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An Evangelical Christian & Lesbian/Trans Man - "I realized I was Michael"

Today, it hit me how rare it is for an Evangelical Christian & a lesbian/transitioned to a trans man who is not claiming their sexuality was miraculously cured by Jesus Christ to come together, appreciate and develop a camaraderie friendship outside this belief becoming a team.

Let's be candid Dr Brown considers homosexuality as wrong, curable, and me a lesbian now, a trans man who thinks on this topic Dr Brown is full of shit. It's rare that two people who draw a line in the sand that deep can say, "We agree to disagree," let's move on.

Over a year ago, my Newsweek article came out asking for bipartisanship, for all communities to build an army to stop childhood transition. I believed then and now even more as I keep studying, encountering more draw-dropping validities about what is happening to kids. Dr Brown was the first person to call out, not only contact but wrote a genuine article about accepting my plea. Dr Brown was eager to begin and disclosed unfiltered heartstrings vulnerability without judging what he believed was wrong with his Christain faith. Dr Brown opened himself up and how the Newsweek article brought him tears, inspring the article below Michael wrote for the Christian Post.


Newsweek courageously warns that sex-change surgery might just destroy your life. by, Dr Michael Brown


When I initially received an email from Michael, I was receptive and agreed to speak with him. That night I began to research Michael, and what the media said about him was harsh, that didn't bother me. What did bother me was Michael's belief regarding homosexuality and me realizing that I transition due to my own internalized homophobia; that quite honestly struck too close to home and a nerve that had me slam my laptop and say aloud for no one to hear:

"Fuck that guy, what an asshole! No way I am talking to this shithead."

An hour later, I came back to the same laptop to make sure I didn't break it slamming it shut, still angered, I sent Michael an email with a piece of my mind and conveyed I would never work with a bigot. Essentially I said,

"Fuck Off Dr. Brown."

Not essentially, I think I used those exact words; if I didn't, that was in my head.

I hit send, and immediately Michael sent me an email of understanding and thanked me for bringing attention to what is happening to kids.


A Podcast with Dr. Michael Brown and Trans Man Scott Newgent

A FTM Transgender Shouts a Warning About Transitioning Children


Three days passed, and I could not get Michael out of my head, or my article and my own words haunted me.

So, endocrinologists and pediatricians, moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans, radical feminists and evangelicals, lawyers and psychologists, parents and teachers: My hand is out. I will grab yours and turn down no one. Together, we can build a circle around our most precious resource: our children. Help me fulfill the promise I made on the night I almost gave up, to be here for my children—and now yours. Who's with me?
Scott Newgent is active with Trans Rational Educational Voices ( Twitter: @ScottNewgent.


Newsweek courageously warns that sex-change surgery might just destroy your life. by, Dr Michael Brown


Three days,

"Fuck that asshole! Who does he think he is!"

Three days,

"Dr Brown my ass, I would have never transitioned I I had accepted who I was, and it's that fuckers fault!"

Three days

On the third day, a shift happened; I opened my laptop and googled Dr Brown once again, and a video popped up, it was Michael on the Tyra Banks Show in 2010.


A Podcast with Dr. Michael Brown and Trans Man Scott Newgent


I watched the whole thing; Michael was attacked, accosted, verbally spit on for being troubled with kids' transitioning. This was in 2010. No one was listening to his words; no one was even trying to comprehend what he was saying and why he was saying it. But I heard Michael, and guess what? He was right. Something else I noticed about Michael, his eyes showed sincerity; he believed what he was saying about transing kids regardless of whether he was correct.

In my view, he was dead on.

I allowed my hurt, my opinion, and my perceived societal wrongs to taint the fact that we are all diverse human beings. Who are we as people? Who we are is the result of a series of circumstances, childhood, our parents, where we were born, what gender we were, the atrocities of people mixed in the wonder of a human soul and the kindness we can bestow. All of this together is who we are, but who someone is, on the inside, never changes; our sincerity and the heart of someone is contaminated with bad or good mixed in with life's experiences. No one knows where their lives would be and who they would come if all their experiences were rearranged.


A strange reality came to me as I was processing within those three days. Who Michael was, the type of man he had become, his convictions, what he clutched to regardless of the aggression? Rearrange my life events, change my gender to male as a baby, remove specific realities about the chronology of my life, pull some trauma out, a different core belief system within my family?

I was Michael.

I would have been Michael if the chess game realities in my life and experienced were rearranged. I was Michael, but with different life experiences & a different sexuality.

Michael's core reflects sincerity and a kind man. Suddenly I was embarrassed and felt horrible. I was the one judging Michael. On the third day, I sent an email apologizing and would like to work with him if he still agreed.

I am an opinionated person & I 100% believe people hit the floor with sexuality, and it does not change. If you think Michael and I haven't had verbal sparring about this issue, you are wrong! The difference is after I tell Michael he's "fucked up, wrong about sexuality", he tells me that I'm fucked up (of course he doesn't curse) & we both listen, and then we say, "ok, not going to agree on that. Now lets find out what we do agree on.

aija Petersdóttir - Being strong enough to say, "this matters more than polarization, more than tribalism." Is a well of beautiful spring water to me.

Stopping the medicalization of children unites us in a common goal.

I have been saying for 3 yrs now this needs to happen to save kids from medical transition faster, and I still say it & I still believe it.

Society does not know the magnitude, consequences, studies, and so on about transing kids because of our segregated institutions. When one community steps up, it is unbalanced because the 'bigot' word is thrown. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. When you leave holes in this debate, you will not win. When communities come together, it closes the gap; the more communities that come together, the smaller the opening, the smaller the gap, the more people we touch with the truth who have never listened or heard or know the truth about childhood transition.

For me? This is not a game, I have nothing to gain, and if you knew me personally, you would know how desperately I want to close this chapter in my life. I have no desire to remain an activist once kids are safe? I'm gone.

So, before you send me a nasty email about me joining hands with Michael, understand this...Michael listens to me; he doesn't demean me or spend hours and hours sending me literature I will never read or hound me with his beliefs. We drew a line in the sand and moved past it. I do the same for Michael. I do not try to change his mind; it's agreed to disagree.

But, I'll tell you what. Michael and I talk a lot, and if I was ever in trouble or a pickle? Michael is on my shortlist of people I know who would be there for me.

We don't have to agree on all to find common ground, be decent and work together for a change we agree on.

Read More On Dr Michael Brown

Scott Newgent


SCREAMING to STOP childhood medical transition.


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