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Debate - December 3rd Signed Agreed - Scott Newgent - Let's Do This! - No JOKE PEOPLE!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Debate December 3rd - Speak About It - Rules Given & Accepted - If Dr Speck Refuses, I am told they will keep searching until they find a worthy opponent.

-Please Tweet - Post On Social Media - Currently TReVoices Is Banned On Almost All Media Sources -

This is major, and I plan to prepare accordingly....we can save so many children; I will study the entire time, day/night and do EVERYTHING to ensure at the end of this debate, people will understand what is happening; to gender-confused kids worldwide...I promise I will not let these KIDS down! I will make people cry and laugh, give everything I have emotionally but most importantly.....I will make people FEEL the truth, feel what is happening to all these kids worldwide, all the youtube videos, the pure pain, anger and absolute disregard for these different kids. They will NOT stand alone on this stage because I am one of them, just at 50 years old. I will SPEAK for all of them, and I will NOT let them down...I refuse!


I am doing if for all of these kids who have grown into adulthood thinking they don't matter...They do, they do matter, and I see all these videos, and I reach out to EVERYONE. Yes, this is a heavy burden, but it's an honour to have a voice that people listen to. I will not waste it.

I'm doing it for this person! - All these people that had dollar signs on their heads now have tears in their eyes...SOLD down the river...Different doesn't matter - IT DOES MATTER - You Do Matter!

Stop Transing Kids?

Putting a team together - Reach out

Debate Coach

PR Leader

Media Coordinator

Study Leader

Wordsmith - Taken 'Newgent'

Prayer Leader "Kidding, but not pressure here, right...WOW!"

Email: Debate Team Subject Line

This is NO joke, 'Act Accordingly.

As always, I will work with every part of society except - feminist orgs or leaders - Probably great people, but I constantly get brutally attacked, and no one stops these women and don't have the time to PLAY! Sorry if that offends - TO BAD! - If you can stand up to your bullies, I'd love to work with feminists too!

-Scott Newgent


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Aug 25, 2022



Aug 25, 2022

Thank You Scott! God Bless You!


Aug 24, 2022

I love Scott, you have no idea what or how much you are doing, saving all with tears in your eyes! Thank you


Scott Newgent

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