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C-6 Senators

Gender. LGBT Pushing Back Against the Dylan Mulvaney's of The WORLD What is woman Hero Continues.

I'm excited to share that I have created a new group called the Rainbow Rebellion to fight against the medicalization of gender-confused children. For our upcoming Pride counter-protest in St Louis. More and more of us are DONE with this evil agenda being pushed on children in our name. Join us in the FIGHT to save our children!

We welcome you to the launch of the 'Rainbow Rebellion' counter pride protests. These events are organize by gays, lesbians, bisexuals transgender adult's with all others to our right and left to support, everyone coming together to save our children from what the new LGBTQ+ has became, a recruiting agency.


June 24th 10:30 Saint Louis Missouri Counter Pride Fest

"LGBTQ+ Get away from kids, we don't belong there; we are a soft place to fall for adult's and adults ONLY!'

Please attend - RSVP Here

Get Involved One Person - Here

Organizations? Want to Join - Here



I am rarely paid for interviews, and my activism comes from my soul, but unfortunately, money is needed to fight this mess. Every dollar, whether $10 - $20 - $30 - $40, $100 or $1000, will have my total dedication, blood, sweat and tears on every dollar! I do this activism because I know that truth and have carried life!


In 2015 the LGBTQ gained all the rights we fought so hard for; we WON!

This is where we faltered! We won these rights with grace and perseverance & helping society understand; we were not a recruiting agency for children, just a soft place to fall for adults & adults only!

The LGBTQ+ has now become a recruiting agency, and they MUST be STOPPED!

In 2016 a massive partnership merged between LGBTQ+ organizations & organizations focused on medically transitioned children like Mermaids. These partnerships took LGBTQ+ from the brink of bankruptcy due to the lack of donations to soaring profits tipping the scale at 32% year-over-year fiscal recovery.

My name is Scott Newgent. I am a lesbian, and I decided to become a transman. I am also the unintended HERO in Matt Walsh's documentary 'What is a Woman.' Despite altering my body surgically and with hormones to look like a man, I am a woman. Only women can bear children, and I was blessed to carry life and have three beautiful children.

So I know quite a bit about kids and transgender treatments.

The human rights want and desires of all, whether straight or gay, is the right to love another consenting adult and to be respected and protected under the laws of every country. These are moral rights, and we had many righteous gays and lesbians fighting for these rights. Your stance on homosexuality is of NO concern to me; it's ok to disagree. It's ok for adults to disagree on issues; disagreements are the platform at which a balance is achieved within society. Without checks and balances, we sit in vulnerable places where a generation of children can be butchered by transgender medicine, mind, body and soul while an ignorant society cheers...Not understanding the truth!

If you go after my rights to live, love and work due to my sexuality, this is the ONLY time you will concern me. Disagreements and differences of opinion are healthy, and views do not make someone intrinsically evil if they don't agree with you or a saint if they do. We must rise and adult better!

Stonewall (LGBTQ+) was founded in 1989 with these rights in the future view, not had, yet worth everything to us gays and lesbians, and the fight was righteous, and the warriors within this fight were righteous.

In 2002 Adoption rights for same-sex couples - won!
This was a righteous right!
In 2003 Employment equality - won!
This was a righteous right!
2013 Marriage Act - for gays & lesbians
This was a righteous right!

The rights of human dignity to love whom we love, to be recognized in the eyes of the law, protected with dignity within this great land in Britain, the USA & abroad…WON

We WON….& This is where we faltered….This is where my community, the gays and lesbians, fell.

You see, we won, and the righteous fighters, the righteous gays and lesbians fighting for the right to love whom we loved, to visit and be entitled to our partners in sickness, in life achievement & death. The dignity of protection within this great land and the laws…WON!

We won for lesbians and gays like Janice Langbehn, a lesbian denied the right to visit her same-sex partner in the intensive care unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. Her partner, Lisa Pond, suffered an aneurysm. At the hospital, nurses and doctors refused to let Langbehn or her children see Pond, and they did not provide them with any updates. Pond slipped into a coma while her life partner and their children cried to be at her bedside, denied, and outside the room, outside was the echoes of calling Pond's weeping family never heard by Pond. Pond died alone.

These were the righteous fights….For Pond and all others to die with dignity, surrounded by the love of family, without question. Without question.

The righteous fights were WON

And so the beginning of a new activism business model, had by the STONEWALLS & LGBTQ+ of the world's & this is where our children were sold down the river, exchanged for the NEW activism business model, a successful new profitable model elevated and began to be maintained by skipping on the heads of odd fitting; children are most vulnerable, used….Our plight to protect future same-sex attracted children highlighted for a profitable business model of transgender medicine, included into the mix were all odd fitting children, the autistic, mentally gifted, mentally ill, abused, served on a platter to the donation gods as the new "righteous right" twisted with an evil filled ending to a righteous…bottom line.

And STONEWALL/LGBTQ+…..lived on after moral, righteous rights were won.

Medically transitioning children was the side step, the business strategy to evolve & continue an org, an activism fight that was won yet lived on, but not without strategic evil thought.

In 2015 Stonewall filed for bankruptcy but never pointed to fruition. In 2015 the battle was won, the donations dried up, and a righteous organization lost funding, dwindling into the excellent night.

One final curtain call and standing ovation lead to BANKRUPTCY, but before the last curtain call or bid into the Goodnight, a glimmer of hope & this glimmer of hope not only revised but injected radical success.

STONEWALL went from bankruptcy, yet 12 months later, it reported a 32% year-over-year growth.

A tagline of this success would have sparked an investigation for any government-funded organization in the US…whether the funding received was five government-funded dollars to 1 million. This staggering year over year would have sparked a question and started a USA investigation.

What happened from 2015 to 2016 within STONEWALL?

STONEWALL signed to promote Mermaids and the medicalization of children!



Activism is a business; being a business sales executive was lost to me as I entered activism five years ago. My plight was as a mother—a woman who had given birth, carried life, an obligation of righting a wrong.


SIDE NOTE: In 2017, Trevor Project, an org focused on state bills to promote medically transitioningg children, faster, younger and include experimental and dangerious surgerues as well as infiltrate public school systems received $477,000 In 2022, 12 million My voice is breaking through average donations=500 dollars a month. What do you think I could do if I was supported? Trevor Project Fiscal Links To Verify


Let me explain. I will start with the money. Each child who is transitioned is worth more than 1.5 million dollars at a minimum. It begins with the psychosocial intervention of social transition in which all the adults affirm

the kids' delusion that the child can change sex. This is cruel. Because it is telling the child that everything - absolutely everything - is wrong with the child's body. They were born wrong.

It moves to puberty blockers - the same drugs used to castrate sex offenders chemically. Drugs that have a long list of known severe long-term effects - such as permanent loss of bone density, brain development issues, risk of blindness, underdeveloped genitalia, and cardiovascular issues - to name a few and a whole host of unknown risks. There are over 10,000 complaints lodged against the manufacturer of the puberty blocker Lupron. It is funny how Kaiser reported on the harms of puberty blockers for precocious puberty but then promoted it for gender-confused children as if the known horrible side effects won't affect gender-confused kids.

An 18-year-old died during a vaginoplasty because puberty blockers resulted in his penis being too small to flip inside out to make a cavity. A piece of his colon was needed for the surgery. The result was necro-titis.

Males on puberty blockers at young ages and then cross-sex hormones - and about 95% continue on - will never experience an orgasm and be sterile. Another effect of estrogen on males is that it keeps their appearance looking young, with high voices, soft skin and tiny genitals. Remember what I said about paedophilia?

Step 3 in the Mengele-style (Men - Ge- Lay - For Your information - a nazi doctor that performed horrible experiments on Jewish kids) treatments are cross-sex hormones. Estrogen and testosterone are being handed out like candy. With no-zero - studies, these drugs resolve gender dysphoria, alleviate companion mental health issues or prevent suicide.

Suicide increases POST

TRANSITION. Post-transition, transgender people are 19 times more likely to commit suicide.

A National Institute of Health study published a couple of months ago showed that 2 of the 315 kids took their lives within one year of starting hormones - more than 50 times the national average. The best gender doctors purportedly treating these kids were screened for severe mental health issues and in affirming families.

Donate $10 - $20 - $30 - $1000 - $10,000 everything helps.

You see, Story Time Drag show, medically transitioning children was the head on which stepped to evolve & continue an organization that won! STONEWALL WON & selling children's health…

Online sellers of these drugs are darlings of private investors. These groups are partnering with community kid's groups to peddle to kids. These drugs ultimately result in sterility - in as little as four months for males and within five years for women. But don't worry - these hormone sellers have partnered with fertility groups who - for a price - will try to get their sterile kids a baby later. They create the problem and then solve it as long as you can pay.

Long-term cross-sex hormones cause heart issues, joint pain and increase cancer risks - hell, girls as young as 17 get fatal liver cancer from testosterone. Does this sound life-saving to you?

Listen to the detransitioners - even when they stop the hormones, their physical body continues to atrophy and suffer from the effects of the drugs. They have pain that no doctor knows how to treat. Because this is a giant experiment on Kids. Kids who are developmentally unable to comprehend the risks or what they are giving up.

Now for the surgeries. Vaginoplasty - I already talked about one of the risks to a healthy boy - death.

Now let's get gross - shall we? Hair growing in the cavity, odor of bowels,

sleeping with a wound expander inserted to prevent the hole from closing. Remember we are doing this to healthy bodies and minors in the name of authentic self.

Males are having their gonads removed. WPATH and its President, Marci

Bowers promotes eunuchs as a gender for children. It shouldn't be allowed for adults. It's insane.

For the females, it's breast removal - let's not call it top surgery and make it sounds like a no-big-deal. It is - it is enormous. Besides the complications which occur

In the majority of the surgeries, there are no takebacks. Once the breasts are gone, they are gone forever. So is the ability to breastfeed a child.

The holy grail of surgeries, and the most expensive and least successful, is phalloplasty. Look at my arm - this is a deformity I show the world almost daily to get something that resembles a penis that is hidden in my pants. Some women carved up their thighs to get a facsimile of a penis that carries a substantial risk of severe complications and long-term effects.

The surgeries are a growing market that is so lucrative that it is tracked so people can invest in it. In the US, surgeries were worth $1.9 Billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a compounded rate of 11.23% annually. This is better than most stock and bond returns. No wonder there are more than 400 pediatric gender centres in the US now when 10 years ago, there were just a handful.

Again to interject the human rights angle again, Stonewall moved from being a gay rights group rewriting its history to becoming the UK's most prominent influencer in pushing children and young adults to reject their bodies, monetizing itself by rewarding corporations to deny biological reality. How Stonewall superglued the T to the LGB, erasing the LGB on the way.

Stonewall was founded in 1989 for a very laudable purpose - to win equal

treatment under the law regardless of who one loves. Many righteous gays and lesbians fought for these fundamental human rights.

The gay and lesbian community's human rights were won. Instead of

celebrating and going about our lives, which is what we wanted - we

wanted to live freely, raise families, have lasting partnerships, and be able to nurse our partners. Instead of just living and disbanding all of the charities that reached the righteous goals, charities like Stonewall had grown so big that they needed to move the goalpost - they needed a new battle to wage. There was money at stake; the machine needed to be fed. The charities forgot the the golden rule that charities' ultimate goal is to go out of business because they achieved their objective.

And so began a new activism business model based in queer theory -

where everything that was accepted as normal must be turned upside

down. This is when Stonewall and other activist groups targeted the gay

community itself, like me - convincing me that I was not a lesbian but a man trapped in a woman's body - and more sinisterly, the LGBTQ groups turned to the children.

Yes, these alleged human rights groups are here to take the children from loving parents, remove their innocence, rob them of their

bodies, erase biology and trick gay and lesbians kids into transitioning.

The righteous groups turned into predatory groups.

With the gay rights goals having been met, the funding for Stonewall dried up. In 2015, it was facing bankruptcy. But Stonewall wanted to live on, so it pivoted and signed on to promote Mermaids. Mermaids is a charity that advocates for the gender transition of children. Mermaids is currently under investigation for child safeguarding failures. Susie Greene stepped down as CEO of 6 years, a woman who transitioned her son because her husband id not want a gay son - That's what Iran - the most homophobic country does.

Stonewall sold out its gay and lesbian members. Instead of protecting gay and lesbian kids, its need to stay financed tarnishes its name. By the way, Greene contributed to the so-called standards of care for WPATH. This homophobic mother, who profited from kids, with no medical background had an actual say. WPATH despite its name, is just another Frankenstein Organization.

Children are the new revenue stream. They are also being used as cover

for depraved and fetish behavior. It goes like this - if they can normalize

the transgenderism of children - they can claim being trans is natural,

immutable and normal. It is none of these things.

This new agenda will open access to children, sex positivity, and

normalizing the sexualization of children.

This is where Drag Show Story Time comes in. Men with garish makeup,

scantily dressed, simulating sex moves in front of children. Having young

children listen to books being read aloud designed to confuse children

about their bodies, normalize sexual language, and desensitize them to adult behaviour is grooming.

First, it was reading books to kids, but that was not queer enough so it

moved to perform sexual drag shows for kids at libraries and schools,

but that was not boundary-breaking enough - now it's let's teach the young boys and girls to spackle on makeup, wear barely-there clothing and dance for the US - the adults - for money. Yes, let's have them split their legs apart, shake their bottoms, and shimmy their chests, while we place money in their


But that is not queer enough, let's remove all safeguards about sex with

children - as the United Nations just stated in March. So long as the child

consents, sex with them is fine.

So, I ask you - is this transgender movement about human rights? No -

It's about pedophilic's rights, fetish's rights and depravity. It's about

robbing children of their innocence and profiting from their bodies.

Every lesbian and gay man, parent and grandparent, woman and man

should be standing up and saying no. Keep your hands of the children andvulnerable adults who are being used to feed the machine. NO ONE HASTHE RIGHT TO HARM A CHILD - NOT THE PARENTS, NOT THE




"With respect to the enforcement of criminal law, any prescribed minimum age of consent to sex must be applied in a non-discriminatory manner. Enforcement may not be linked to the sex/gender of participants or age of consent to marriage. Moreover, sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law. In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under

18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them. Pursuant to their evolving capacities and progressive autonomy, persons under 18 years of age should participate in decisions affecting them, with due regard to their age, maturity and best interests, and with specific attention to non-discrimination guarantees.


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09 de jun. de 2023

Why isn't Scott giving speeches at football stadiums? We all have been waiting for Scott. Why isn't Scott everywhere? We need, all of us need to hear, more, see more Scott! Matt's great but nothing special about Matt, Scott is the star, Scott is a messiah, Scott was born to save our children!


08 de jun. de 2023

Grifter says what. The truth is coming out


Iris E
Iris E
06 de jun. de 2023

So proud of you! 😍


Iris E
Iris E
06 de jun. de 2023

You were on Piers Morgan!


05 de jun. de 2023

I am all for this. I have noticed a few grammatical errors on the page and I think those take away from the legitimacy of the message. I'd be happy to edit it for you or I suggest when you have 20 minutes, read it top to bottom and you will notice them. The first is the misuse of an apostrophe in the second paragraph (it should just say 'transgender adults'). I want to help! So if you'd like me to do a quick edit, I am happy to do so free of charge. Just polishes up the site a bit ya know? Hands off the kids all the way!


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