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'Do No Harm Rally' Anaheim, CA - A Message From Scott Newgent About Conduct & Latest News

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If you have followed me for a while, you know I am passionate, loud and in your face with the medically transitioning children debate, but this is NOT the person I will be on Saturday, and I ask that you do the same!

I will only be speaking in my live stream speech; I will not speak to protestors, news or anyone else aggressively. I will NOT become violent; I will not raise my hand or voice even if physically attacked. If I am attached, I will allow it, never to raise a hand and take the blows; I will do this for children because we need to rise above; our children of the world deserve us to adult better. I will lie there and take whatever is given verbally and physically; I ask that you do the same. I will not curse, I will not get angry, I will not do any other this! I ask that you do the same! There is a time and place for things, and this time and place calls for calm, rational silence only to speak when I am scheduled for my live stream presentation.

If you are coming to support TReVoices or me and act out of this character, I will ask you to leave! I'm serious; here, people, act accordingly!

See You Saturday

-Scott Newgent

PS - If you think I am not terrified? Think again!


Official Email Of Conduct From Erin Friday: The Bad Ass California Mom Who Put This Together!

We are hours away from what will be the largest Rally against the medicalization of children and young adults. We are pleased that many different groups are coming together to help educate the doctors. This is how we get it done.

I have attached the Rally Rules and Schedule again. Please review and abide by them.


Random Protestors - The Anaheim police just informed me that a group of Anti-circumcision protestors will be coming. They tend towards violence. Stay away from them. They wear pants with blood stains on their crotches. I had contacted the usual anti-circumcision suspects, and they said they were not coming. So they may or may not come. But steer clear of them if they show up. Not our issue.

Specific Protestors to Our Message - There are also known agitators coming to counter us. They are prone to physical assaults when provoked. Their purpose is to disrupt us. Precious child is a known TRA.

If you are not comfortable, stay in the conference room. If you are prone to reactionary behaviour, volunteer to distribute materials or remain in the conference room and help there. We need the coolest heads on the sign line.


If any group gets disruptive to the point of violence - ANY VIOLENCE - PUSHING, SHOVING, STEALING OUR SIGNS, ETC. the police could deem the event as an UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY FOR ALL OF THE GROUPS. If we are calm, we may be able to stay assembled and other groups sent away.

However, even if our group is not causing the disruption, the police may require us to leave – under the claim that they cannot control the situation and they need to keep us safe. Whether they have a legal basis for standing on won't matter in the moment. We will be broken up and MUST leave the streets.


DO NOT ARGUE WITH THE POLICE EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT. IT IS NOT HELPFUL. WE NEED THEM ON OUR SIDE. Its not just about our Rally - it's about being able to educate doctors.


We expect a rambunctious and potentially violent crowd countering us. We are not there to change their minds or even interact with them.

We will follow the strategy of standing in silence and letting our signs be our messages. It is no fun for counter-protestors to have a boring adversary. They will shout at us and try to rile us up. We will not engage. They will call us names, let that roll off. Their mission is to make us react. Don't give them that.

Our audiences are the doctors and press. Act as if a camera and recording your words at all times.

The medical societies just requested that the DOJ investigate the press for "misinformation" about transgender interventions on minors. They are dying to call us a hate-group, a homophobic group, a religious zealot group, terrorists etc. Do nothing to give them any basis for those names. One bible quote, one patriarchal comment, one slur, one wrong fact, one statement about adults (over 25) and trans medicine will give the left the ability to recast the event as a TERF, a conservative, homophobic, terrorist event.

Do not curse, no use of derogatory language. No yelling. Calm people always prevail. If you find yourself ready to burst, grab a crew, and take off for a bit. Don't be the one that shuts down our Rally.

One mistake on our end, and we have failed in our mission.


IF DOCTORS APPROACH YOU AND YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT RESOLUTION 27 SEND THEM TO SOMEONE WHO DOES. Or state that you want the AAP to re-evaluate its position on transgender interventions for child and young adults given that the Europe has all but stopped medicalization and the number of those that regret their interventions is exploding.

You can also send them to someone with the materials or a press liaison.


You get pushed, don't push back. Police don't care who started it. Blow your whistle. Fall down.

Witnessing another being pushed, don't intervene - blow your whistle and film it.

Never walk alone - Come to Rally in groups or put your purple shirt on when you arrive.

Be aware of surroundings. The counter protestors are easy to spot.

If they steal your sign, don't give chase. Find a police officer.

Getting too agitated, cannot hold your tongue - walk away (with a couple buddies)

Be grossly polite. Haters hate kindness.




Latest News

Doctor Groups Push DOJ to Probe ‘Disinformation’ on Meds, Surgeries for Trans-Identifying Youths

Three influential American medical groups are urging the U.S. Department of Justice to “investigate and prosecute all organizations, individuals, and entities” that share information deemed to be false about transgender medical treatments for minors.

The Oct. 3 letter, sent to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, represents the latest salvo in a fierce national debate.

In the letter, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Medical Association, and the Children’s Hospital Association are insisting that “disinformation” must be blocked and people who spread it should be prosecuted, adding that their words foment threats, intimidation, and violence against medical professionals.

Detractors interpret the letter as an attempt to squelch opposition to the lucrative medical procedures and to shift the focus away from rising concerns over the safety, effectiveness, and ethics of such interventions. They note the letter comes just days in advance of the AAP’s convention in Anaheim, California, where critics of the treatments plan a “First Do No Harm” unity rally on Oct. 8.

Won’t Be Silenced

In response to the letter, Scott Newgent, a biological woman who deeply regrets medically transitioning to appear male at age 42 after giving birth to two children, said in a text to The Epoch Times: “This was made to silence me and others like me.”

Newgent refuses to stop his advocacy, saying that he, too, has been subjected to threats for vociferously opposing medical gender transition for minors. Newgent’s medical transition inflicted lifelong complications and he is passionate about “saving kids” from similar consequences. Newgent’s advocacy group,, declares: “Medical transition is no place for a child!”

Newgent plans to participate in the Anaheim protest this weekend and in “The Rally to End Child Mutilation,” set for Oct. 21 at the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville. There, lawmakers have been expressing dismay over a Vanderbilt University Medical Center video that surfaced in which a doctor described transgender surgery as a “big moneymaker.” Conservative commentator Matt Walsh was first to draw attention to the video.

Feud Over ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

People on both sides of the debate agree on one thing: Increasing numbers of young people are being diagnosed with “gender dysphoria,” a strong, persistent conflict between a person’s biological sex and self-perception of gender. The trend’s origins and the best ways to help young sufferers are hotly contested, along with virtually every other facet of this topic.

Opponents accuse “gender-affirming” proponents of fast-tracking minors along a course of puberty-blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones, and body-altering surgery, denouncing the process as “child abuse.” Supporters call the procedures “medically necessary” for the patients’ overall wellbeing.

Some supporters of the “gender-affirming” model opine that questioning minors’ uncertainty about their gender smacks of “conversion therapy,” a process that aims to switch someone’s same-sex attraction to that of the opposite sex.

People like Newgent counter that many youths who “transition” are actually same-sex-attracted, rather than transgender. A number of gay-rights advocacy groups oppose the “gender-affirming” treatments.

Lawmakers nationwide are responding to public outcry over the procedures in various ways. Last week, California became a “sanctuary state,” welcoming people to travel there from states that have banned or restricted the treatments for minors. On Oct. 17, a battle over the nation’s first law banning the procedures for minors goes to trial in an Arkansas federal court.

Medical Groups Allege ‘Campaign of Disinformation’

Proponents of the “gender-affirming care” model include the trio of groups that wrote to Garland urging “swift action” against a rising tide of “coordinated attacks” against medical professionals who provide the controversial medical interventions.

Some medical professionals and patients involved with other types of medical care have been caught in the crossfire, the groups say. “In one hospital, a new mother was prevented from being with her preterm infant,” the groups’ letter said, because the neonatal intensive care unit allowed no one in or out due to a bomb threat.

In addition, people who work at medical centers have been subjected to harassing social media messages, telephone calls, and protests, the letter said, alleging that “the attacks are rooted in an intentional campaign of disinformation, where a few high-profile users on social media share false and misleading information,” fomenting threats and violence.

Besides seeking intervention from the Department of Justice, the medical groups are also marshaling “Twitter, TikTok and Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram … to take bolder action when false information is shared about specific institutions and physicians,” an AAP news release said.

Because of the threats, medical professionals now are fearful of providing “evidence-based, gender-affirming health care” for children, the letters state.

Attempts to Electronically Muzzle Opponents Failing, Activist Says

In social media posts reacting to the letter, a number of ordinary citizens expressed concern about the groups’ apparent attempt to censor and persecute opponents. They also denounced violence but supported opponents’ rights to express concerns over the medical procedures. Some questioned the authenticity of the letter, noting it didn’t appear on the group’s official letterhead and bore no signatures—just three typewritten names of the organizations. However, the letter was posted on the American Academy of Pediatrics’ website, accompanied by a news release that quoted leaders of all three groups.

In a text to The Epoch Times, Newgent, who calls himself a “transman,” said Big Tech has repeatedly censored his messages on social media; the same thing has happened to others who share his views. Newgent noted that, within hours of the letter being sent to Garland, all of his media accounts came up with warnings. He sent The Epoch Times a screenshot of a “critical security alert” on his email account.

Despite apparent attempts to electronically muzzle those messages, Newgent thinks that cries for level-headed, non-medical solutions for gender-dysphoric teens have grown louder.

“People are listening … Shadow bans on social media did not stop me,” Newgent texted. “It keeps getting bigger because I’m right.” He said the truth about medical transitioning for children has been withheld from parents, and that many parents are pressured and misled into providing consent.

Logos of U.S. online news and social networking service Twitter displayed on computers’ screens on Nov. 20, 2017. (Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images)

Do 270,000 Professionals Agree?

Although the three associations that sent the letter to Garland say they represent a total of 270,000 U.S. medical professionals, the groups’ leaders do not necessarily speak for the rank-and-file. Group members who doubt or question the “gender-affirming” model often remain silent due to fear that dissenting would kill their careers, whistleblowers have said.

Advocates for the treatments assert they are “life-saving,” because gender-dysphoric young people often threaten or attempt suicide. But transgender adults also have high suicide rates, even after undergoing the procedures.

Critics of the procedures also say there are no long-term, robust studies convincing them that the treatments do more good than harm for young people. Supporters accuse those people of ignoring recent findings suggesting that the procedures improve the suffering teens’ mental health and happiness.

Alejandra Caraballo, a trans-rights supporter with nearly 50,000 followers on Twitter, cited outcry over a recent grant for a study and wrote on Twitter: “It’s never enough for them. They say gender-affirming care doesn’t have enough evidence or studies. When doctors conduct studies, they say it’s activism. It’s not in good faith, they simply just don’t want trans people to exist.”

Matt Walsh, a podcaster and columnist who featured Newgent’s story of regret in his documentary earlier this year, “What is a Woman?” reacted to the doctors’ letter in a tweet to his 1 million followers: “Some of the biggest and most powerful medical organizations in the country are now calling on the federal government to prosecute and imprison those of us who criticize their medical practices. We are entering a very dark time. I’m ready.”

In the AAP news release, Children’s Hospital Association President Amy Wimpey Knight called for a return to “civil dialogue” amid the emotionally charged debate.


Williams Institute Announces New Rise In Numbers of 13-17 year old's in the US identifying as transgender

2017 - 98,000 - Williams Institute 4 BILLION -Puberty Blocker Revenue In 1 year

2021 - 200,00 - Williams Institute 9 BILLION -Puberty Blocker Revenue In 1 year

2022- 300,00 - Williams Institute 13 BILLION -Puberty Blocker Revenue In 1 year

One year for 300,000 kids on puberty blockers = 13 BILLION and that's not office visits, cross sex hormones or surgery!

Cost for puberty blockers average - Adult $44,000 a year

Cost for puberty blockers average - children $46,000 a year

8 Times More Expensive when prescribed to children

Causes With Studies Attached:

  1. Decreased life expectancy

  2. Premature death from heart attacks

  3. Premature death from pulmonary embolisms

  4. Bone damage

  5. Possible liver damage

  6. Increased mental-health complications

  7. Increases chances of mood-syndrome symptoms

  8. Increased suicide rates than the non-trans population

  9. 12% higher chance than no trans population to develop symptoms of psychosis

  10. Brain development stunted during hormone blockers

  11. Reduced chance for lifelong sexual pleasure

  12. Probably does not even improve mental health outcomes

Studies that said it was beneficial that have been retracted:

  1. Sweden's Karolinska Ends All Use of Puberty Blockers and Cross-Sex Hormones for Minors Outside of Clinical Studies

  2. Correction to Bränström and Pachankis

  3. Summary of Key Recommendations from the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen/NBHW)

  4. The Trans Train

  5. New Systematic Reviews of Puberty Blockers and Cross-Sex Hormones Published by NICE

  6. Adolescents referred to the GIDS differ in many other ways from their peers of the same age: they are more likely to suffer from depression and to be on the autism spectrum, for example. These conditions increase the risk of suicide

  7. One Year Since Finland Broke with WPATH "Standards of Care"

  8. The Cass Review has submitted an interim report to NHS England, which sets out our work to date, what has been learnt so far and the approach going forward. The report does not set out final recommendations at this stage.

  9. Suicidality in clinic-referred transgender adolescents

  10. Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in Sweden

Re-cap - It doesn't cure anything, causes more mental illness & destroys health, so why are we doing it? - Because of lazy activism


The longer you stay within the rhetoric of left/right religious/atheist, them bad/ me good - Great business model to make yourself feel better, but terrible for society- Adult Better - Grab My Hand.

Keeping this a human rights issue ensures more children are butchered faster - Do you want to HELP?

Grab my hand and everyone else's hand; we can fight later. Still, today we need to ADULT BETTER all of us - Together - When we come together, we remove the bigot word - When you do that, you see facts and the facts tell us it's NUT to medically transitioning children.

I guess Perez Saying, 'only a couple thousand,' is the misinformation!

New estimates show 300,000 youth ages 13-17 identify as transgender in the US


Approximately 1.6 million people ages 13 and older—0.6% of the population—identify as transgender in the United States, according to new estimates from the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law. This includes 1.4% of youth ages 13-17 (about 300,000 youth) and 0.5% of adults (about 1.3 million adults).

Transgender individuals are younger on average than the general U.S. population. Nearly one in five people who identify as transgender (18%) are ages 13-17, compared to less than one in ten (8%) who are ages 13-17 in the general U.S. population.

Using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBS), and advanced statistical modeling, researchers estimated the population of adults and youth who identify as transgender nationally and in each of the 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. They also provide estimates regarding gender, age, and race/ethnicity.

This report updates previous Williams Institute estimates of the transgender population released in 2016 and 2017. Results show that the percentage and number of adults who identify as transgender in the U.S. has remained steady over time. With the availability of better data, our estimate of the number of youth who identify as transgender has doubled from our previous estimate.

“Advances in gender identity data collection over the past five years have provided a more accurate picture of youth in the U.S. who identify as transgender. Previously, we could only estimate that based on adult data,” said lead author Jody L. Herman, Senior Scholar of Public Policy at the Williams Institute. “These new estimates show us that current policy debates regarding access to gender-affirming care and the ability to participate in team sports likely impact more youth than we previously thought.”

Additional Findings

  • Of the 1.3 million adults in the U.S. who identify as transgender, 38.5% (515,200) are transgender women, 35.9% (480,000) are transgender men, and 25.6% (341,800) reported they are gender non-conforming.

  • Transgender individuals are younger on average than the U.S. population. Youth ages 13 to 17 are significantly more likely to identify as transgender (1.4%) than adults ages 65 or older (0.3%).

  • Adults and youth who identify as transgender in the U.S. reside in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Regionally,

  • 253,800 adults and 61,700 youth identify as transgender in the Northeast

  • 328,500 adults and 81,700 youth identify as transgender in the West

  • 523,600 adults and 102,200 youth identify as transgender in the South

  • 231,200 adults and 54,500 youth identify as transgender in the Midwest

  • At the state level, estimates range from 0.9% of adults who identify as transgender in North Carolina to 0.2% in Missouri. Among youth, estimates range from 3.0% who identify as transgender in New York to 0.6% in Wyoming.

  • At the national level, racial and ethnic distribution of adults and youth appear similar to the racial/ethnic distribution of the U.S. population. This study provides the first-ever population estimates of Asian and American Indian/Alaska Native adults and youth who identify as transgender.

  • White: 5% (731,200) of adults and 1.3% (138,800) of youth identify as transgender

  • Black: 6% (173,500) of adults and 1.4% (39,600) of youth identify as transgender

  • Latinx:7% (289,700) of adults and 1.8% (92,900) of youth identify as transgender

  • Asian: 0.5% (77,300) of adults and 1.0% (10,800) of youth identify as transgender

  • American Indian/Alaska Native: 0.9% (14,500) of adults and 1.8% (3,000) of youth identify as transgender

  • Multiracial: 0% (50,900) of adults and 1.5% (15,000) of youth identify as transgender

“Better collection of data about transgender people on federal surveys is vital to understand the characteristics, experiences, well-being, and needs of the transgender population in the United States,” said study author Andrew R. Flores, Visiting Scholar at the Williams Institute. “The CDC should make the YRBS and BRFSS gender identity questions part of the core survey rather than optional questions, and the U.S. government should include questions to identify transgender people in all federal surveys.”

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