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C-6 Senators

Chloe Cole Detrans- 'Do No Harm Speech' What was meant to be peaceful erupted into chaos!

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

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Watch a firsthand account of the day...Press Play


BREAKING: Parents protest California pediatrics convention over medicalized transitioning of children


Protests Erupt in Southern California Over ‘Transing’ Children


First Do No Harm Unity Rally - Feminist Struggle Video

Erin Friday

Erin Friday has tirelessly fought transgender ideology, first saving her daughter and now fighting for all children. For more information on how you can help stop California from becoming the g00mer capital of the US: https://www.advocatesprotectingchildr... Please consider supporting my work:

Detransitioner Chloe Cole Sues Doctors Who Oversaw Body Mutilation


  • NOVEMBER 21, 2022

Our children are under attack like never before, perhaps most notably in the area of gender dysphoria and the extreme agenda adopted by those on the left. Protecting the most vulnerable among us is one of society’s most important roles. Those harming children must be held accountable. Steps are being taken by individuals brave enough to speak out against this abuse.

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