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WPATH Challenged, New York Times Chimes in the Transing Kids Debate & More...'Cheering & Pondering'

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

WPATH Standards of Care 8 – On September 15, WPATH heralded the document: "The Standards of Care 8 represents the most comprehensive set of guidelines ever produced to assist health care professionals around the world in support of transgender and gender diverse adults, adolescents, and children who are taking steps to live their lives authentically."

The WPATH “The Standards of Care 8” is a toxic brew of ideology, quackery, and paganism, dressed up as medicine. Never have I come across such appalling examples of ideology infecting medicine: The “guidelines” are filled with ideological claptrap. Irreversible medication and surgeries are “gender-affirming health care”. Terms like “cisgender” and the factually inaccurate, obnoxious, and embarrassing “sex assigned at birth” are used. Clinics are told to implement “gender neutral toilets”.

Any references to safeguarding of children have been removed, as are age limits for puberty blockers, hormones or surgery, as long as a child has reached ‘Tanner Stage 2’ (which can be as young as 9). There’s no requirement for a child to have taken hormones prior to surgery “if not desired [by the child, because according to these “standards” there is obviously no need for medical professionals”

Double mastectomy, euphemized as “chest masculinization” or “top surgery” “can be “considered in minors.” Extremely concerning is that “chest masculinization surgery” (i.e. double mastectomy) “can be considered in minors”. WPATH states that “vaginoplasty” may be considered for under 18 year olds. Hormone treatment is recommended even though it can cause “infertility”. I am willing to bet that Mengele would have had the shame to keep writings such as this under lock and key.

With the piety of a Chinese footbinder, WPATH suggests that physicians provide education to children on “chest binding” and “genital tucking” to provide “comfort” and “lower rates of misgendering”. This is even though the former can cause pain, infections and disfigurements, and the latter can cause decreased sperm concentration.

Parents are alienated. Healthcare professionals are advised to “challenge” parents unsupportive of medical transition. They are recommended to prescribe hormone treatment for children without parental involvement, if such involvement would be “harmful or unnecessary”. These recipes for physical harm and medical malpractice suits are quackery that poses grave danger to public health. That the Centers for Disease Control parttakes in this torture of children is a scandal that the institution and the medical profession will never recover from.

As a transman myself, I have been SCREAMING about the reality of WPATH, only to have my words fall on deaf ears until recently. Lately, more media outlets are waking up and finding the nerve to speak about this horrific truth, regardless of the unicorn fart stink and glitter bombs they will have to endure.

Beyond WPATH: A Conversation with Dr. Joe Burgo

Join FAIR in Medicine for our webinar Beyond WPATH: A Conversation With Dr. Joseph Burgo, hosted by Zander Keig

Last Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022, a pivotal seminar was hosted by Zander Keig, WPATH Ethics Committee member and a WPATH Global Education Institute faculty member.. Dr Joseph Burgo, a physiotherapist and a world-renowned author who established, issued a declaration stating:

Dr. Burgo's Declaration: WPATH Has Discredited Itself

“With the recent release of its ‘Standards of Care, 8th Edition’, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has undermined its standing as the preeminent authority on health care for gender-questioning youth. WPATH's neglect of safeguarding issues for children, its adherence to ideological views unsupported by evidence, its exclusion of ethical concerns, and its mischaracterization of basic science all make its Standards a fundamentally unreliable guide…”

The event was held last Thursday, and it was a powerhouse. Dr Burgo began with his shock and awe as he unwittingly opened up the new version of the WPATH Standards, expecting to find solid science-based evidence. I can tell you I felt the same when I read the WPATH Standards almost four years ago. I contacted eight attorneys in Texas for my transgender phalloplasty surgery medical malpractice case against Dr Curtis Crane, only to get the inevitable call of rejections:

"Sorry, Scott, I was not aware that transgender health care is experimental without a baseline for care." My shock and awe at WPATH reality mirrored Dr Burgo’s. His opening comments hit me as only a personal understanding of reality can::

"I was astounded at reading the new version of WPATH, not believing that what I was ready for was from an accredited organization. I was stunned and appalled the entire time I read the new version of WPATH!" Dr Burgo stated. But the most shocking part of the event was when Burgo and Zeil spoke about the section on Eunuchs. WPATH takes what should be an appalling stand in 'Eunuchs' as a new gender identity, referring to a male whose testicles have been removed.

WPATH, founded in 1979, has never held up as a substance analysis or baseline to compare merging any transgender procedures or recommendations of treatment of transgender health in any court, anywhere in the world.

The success of Dr Burgo's declarations has resulted in thousands of signatures and significant media coverage.

Transgender Health Association' Discredited Itself' by Failing to Protect Children, Critics Claim

Janice Hisle November 16, 2022 Updated: November 16, 2022

‘Greed Being Sold As Love’

While WPATH and other groups assert that hormones and surgery improve quality of life for transgender people, Newgent knows of very few people who have remained content with their gender-transition decision many years later.

Newgent, who underwent the procedures as an adult, has amassed $1.2 million in medical bills and has struggled with repeated infections and other complications.

Newgent believes profit motives are fueling the medicalization of trans-identifying people, especially easily-influenced teens.

The most shocking part of the event was when Burgo and Zeil spoke about the section on Eunuchs. WPATH takes what should be an appalling stand in 'Eunuchs' as a new gender identity, referring to a male whose testicles have been removed.

As a transgender man and someone who has studied this appalling turn in medicine, I see this newfound fascination WPATH has with Eunuch as a strategic promotion, a public-driven push to promote the newfound profitable craze sweeping across the US with an unenlightened society silent or applauding what they unfortunately are too ignorant to understand; 'Queer Surgery Centers."

This newfound fascination with eunuchs is again not about love or acceptance but money! This newfound medical revenue channel is not satisfied with the transgender revenue; billions of dollars is not enough; they want more. What does a greedy dragon do? Create another revenue channel! The channel doesn't have to make sense; it just has to fit in with the LGBTQ community.

Two years ago, my original Twitter was banned, because I was raising awareness about 'Queer Surgery Centers.' Most people believe I was banned from SCREAMING regarding transgender medicine, and I was, but that was accepted by Twitter, because the curve was changing, and they knew it; it's the reality of a craze; transgender opposition was taking a turn, can't stop a ball rolling down the hill, but you can prevent a ball from getting to the top faster.

Wrong Kind Of Trans Banned By Twitter-A Must Read Appeal By Transman Scott Newgent - Twitter Ban

by Scott Newgent Read 2020

The gruesome rise of nonbinary surgery

Trans ideology treats the most grisly experimental procedures as life-affirming healthcare.

by Jo Bartosch - November 16, 2022 Read

"For instance, ‘nonbinary identities’, including identifying as a ‘eunuch’, are now officially recognised in the Standards of Care proposed by the international transgender body WPATH. WPATH guidelines have informed the advice and treatment pathways offered by health services across the world, including the NHS. Unlike boob jobs or brow lifts, gender-transition treatments to align a patient’s ‘gender identity’ with their physical appearance are often treated as necessary forms of healthcare. Although nonbinary surgeries are comparatively niche at present, they shelter under the same ideology – the idea that when bodies and identities are misaligned, this can be corrected through medical intervention."

My surgeon, Dr Curtis Crane, is at the forefront of Eunuch medicine. Does that surprise you? It doesn't surprise me. Transgender medicine is now being outed, Dr Crane's Phalloplasty business has dwindled, and a new revenue stream has been found:

‘I can’t think of a time that a patient has come up with a surgical request that I haven’t been able to fulfil’, boasts Dr Curtis Crane in a YouTube video advertising his services. Crane is a leading US plastic surgeon who offers a full range of gender-reassignment surgeries. Notably, he also performs ‘nonbinary’ procedures on patients who don’t identify as either male or female. In doing so, he stands at the very frontier of trans ideology.

While the public is being educated, gays and lesbians like 'Gays against Groomers" are coming to the table, joining the fight and being heard because of powerhouses like Jaime Michell, we have to dig deeper as the curve balls keep coming. Now what do we need to do from a strategic point of view?

Get into more liberal media with the hype of the transgender crazy finally being highlighted and ever so carefully start to educate on the 'Eunuch' 'Queer Surgery' that has been sneaking up and about to BOOM....Trust me, it will be the same thing, people in awe at the ridiculousness of it. Still, your shock will not stop the new train from coming, but SCREAMING the right way will!


They Paused Puberty, but Is There a Cost?

Puberty blockers can ease transgender youths' anguish and buy time to weigh options. But concerns are growing about long-term physical effects and other consequences.

By Megan Twohey and Christina Jewett Nov. 14, 2022

This groundbreaking project breaking into a liberal space, 'The New York Times' has been over seven months, including spreadsheets, articles, studies, the inevitable speech I give to anyone before I say yes to help, and the same one I gave to Christina Jewett.

If you speak to anyone I help, they will tell you of a thirty-minute rant; I explain the catastrophe of the medicalization of children, the realities and what's to come from an intimate perspective. I also ask a single question at the end:

'If I help you, will you have the strength to tell the truth when you publish this project even if you know you will be attacked?'

If they answer 'yes' I continue to help, if they waiver? I hang up, don't have time the niceties.

Again, if truth be told, I'm struggling with the vanity of knowing the peeling of my chest? The sacrifices made will never be known, but this entire tragedy. It will, in a portion, be from me and others; yes, I know that. But my struggle is caring that I won't get credit. Who feels that way? This has been my struggle this week as I jump for joy, then revel in selfishness and instinctively aware I have another fight at the beginning of a battle people have no clue about......Yet, they will because what am I coming to understand? Although a selfish part of me cares about the credit I won't get, I have a why that no one truly knows. Someday I will reveal, but this is why? It won't let me quit, even if my selfish side shows its ugly head. I'm shackled and in perspective; thank God I am because it takes the selfless person and that doesn't exist. We all are selfish to a degree. At times I want to slap the holy hell out of me, and these shackles; force me to do what's right regardless of my feelings. In hindsight, maybe that is what was needed all along, an unselfishness person doesn't exist, these shackles force me to appear selfless, and I'm trying to learn to come to an understanding of that: I am not selfish, requiring others to be is not a good business model for life relationships

….Growing always sucks doesn't it!

Scott Newgent


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Nov 21, 2022

Oh my! I've always thought you may be a bit too intense, colorful with curse words, but once again judgment comes back to bit as Jesus warns us. This is bad, really bad and you are not intense enough


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