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Concerns about the Transgender Trend Permeating College Education - A College Student Explains

Updated: Nov 11

The transgender movement seems to be gaining momentum at an unprecedented rate, captivating the attention of individuals worldwide, including children. While I made an informed decision to undergo a medical transition, I always understood that it would never truly transform me into a biological male. Nevertheless, the allure of finally fitting in after a lifetime of feeling like an outsider was overwhelming.

#SCREAMLouder Transman
Concerns about the Transgender Trend Permeating College Education

Recently, I received an email that encapsulates the prevailing narratives and assignments being disseminated within college courses. I was shocked to discover the lack of critical thinking and justification behind the content. It is disheartening to recognize that parents are financing an educational system that often fails to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complex issues at hand.


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The rampant commercialization and monetization of this phenomenon on social media platforms and within educational institutions have transformed it into a money-making venture for both sides. As someone in the middle, striving to bring awareness and truth without personal gain, encounters like this email leave me frustrated and concerned. The question remains: How do we put an end to this troubling trend? We need leaders who genuinely care about the well-being of our society, individuals who are willing to hold themselves and others accountable for promoting accurate and responsible education.

I urge you to take a moment to read through the attached document, which encompasses the content of the email I received. I kindly request that you forward it to at least one person you know who has a child currently in college. By starting a conversation and raising awareness, we can collectively work towards a more informed and inclusive educational system. Thank you for your time and consideration. Together, we can make a difference. Warm regards,

-Transman Scott Newgent

Thank you, Julia, for sending me this information to share to the world. Julia is #SCREAMINGLouder

If you have something to share to the world, email me here:

Subject: Discontent with Course Content and Concerns about Gender Discussion in Education -Julia Sherk

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Julia Sherk, and I am currently enrolled in the “Critical Perspective and Society” elective, as it was the only available option. As a mature student, my experiences have granted me a depth of understanding and a clearly defined perspective which I feel needs to be shared. Recently, I've found unsettling content within this course, primarily concerning the unit titled, "Thinking Critically About Gender." This unit introduced a myriad of articles, presentations, and video content that we were mandated to review in preparation for an upcoming quiz. Several articles postulated that women are being marginalized and losing employment opportunities to men. Elsewhere, the narrative flipped, praising the recognition of transgender women in the mainstream media, spinning a paradoxical narrative. It seems to me, this is implicitly implying that biological men are now stripping opportunities from biological women under the cloak of trans identity.
See all materials from the class in the link below

Most disturbing was a PowerPoint presentation titled "Transgender Representation". This 'educational' presentation was nothing short of revolting, featuring images that were wholly inappropriate for an educational setting. I find it deeply troubling that my tuition money, earned during grueling 12-hour shifts throughout the four-month-long summer, is being used to fund such content, which I frankly perceive as an attempt at ideological brainwashing. One of the presentation images displayed a surgical scar on the leg of a trans man, the site from which flesh was taken to fabricate a phallus. Another image denigrated the sanctity of pregnant womanhood. These exploitative depictions seem designed to shock rather than educate. It is deeply disappointing to feel coerced into participating in a discourse that seems rooted in delusion, rather than truth. The lessons presented in this unit appear to target and demonize heterosexual men and women, propagating harmful ideologies under the guise of enlightenment. Also, it’s entirely unjust that students, including me, are penalized for choosing not to engage with such content that conflicts with our beliefs. Having spent my early years as a woman in the male-dominated construction industry, I am well-versed in the duality of identity. Even when I am attired in work boots and men's clothing, with my hair tied back, my femininity is not obscured or erased.

I strongly believe in divergent expressions of identity and individuality. Young women should always feel secure in expressing masculine traits and interests while holding their femininity intact. However, modern media and academic institutions appear determined to deconstruct and redefine this perspective, suggesting an intrinsic fault that needs 'correcting' or 'transcending'. I look forward to your thoughts regarding my concerns. Best Regards, Julia

All Class Material Below:

Transgender Representations
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