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Debate In Europe - Mental Retardation in The USA - Sounds about right!



In the UK, leaders are having a civilized, logical debate about gender ideology. As these debates continue, childhood gender clinics are closing swiftly across Europe. One of the debates was recently uploaded on Youtube, and it's worth a watch.


The trans teen trend: a case of social contagion?


Swedish childhood gender clinic documents show that girls on puberty blockers have side effects like osteoporosis, damage to spine, and the skeleton in general, because puberty blockers prevent the bones from absorbing the nutrition they need to grow and strengthen, leaving these girls hunched over like they are 100 at 15 without probably living past 30; is this the future for the US? (See blog entry for the translation to English version)

Here in the USA?

Full Speed ahead…..California becoming a legal refuge for any state that objects to stitching “penis roulades” on girls just below their belly buttons.


While boys develop early-onset osteoporosis in their early 20s, cross-sex hormones also cause heart attacks. For Christ's sake, the leading gender surgeon transwoman Dr Marci Bowers admits that boys on puberty blockers will never experience an orgasm from these surgeries that are sold like candy to a toddler.


Here in the USA?

We have governors declaring childhood medical transition is child abuse. At the same time, they are taking envelopes with millions in donations from gender clinics, strategically pushing bills off that would ban what they say is child abuse but where they get millions of dollars from.

It's absurd! ---> & yes, that is Texas Governor Greg Abbott! <------Lobbed to get the exact bill to make transing children a crime pushed off the floor 'We need to accept people speech."

I say, "Balderdash!"

Try and keep up. I know your head is spinning!


All studies that said it was beneficially retracted......The Heritage Report by Jay Greene corroborates what the international evidence is also saying --> which is that the evidence base shows the benefits of affirmative care DO NOT outweigh the risks.


Retracted/Modified Studies

Branstrom major correction

1) Based on Swedish data: Branstrom major correction issued in 2020 (which was not publicized, although the original study published in 2019 which was wrong was widely trumpeted): the results actually demonstrated NO advantage of surgery in relation to subsequent mood or anxiety disorder-related health care visits or prescriptions or hospitalizations following suicide attempts in that comparison. Swedish study data Link

Sweden Study

Karolinska Study

Finland - based on a systematic review - Correction Retraction

Cass Report

New Systematic Reviews UK



I have miscalculated one thing with all this activism: the time it will take for people to get their heads out of their rectums! Every project I do, I think, "OK, this is it; this will stop childhood medical transition," only to have an egg thrown on my face.

Because here in the USA, we are seeing a surge of detransitioner like this guy! Desperate for attention, he declares 'Detrans', and the media again jumps around for a mentally ill person. But let the floodgates open for donations and fame because that's what this dude needs, right? He is somehow overwhelmed with misery about children being medically transitioning...I don't buy it! This dude identified as Korean, too, I'm sorry, but this is someone who suddenly has a massive epiphany about transing children. OK, sure! 'Horsepucky!'


The truth is that 'detrans' is the new activism cash cow. Claim 'detrans' start an org a viola. I have no doubt this dude will identify as whatever the next hot fame-making activism item is, whatever that may be.

Oh, and he also threw in one for the evangelical team too. "I no longer identify as Korean or trans after finding god." Wink Wink Wink!

When I started out in activism, this guy was heavy on the other side but claiming trans was the 'It" thing then. Now? Detrans.

I do not lift myself up as a detrans because it's not effective to gain eyeballs from the people that need to know the truth, detrans are essential, yes, but it's an echo chamber; every liberal poo-poos it only hearing: "I used to be gay, but I found god!" BIGOT!

Listen, I know I am not stellar in mental health. I was convinced I was born in the wrong body too, but I can call a spade a spade.


Here in the USA?

Biden denounces GOP states that limit child gender surgeries during same-sex marriage bill-signing ceremony Biden took aim at GOP states that limit gender-affirming surgeries for minors, saying those laws need to be challenged

Our president. Combining the two things that ensure the longest time this craziness will continue. Comparing transgenderism to homosexuality using the same talk tracks used to gain homosexual rights – it's absurd.

Never in my life did I think we would have such a sincere IDIOT in office.

"we denied interracial couples and same-sex couples from these protections. We failed. We failed to treat them with equal dignity and respect. And now law requires interracial marriage. And same-sex marriage must be recognized as legal in every state in the nation," Biden said.

"We need to challenge the hundreds of callous, cynical laws introduced in the states targeting transgender children, terrifying families and criminalizing doctors who give children the care they need," Biden said. Dumb and dumber.


Sweden, the leading country for transgender health care and the only country to conduct any longer-term studies, declared that WPATH the so-called transgender baseline for care? Hogwash! Now refusing to use WPATH as a standard of care.

Sweden, "child psychiatry will continue to be responsible for treating those under the age of 18 who experience gender incongruity and suffer from it. Care will now primarily consist of psychological support to help the youth live with the healthy body they were born with."

Here in the USA?

WPATH is a righteous god of solid fact-finding information here in the USA yet has never been held up in any court case in the world as sufficient.

Here in the USA?

Our president is proposed a new rule, Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)(Section 1557), lifting the little restrictions on childhood medical transition and opening the floodgates to trans kids younger faster, including surgeries like the ones above.

In other countries, laws are being enacted that are causing a wildfire, shutting down gender clinics with factual statements like this.

"Extremely weak scientific foundation of the previous guidelines/knowledge support emerged, both the National Board of Health and Welfare and healthcare providers such as Karolinska Hospital have changed the guidelines point by point. The new knowledge support/guidelines will advise against surgery, puberty blockers and sex-opposite hormones before adulthood."

Here in the USA?

In San Francisco, they are giving away free money if you claim to be transgender, $1200 a month for those who identify as transgender, nonbinary, gender non-conforming or intersex, according to the program's website.

In the state of Californian SB107 states, "Any child parent could take their child to California if their state refused childhood medical transition." Any states that make childhood medical transition illegal? Move to California. SB107. Any child parent could take their child to California if their state refused childhood medical transition. Any states that make childhood medical transition illove to California.

Side note: Do you have a teenage son driving? Make sure you select non-binary on your auto insurance it will reduce your bill significantly. It's a feeling that can't be proven. Go for it and jump into the circus for some extra cash.

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on.....These absurdities within this post are the cornerstone of why I say 'SCREAM Louder' because calm, rational debate is not working, my friends, not working! This is one of the reasons why I love 'Gays Against Groomers," they are doing it right, in your face, SCREAMING!

Once you know the truth, I challenge you to hold yourself accountable, do something outside of the Twitter echo chamber, volunteer or donate to a cause you believe in but by all means, please do something!

-Scott/Kellie Newgent


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05 de jan. de 2023

I suspect that Biden is just an old man with dementia (I am not an ageist , there are plenty of people his age who are lucid, he just isn't one of them). Someone else is running the show, he is speaking someone else's words and has no idea what he is saying. I don't know who is behind the very strong pro-trans agenda of Biden administration but it is scary.

Scott Newgent
Scott Newgent
07 de jan. de 2023
Respondendo a

And I agree that I do think he . It's pretty apparent.


05 de jan. de 2023

The real problem is that, in an effort to avoid the same mistakes we made in responding to gay people - lack of acceptance, trying to "convert" them, ostracizing them - all very wrong - we are making yet another colossal mistake by pretending anyone who feels uncomfortable in their own skin is actually born in the wrong body and pushing body hatred and damaging hormones and surgeries. What people don't seem to get is that each issue must be analyzed on its own, rather than making failed analogies to other issues. The idea of "being trans" is NOT analogous to being gay (ie. being same-sex attracted). It's a problem of mental laziness and stupidity, combined with, for a sub-s…

Scott Newgent
Scott Newgent
07 de jan. de 2023
Respondendo a

I agree. Get analogy


Scott Newgent

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