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C-6 Senators

Finally Happened! A Child Dies (Killed) 1 Media Outlet Publishes - London Events - Events SCREAMING!

Also, GBNews Debate Sunday - Ireland Speech coming. I will post an article in leading media in the UK and three other news media events soon! A tornado is coming to the UK!

FYI, this is almost 100% funded by donations! I will receive $250 for a speech, and that's it! If my voice matters and wants me to continue, please donate! I am straight to the point about everything!

I have turned down 'Let Women Speak' requests...I am sorry, I work with everyone but KJK; she talked about my children, which is a line; I am sorry, but she is the only HARD no for me. FYI...Feminists are always welcome; everyone is welcome, just not KJK. She owes me an apology! PERIOD!


Trans teen died from vaginoplasty complications during landmark Dutch study used to justify child sex changes

Major complications began within just 24 hours of the surgery.


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Not playing here marketing works. I have these at cost $11.50 Only have day left to order for London Rally 29th 10am Shop

 April 29th Turning Point & TReVoices Merge Forces in London Find out more  

Find Out More Parliament?


I have been working with politicians for five years to ban childhood medical transition. The first quarter of the year for the last five years has been hell for my family and me. Raising three teenagers, having a full-time job and being at the beck and call of politicians is a tremendous weight. Not to mention that I have NEVER said NO to any parent that has ever reached out to me for help, NEVER! Oh, I almost forgot, still fighting reoccurring infections that knock me flat both physically and emotionally;

not feeling well is all the time is soul-sucking!.... Lord, I forgot about helping journalists research and network...I don't doubt that people would be shocked by my effort to save these kids! It would astonish you, I guarantee. If you dig into this debate, you will see talk tracks I have created and coached politicians on, how to spin this debate out of the idea that this is about human rights, more importantly, not gay rights! I get emails saying, "I saw so and so, and they said this." It's an honor to aid with something so sinister happening to kids for the sake of a dollar. I feel fortunate. Also, it's mind-boggling how my whole career has equipped me to do what I am now doing.

Puberty Blockers Are Not Reversible Link

Facts About Childhood Medical Transition ------------------------------------------------------------------- Decreased life expectancy - Link Premature death from heart attacks - Link Sudden death from pulmonary embolisms - Link Bone damage - Link Possible liver damage - Link Brain development stunted during hormone blockers - Link

12 complications of transing kids More than doubles - New Study Debunked Link

When 2023 clicked over, I was in a place of weariness, and the thought of doing all of this work, being pulled in millions of directions again, was too much, so I had a decision: Do I NOT help to exhaustion again or ask for help to sustain my family while I help with these bills? I have received aid focusing on these bills; and took a 60-day sabbatical from work: Thank you! Now? I am a Tasmanian devil twirling up skirts everywhere I go. In prior years I was running at 25% to maximum speed. Right now, I am on 100% 24/7, and let s say lots of dresses are being twirled up. Thank you for your belief in me; this has been hard. Working on these bills does not warrant a paycheck; sometimes travel is a pain, and sometimes it's not, but I believe in what I am doing 1000%. Take a look at what running on a hundred per cent yields! Until 2023, only one bill has ever passed banning childhood medical transition: ARKANSAS, run by the powerhouse politician Robin Lunstrum. Robin is one of three politicians that I truly admire. I'll let you guess on the other two ;) Before 2023, there was one bill. Now? Eleven bills, eleven states have passed bills to BAN childhood medical transition! I have 9 days left on my sabbatical from work and 6 more state bills and people wanting me to help all over the world. I will do so 100% as long as I am able to. If you feel my voice is crucial, matters and yields more at100%, help me continue to do so and consider a donation today! Future of Child Transgender Surgeries to Be Decided in Pivotal Trial! 39 states take sides in challenge of Arkansas ban on transgender treatments of minors.  LinkDocumentary halting ALL Med-Transing Kids Translated US Parents Link

11 - State Bills Passed Banning Childhood Medical Transition ---------------

------------------------------------------------------ Last Year: Zero The Year Before: One

Arkansas SB 199 Passed into Law Georgia SB 140 Passed into Law Idaho HB 71 Passed into Law Indiana SB 480 Passed into Law

Iowa SF 538 Passed into Law Kentucky SB 150 Passed into Law Mississippi HB 1733 Passed into Law South Dakota HB 1080 Passed into Law Tennessee SB 1 Passed into Law Utah SB 16 Passed into Law West Virginia HB 2007

Click on the blue bill numbers for direct links to the exact bill.

How Activist Teachers Recruit Kids - Link

Interested in volunteering with a state bill? Please Email: In Subject: State Bill Volunteer

Arizona SB 1702

Advancing Florida SB 254 Advancing Hawaii HB 891 Advancing Kansas

HB 2263 Advancing Louisiana HB 463 Advancing Montana SB 99

Advancing Nebraska LB 574 Advancing

New Hampshire HB 417

Advancing North Dakota HB 1254 Advancing Ohio HB 68 Advancing North Dakota HB 2177 Advancing Oregon SB 452

Advancing Pennsylvania HB 138 Advancing South Carolina

S. 627 Advancing Texas HB 4754 Advancing West Virginia HB 3097 Advancing


Bills Defeated!

Virginia, Wyoming & New Hampshire

Three states have enacted bills to become sanctuary states. This will become a monumental legal war for circumstances like a divorced family, one against transition, one for...Flee to the refuge state, and viola, INSTANT medicalization of gender-confused children! California - Minnesota & Now New Hampshire

Minnesota will soon become “sanctuary state” for people fleeing trans healthcare bans “Families who have fled are already here, and many more are planning to come,” the state's only out trans lawmaker said. Link California Becomes First Sanctuary State for Transgender Youth Seeking Medical Care Democratic lawmakers across the country have committed to passing state refuge legislation similar to a bill proposed Link Ban on gender-affirming care comes before N.H. lawmakers today. Health providers warn of 'catastrophic' impact on youth Link

'Ask Scott'

1st Edition - 'Scott, is my son just gay?" 2nd Edition - "Scott, who am I? What am I? I am so lost after medical transition, please help me?"

School Personnel are not Qualified to Diagnose/treat my Child for GD Especially Without my Consent or Knowledge- But they are-link

The second edition is a MUST READ for any parents agreeing with their child to medical appease.


Parenting is a verb; you must fight to save your child. If not, read this. This blog post is heart breaking!

Do you have a question for Scott about transgenderism or the transing children debate? It's hard to find anyone who comprehends the studies from emotional, physical and biochemistry viewpoints, has experienced the validity of medical transition, and is a parent on the other side of transition.

 Do you have 30 minutes? Would like to understand the emotional toll these young adults face that were medically transitioned as children, how alone they are, and how NOT ok they are. Read this, but you need to know that once you read this? You cannot unread; you cannot unknow, and you will be obligated to STOP the biggest medical scandal in modern history. Read  Ask Scott! A fifty-year-old transman with three teenagers and the realities of what medical transition does and does not do. Very little truth in the medicalization of children's arena. Here you will hear the truth. Have a question for SCOTT? Email today: #ASKSCOTT #TReVoices #ScottNewgent #SCREAMLouderRead

The BIGGEST IMPACT Who knew? 5 million View Without the mainstream Media! Retweet Speech  Yet, in mainstream media? Crickets?

Accept this broadcast journalist who made fun of me on Twitter and had the audacity to tag me. Is this what we have become? Does the mean girl stage last into women's 50s? Brittany Bailey - Bio A mean girl. Is this, ok? I have reached out to her channel without receiving any communication, not a "Hi" or "Sorry this happened!"  Bio

Epoch Times Article "Tide May Be Turning For Minors, Crusaders Say" -------- This article was picked to be published in the Epoch Insight Print Magazine by Janice Hisle

STOP Transing Gay & Lesbian YouthLink

TReVoices YouTube SCREAMING . . . . . . . . Louder


Unfortunately, there is not much truthful information concerning childhood medical transition. I have devoted my life to S

TOPPING this most significant medical scandal in modern history. Subscribe and be the KNOW about transing issues!

Transgenderism is plastic surgery- Doesn't Cure Anything

Tide May Be Turning in Battle to Halt Gender-Transition Procedures on Minors, Crusaders Say Focus shifts to proposed law in Missouri amid investigations of whistleblower's claims! Scott Newgent is finally sensing a shift in the war against medical gender-transitioning of children in America.

About 4 1/2 years ago, Newgent became one of the nation’s first transsexuals to voice strong opposition to gender-changing surgeries and drugs for minors. Newgent, a 50-year-old mother of three, nearly died after a 2017 gender-reassignment surgery. Link

Transgenderism is plastic surgery- Doesn't Cure Anything

Missouri WOW! - Passed & Signed Into Law This One Hits My Right In The Heart Heart Swelling

Missouri hits me right in the heart. I have been working with Missouri for over two years un

successfully. I shoot from the heart and with radical truth, so here it is, Senator Moon - I love him, and I had told him and his team many times, "Moon, I don't think you could do any better at Fu&$in% up this bill if you got a PhD from Oxford! in "How NOT to pass bills to BAN horrid procedures on children!" <--Did I say I love Moon? I do, a from-the-heart guy, genuine. With the 'Whistle Blower' at the St Louis Gender Clinic, they thought they had it in the bag. They did not, and I told them so and it's why I pushed to get kicked out of the courtroom when I challenged 'Mr. Gay Senator' because I knew the tactics here would not render a passing bill. So, I thought, I'll give it a go; let's see if I can get into mainstream media by challenging 'Mr. Gay Senator' <----Senator Razor. Senator Razor seems to rely on the fact that he is homosexual and does nothing above and beyond; when he is backed into a corner, he cries, "I'm a gay man!"

Before I gave testimony, what you don't see in this video is Senator Razor, AKA 'Mr. Gay Senator' ripping Senator Moon to pieces about not understanding how Senator Razor would have been six feet under if homosexuality was not accepted, how these kids know who they are.

Osteoporosis and Bone Health in Transgender DEEP Dive - Link

I am double-quoted on the rainbow. You don't see me crying out loud every two seconds; I'm a biological woman attracted to women...Woe is me! It's not fair... "Tito, could you give me a tissue?" GET A GRIP, PEOPLE!

7 Studies That said transing kids was a miracle cure-All 7 have been retracted & or modified; LinkTReVoices YouTube SCREAMING . . . . . . . . Louder

It's About Money HoneY! - See For Yourself LinkSomehow children knew they were born in the wrong body...It was thick, my friends thick, but what got to me? It was how Senator Razor would not even let Senator Moon talk and treated him with no dignity or respect...YET SCREAMING for all the grace and dignity in the world for him, 'Mr. Gay Senator' , is hypocritical and that is WORST human condition and should always be nipped. So I let Senator Razor, AKA 'Mr. Gay Senator' have it right back! The following day I said to Senator Moon's team, "When this bill goes south, and it will....reach out," and they did. We put together a rally that included the ENTIRE rainbow of people, all people, gay, straight, trans, religious, conservative, liberal, and people who were high fiving after the speeches.

The following day I said to Senator Moon's team, "When this bill goes south, and it will....reach out," and they did. We put together a rally that included the ENTIRE rainbow of people, all people, gay, straight, trans, religious, conservative, liberal, and people who were high fiving after the speeches. I want you to imagine the most evangelical woman in your mind,

passionate, faith-filled, genuine heart, loving, trying to do the right thing, mom that has never been around gays/trans in her life. Now imagine this woman, with an open heart putting together a rally with me, trans/lesbian, gays against groomers; it was hilarious, but wow, what a woman to take that on, right?

And...Boy, did she! One afternoon I didn't know an answer to something Jodi asked, and I said, "Let's call Mario from gays against groomers, Jodi; he's great wears stiletto heels into school board meetings yelling at people to get the LGBTQ out of schools!" Jodi cleared her throat, "Oh, Ok, let's call Mario!" Ring Ring

Lupron (Puberty Blockers) Depot falls into category X Link If this drug is used during

pregnancy, or if you become pregnant while taking the drug, be aware of the potential risk to the unborn child.

Mario answers, but we can hardly hear him because people were yelling in the background, "Hey, Scott, what's up?" Mario asks. I proceed to say, "Mario, where are you, are you at a protest of some kind?" Now remember, we have Jodi on the line, the evangelical who has never genuinely spoken to a gay person, just filled with all the stereotypes of who we are. I kid you NOT, Mario says, "Oh, I am at a protest against planned parenthood, trying to STOP abortion with my religious straight buddies!" I asked the question, and Mario answered and hung up.

"Well, now,

Jodi, never thought you would call a gay man at a protest with other evangelicals trying to STOP abortion, right?" Regardless of your belief in abortion, try and look at the complex situation, the many stereotypes of people shattered in one three-way call. The point I want you to take is who you think people are and who they are, more often than not, are the same. We must invest time in relationships and go beyond our beliefs. Jodi did that and made no mistakes if this rally went terribly wrong. It would look bad for one person and one person alone, JODI! But she did it anyway! True hero! Jodi Grace Blog

The truth is that we are medically transitioning children for money Period! Drop the mic nothing more to be said or argued...To STOP this? We have to be united, and I have been saying this for five years, and to watch this unfold was moving. So much so that when they announced my name to speak, I took the stage in tears, thanking the gays, lesbians and trans there who said before me, declaring that I wasn't alone anymore! As if in a movie, ANTIFA came out of nowhere to rush the stage while I was crying and thanking the rainbow for coming forward to fight and do what's right for kids.

The New LGBTQ+ Grooming your kids? You Betcha - see for yourself - link

I noticed Antifa and, for some reason, decided to thank them for coming, welcomed them and asked others to do the same. I stated something about our country being founded on freedom of speech and ask

ed if their leader wanted to speak, we would make time between the senators. "Fall out" was heard on the walkie-talkies, and ANTIFA left for the rest of the day Something happened on that day in Missouri. If you had followed me that day, you would have heard me take Jodi aside halfway through the rally, sayings: "This isn't working; I don't believe the politicians, I hear them saying all the right things, but I don't feel it; this isn't going to pass." I fluffed it off on the fact that these politicians were fake, but the reality was that as much as they wanted to believe what they were saying, there was something missing. They didn't 100% bel

ieve what they were saying. Riding the idea that medically transitioning children on gay and lesbian rights is a long and hard battle already won. The countless heartbreak stories about homosexuality and not being accepted are still f

resh in everyone's brain. Even though these politicians wanted to believe what they were saying about the medicalization of gender-confused kids, they didn't believe what they were saying 100%. How can you convince anyone of anything that you don't believe 100% yourself!

Missouri Chapter Leader - Gays Against Groomers Chris Barrett Bio & Contact Once the gays/lesbians and trans spoke? After they watched a gay man Chris Barrett give a speech, watching him quiver, how frightened he was, but he did it, and every word he spoke at the podium strengthened him, almost as if we saw a significant speaker evolving right before us. A transman follows, a transwoman after, and another homosexual, all

imploring these politicians to save these kids that "No one is born trans, you create it," one after another, these politicians learned we gained nothing but mockery to be there, be there because we knew transing kids was wrong! We were doing what was right to do the honorable thing, and it was felt! After this Rally? The Missouri politicians developed a relentless determination, and you can notice it if you follow the news; these politicians in Missouri were injected with what all politicians need...The facts without the uneasiness of any part of it being wrong. Because let's face it, "Better an Alive daughter than a dead son" is a powerhouse assertion, and no human being on the face of the earth wants to be responsible for this. On that day? These Missouri politicians gained a determination that only comes from noting you are right 100%, and this is what is needed for all leaders worldwide to feel. I have so many stories like this, and I will get to them, but let's move on to other exciting things coming. I will not discuss what states I am still working on and when; due to the violence, I have been instructed it's best not to announce when and where the rest of the states are conducting hearings. But understand the battle is immense, and the donations people are giving to this time? I am giving 100% 24/7 .... I have never worked harder in my life! I am honored that people believe in me at a time when I thought so little of myself.

....Thank you for

your belief in me!

Latest Blogs - Speeches - Bills & What These Kids Are Really Like Entering Adulthood!

 UPDATE on Transgender Violence - Tour USA/UK & Guest Post by Journalist Iris El Link  5 million views-Mainstream Media= 1 Made Fun of Me-Why Behind the Video-Violence-Death Threats Link  Ok. Enough is Enough. People Are Now Being Killed! Link  Evangelicals, LGBT, feminists, right, left come together for a historical RALLY to STOP Transing Kid. Link

2023 UNCUT Tour

We are up against pharma, billions and billions of dollars & a society that believes transing kids is bout human rights. Love and tolerance! Donate Today

 Nebraska - Started this post 3 weeks ago & much has changed SCREAMING Louder-UNCUT 2023 Tour Watch  A Baptist Minister & A Transman/Lesbian. Who's The Bigot! Both! .....OHIO.... On the road again Watch

Violence - World Wide & The Mainstream Media Is Not Covering IT!

Shock move after anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull attacked during her own women’s rallying anti-transgender campaigner has been attacked at one of her rallies, saying she thought her

children ‘would lose their mother.’ Link Nashville school shooter fired 152 rounds during the attack, which was planned ‘over a period of months,’ police ladykilling six, three children aged nine & three adults. Link Transgender’ man brutally murders Portland taxi driver on Easter Sunday A video of the incident reportedly shows 30-year-old Moses Lopez getting into a cab with ‘a tiara and women’s clothing’ before stabbing his cab driver to death. Link <---This was not covered in mainstream media until a twitter influencer found it! WATCH: Left-Wing Protesters Storm TN Capitol, Insurrection Reaches the Legislative Chamber

Link Transsexual activist accused of butchering a Portland taxi driver on Easter Sunday A 30-year-old male transsexual has been charged with fatally stabbing a taxi driver in Portland on Easter Sunday. The Orego

nian reported that the victim was a longtime driver with Radio Cab. Link ‘Billboard Chris’ assaulted in Vancouver by angry trans activists; police officer says he was ‘inciting violence’ with his speech The investigating officer for the incident claimed that Chris had "incited violence" by screaming at activists, and that the assault was a "mutual fight." Link Conservative Matt Walsh cancels college talk after ‘threats’ amid Nashville shooting Link I was assaulted by a transgender mob and this is what I plan to do next As a former All-American swimmer, I know women’s sports are under threat from the transgender mob

Link Transgender teacher is removed from school after threatening to 'shoot some students' days after seeing social media posts discussing her sexual orientation: Police remove three firearms and ammunition

from her home Transgender Teacher Fired After Allegedly Threatening to Shoot Students Link Yet the reality is that in the last five weeks? Nine incidents of transgender people attacking and killing people, and Twitter influencers must find, i

nvestigate and report these attacks that the mainstream media either ignores entirely or modify articles and remove 'Transgender Identity' but only if it looks terrible on trans.

 Counter Culture airs on Wednesdays from 10 am to 1 pm. This is a show that takes a look at Critical Social Justice, colloquially known as ‘woke' ideology and how it applies to an everyday context.

Transman Scott Newgent on Propaganda & Protecting Our Children Watch  Woman who ‘transitioned’ at 42 calls transgenderism an ‘epidemic’ targeting vulnerable children Jonathan was one of the first people I spoke to that comprehended the emotional toll it takes for trans people to come forward & admit what they did; they were wrong & don't permit kids to be as ridiculous as them. Jonathan was the first to acknowledge that. I applaud that compassion. WatchWatch  Woman who ‘transitioned’ at 42 calls transgenderism an ‘epidemic’ targeting vulnerable children

Jonathan was one of the first people I spoke to that comprehended the emotional toll it takes for trans people to come forward & admit what they did; they were wrong & don't permit kids to be as ridiculous as them. Jonathan was the first to acknowledge that. I applaud that compassion. Watch

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So much love and respect for you Scott/Kelly. Stay strong. Keep spreading your message.

Please please please bring your message to Canada our country and our kids are without a doubt drinking this KoolAid in its entirety. We need you.


Scott Newgent

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