was skin; "Are you willing to put enough skin in the game, Scott, because it's going to hurt, big girl?"

Right,/Left Woke/Unwoke, Conservative/Liberal and all the other ridiculous labels have catapulted us into a communist media regime. Information is censored. The irony is that mainstream media is following our lead. Society did this to ourselves by allowing politicians and social media stars to adhere to a firearms strategy of shooting first, then aiming and shooting some more, loudly and using a ton of ammunition. If done precisely to the recipe, as in baking? 'PEOPLE WILL FOLLOW!' and boy have they. We are currently butchering an entire generation of gender confused children with a process that is not only experimental, dangerous, causes massive health makes mental health worse; and society is standing and cheering for MORE....Hell our president just promoted this surgery below that is killing people to children 14 and under!

These are the facts


Take a look at this transman who is in the hospital today fighting to not die, scumming to transgender health care. This is real people!

Scott Newgent
Transman fights to stay alive after medical complications


Watching closely, I realized that society was clueless about this media predicament. We, the people, did this to ourselves. We, they, us, have no idea. I challenge you to pull up the last ten posts of your favorite social media darling, and my point will become freakishly clear. No talent is needed; find a topic to be black/white, learn internet trends, and follow the formula, and people will follow. Changing nothing yet hurts all and bringing us to a place where we are butchering an entire generation of gender-confused children and society cheers.

Debate Was/Has Been Eliminated.

The irony of it all is that we, the people? We have not only ordered the communist media regime but promoted it by unthinkingly following social media stars for money and fame. Sure, they might start authentic, but it disappears quickly because it's too tempting, too easy to maintain a GOD-like status following the current recipe for social media fame!

Formula: Take black/white stances; utilize verbal abuse as your go-to weapon on those who disagree with you; never appear with an opponent to gain understanding in a proper debate status; this will take away GOD-like status when you flounder and it's human nature to flounder. No one is perfect unless the environment is sterile and controlled, and social medical does just that!

This is the reason why established prominent politicians so frequently refuse to debate. Yet, genuine debate is the only place to find a compromise, but more importantly, truth.

How do we fix this issue?

People have to be willing to talk in the same room, debate, listen, and fix issues, but all of this destroys the social media model for fame and fortune!

So, I was left with the question, 'Is there another way to get people to listen?' The answer is yes!


Don't align yourself with any societal subtribe; speak the truth regardless of who attacks you, and be willing to show appropriate, authentic emotion to shock people long enough to listen.

I had a game plan. The irony of it all is that I've hated every minute of it, never in my life wanting what social media darlings desperately claw for! All I wanted? To fulfil this obligation, I understand what is happening to children, going through the process, almost dying from it, and having all the pieces needed to convey a message that will be heard by people in ALL social subtribes, not just the tribe of one.

One thing is knowing how to do something, but sticking to the plan is like a person who weighs 600 pounds desperately wanting to lose weight but cannot walk and delivered fast food hourly with nothing else to do but eat! It's HARD to do. It has sometimes felt like what I imagine a punching bag would feel like during Mike Tyson's glory days as a fighter: bloody!

Each societal subtribe has attacked me like a Wack-A-Mole game. If I did a podcast with a feminist, I was assaulted by evangelicals. Suppose I did a project with a conservative, liberals, and feminist attack. The attacks are constantly the same –just the society subtribes change.

In A Nutshell?

Try activism without an army's financial support, attacked by all, and sustaining without compromise for nearly five years! I have never signed with any political organizations and have done this conscientiously. Now, mix in the recipe of being banned on every social media platform, never acquiring the 'monetization' all social media stars strive for!

You must remember that I don't align myself with any subtribe, meaning I have no army to defend, lift, or sustain me financially. Again, the Wack-A-Mole image should be wafting into your subconscious.

The last five years have been a movie you would walk away from, saying to your spouse, "No way in hell did all of that happen; no way was this endured by one person!" To which I would respond in my best toddler voice,

"Uh huh, yes it did!"

Mix into the recipe that I get recurring infections that can transform me into an arsehole who often tells people to pound sand. I am no different than anyone, and quite a bit of my struggle has landed smackdown on my own noggin.

Last week, I'd had it up to my eyeballs with life kicking my ass. I flipped out alone in my house, yelling and cursing at GOD!

"Screw you, five FU%$ years of hell in all directions...Here's a little carrot; come on...I catch up to grab the carrot, but as soon as I bite in, it's ripped from my mouth, removing actual teeth due to bone deterioration from wrong-sex hormones, five to be exact! Yeah, real funny GOD! Screw you! Oh yeah, look here, another suicide crisis direct message. Maybe this one will call me with a pistol aimed inside her mouth, too; no pressure, though! I have to SAVE another kid, find a therapist, address, send the police there, worry, and I don't want to, but what kind of person runs from that? I sure as hell don't. So NOT cool, GOD! I know; why don't you hit me with a bolt of lighting, resulting in my hands being severed and vocal cords seared, resulting in me becoming MUTE, then ask me to give SPEECHS to save these kids doing sign language with my toes and at the same time, have the audience throw tomatoes with daggers stuff in the middle directly at my face?...Good times, GOD. I am done unless you make this more manageable. I'm serious, GOD blankety-blank...BLANK %^###.......Oh, you want me to bend over blankety blank blank blank blank blank, you bet love too............."

Suddenly, the front door slams open, and my twins come in, skipping in the house, filling it with laughter and smiles while I am midway through, throwing a tomato across the room. I immediately joke to ease my children, "Watch out for fly-by tomato fruities! You just missed the tomatoes throwing bandit., "Hi, kids! How was your birthday party awesome? Did you guys eat? Missed you! Tell me all about it!"

My fit is forcibly over; I can't allow my kids to see my frustration; they need a pillar of strength to grow into incredible adults, as it should be. This requires straight faces of happiness even when you want to pull your hair out on a stand at a time!

The Next Day, I received a $ 1,000 donation; I about fell out of bed.

Later that afternoon, my sister conveyed this message to me after I announced I was quitting activism AGAIN. I broke away from my family after this gender ideology for many reasons, and they are still there waiting patiently for me.

Actual conversation with my sister:

"Kari, I can't do this anymore, it's a cycle...I get on antibiotics & I start to take over the 'Transing Kids Debate with only heart & soul! Then I get another infection & it's like Groundhog Day over again!"

My sister, "Well, Kellie, I've known you since before you were born; what are you telling me? Are you quitting? Again?" My response was, "Yes!"

"Little sis, this is the cycle you need to break! Stop trying to quit; you have NEVER quit anything in your life, and this? Surrounds my niece and nephews, your children. No way you are going to stop! STOP thinking people are going to do the right things, stop holding people accountable to your fire of conviction, know people are going to use you, learn some won't care & strategize around that! There is your cycle breaking. Kellie, people believe you; this is your superpower. A debate against transing kids is NOT believed by 99%. People believe you; it's an obligation. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and shut the fuck up & SCREAM LOUDER! You aren't nearly as loud as you can be. Louder sister... Louder!"

Followed up with this a mere two days later."

I took my oldest and his younger siblings to dinner, celebrating his first week of college! My oldest picked the restaurant & I was concerned because it was expensive. He ordered lamb; the other kid's steaks – Soup, salad with water, "On a diet, kids!"

The bill came, and I opened the folder, terrified to see the total, but instead of a $ amount, there was a note:

"We saw you in the documentary 'What is a Woman?' Both my husband and I cried. You have given a voice to the voiceless, saving so many kids and helping others find their voices. Thank you.

Your bill is paid for 100%, including tips! We follow you on Twitter and are SCREAMING Louder, 'STOP Transing Kids!"

PS: Your children are precisely how I imagined: well-mannered and respectful. I wish more young people behaved like that.

Much Love,

-The Roberts

Needless to say, I am still here through all the trials and tribulations. But this time, I am putting this out there. I need help to get in front of mainstream media. I can't do this alone any longer. I know I can change hearts and minds; I need to see how to get there and accept people who want to help. For god's sake, god! Please help me!


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