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Before Miranda Yardley, Debbie Hayton, Scott Newgent; The 1st Trans To SCREAM Against Transing-Kids?

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

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Claudia is a beautiful Irish soul, a singer, full of grace and charm. Claudia was the first trans to come out publicly in a BBC News story; in 2007, she regretted the decision to transition medically. I can say with understanding that this was one hell of an accomplishment. It's terrifying coming out and stating,

'Yeah, that was stupid; I should have never transitioned."

Read Initial Article - Are sex change operations justified?

But Claudia did and paved the way for more trans to stand up and say the same thing. Claudia has become a mentor to me, and I try and honour her every day, letting her know that her strength didn't go unnoticed.

Claudia is a twin to my experience medically transitioning; we both transitioned due to homophobia. Pushed by our partners, we both suffer from reoccurring bacterial infections due to our bottom surgeries and suffer daily living each day, knowing that the following infection might be the one that takes our life. It's a real fear and something people need to know. Claudia and I are not the anomalies; unfortunately, we are normality with trans who undergo bottom surgeries.

ia is also unable to walk and wheelchair-bound due to bone deterioration and prolonged use of synthetic estrogen. Claudia is also unable to have sexual relations and has had to forgo this bonding experience due to a failed bottom surgery.

I know right...Wait What? Prolonged use of estrogen on male bodies cause bone deterioration, and it's common and trans bottom surgery risks the ability to have sex and orgasm.

Yes, it is, now you SCREAM!

"I should never have had sex-change surgery," Claudia MacLean, a transsexual woman, told the audience at a recent debate organized by the BBC Radio 4 programme Hecklers and the Royal Society of Medicine in London.
"As a result of the surgery, I am incapable of sex, and I have lived a life apart."

List Of Complications:

  • Loss of the ability to have sex - Claudia

  • Makes mental health worse - Claudia & Scott

  • Decreased life expectancy - Claudia & Scott

  • Premature death from heart attacks <---Had One

  • Premature death from pulmonary embolisms <---Had Two

  • Bone damage - Claudia

  • Possible liver damage - Scott

  • Increased mental-health complications - Claudia & Scott

  • Increases chances of mood-syndrome symptoms - "Fuck You I don't have mood swings' LMAO

  • Increased suicide rates than the non-trans population

  • 12% higher chance than no trans population to develop symptoms of psychosis - Yup I hallucinated when I was saverly sick from my bacteria infection

  • Brain development stunted during hormone blockers

  • Reduced chance for lifelong sexual pleasure - Claudia

  • Probably does not even improve mental health outcomes - Claudia & Scott

Remember this the next time someone calls you a bigot for speaking out against childhood medical transition.

We have a huge hill to climb. We need many voices to roar over ignorance and politicians like Texas Gov Gregg Abbott. Gov Abbot is currently taking bribes from gender clinics throughout Texas, specializing in childhood medical transition. Because of Abbott, Texas is the leading city "WORLD-WIDE" for transitioning children. Abbott takes bribes, and his reelection campaign is 90% funded by transitioning kids surgeons and clinics.

The atrocity alone should make you vomit, and when you finish, grab a phone and call that son of a bitch SCREAMING,

"What ARE YOU DOING ABBOTT...Medical Transitioning Children?"

Here is Greg Abbotts Personal Number - (512) 463-1782

Scott Newgent

Now SCREAM Louder

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Feb 22, 2022

F*cking Hell this makes me so mad. This is the stuff that should on the front page of every newspaper. Gov. Abbott needs thorough trashing next election. My head's gonna explode.


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