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C-6 Senators

Evangelicals, LGBT, feminists, right, left come together for a historical RALLY to STOP Transing Kid

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

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Missouri Kids FIRST Rally - RSVP

The Missouri Senate has an opportunity to pass a STRONG ban on puberty blockers, hormones & gender transition surgeries for children under 18, but they haven't.

In fact, they've had the past 2-3 years to pass it. And still, they are stalling & negotiating with Washington University - the very source of the problem here in Missouri. Our goal with this rally and filibuster watch is to push them to prioritize our kids and pass STRONG legislation that will stand up in court when it's challenged.

Event details below. RSVP here. We'll keep you updated with any last minute changes.

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I feel an oblication to Help people that are trodden down !!! Like you !!! Because iwe Been through Horrible things !!! I have to say this : its all becousöuse of Jesus , I owe him my LIFE, Logically i Should Be DEAD , i have seen Him Helping me Over and Over again for a looong time, He is Amaizing , i Love You Scott !!!


Thank You Scott im learning to navigate in here :)


Thank you for being the voice for those that have none, Scott!


Scott Newgent

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