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A Promise Kept Through a Broken Heart- Trans Scott Newgent

Updated: May 19, 2022


In the last three years, I have done everything in my power to save gender-confused kids from surgeons like Dr. Marci Bowers, Dr. Curtis Crane, the Trans Medical Complex, and corporations like AbbVie, which produces the puberty blocker Lupron. I have weathered several death threats; videos ridiculing and making fun of me have been made and sent to me more times than I care to admit. My children Q a Q weekhave gone without, and I have funded to save other people's children with my own money. I have done this because I promised God, the universe, whatever your belief. I promised.

Unbeknownst to most, I am not well. I have not recovered from the transgender bottom surgery I underwent four years ago, known as phalloplasty. I work a forty-hour workweek, and in addition to those eight daily hours, I spend hours every day replying to parents and journalists, helping with word tracks for politicians, meetings with senators and lawyers—all without compensation. For the last three years, every month has ended in the red for this cause

Two months ago, I made another promise. That promise was to not put another dime into saving other people's children. Today I watched my eighteen year old son getting ready for his graduation ceremony. He left home for the mile-long walk to school in the sweltering heat, dressed in his finest and a cap and gown for his high school pictures. My son had to walk to the graduation photo ceremony because while I've been saving other parents' children from the greedy fangs of the medical industry, I haven't been able to save for a car, When I returned to my computer, I was greeted with a notice that my bank account was in the red for the upkeep of my website. This was the last straw.

Everything seems to be turning a corner, and people are stepping up and capitalizing on the financial aspect of politically stopping transition. I have absolutely not a smidge of a doubt; everything tells me that I had EVERYTHING to do with this. Say what you want; it's a fact. I have done what I promised I would do; I have SHAKEN the earth's core. So much so that I am even more broken than before I started trying to save children. An ending with white doves being released is opposite to where I feel I am today. I have taken on all the parental cries inside me, each parent I still hear; it was the only way to be as relentless as was needed to awaken people to the reality, the travesty and the lifelong detriment of medical transition. The travesty of the medicalization of gender-confused kids deviously dressed up as human rights, as gay and lesbian rights was never going to be jerked loose with a half-as_ed attempt. Only someone whose eyes had seen the truth, whose voice had cried out in pain would have the sincerity necessary to SCREAM in such a way that it would stop people in their tracks and get them to listen. I knew I had the pain, the experience, and the cost it would take for me to combine all of these into a tornado of clinching truth. Journalist and talk show hosts talk for a living, and are good at it, but this – this had to come from guttural pain that people could feel – from a mother. I knew I could do it, but I never wanted to. I knew it would take a total exposure of my bare chest; this was the only way. I've always known that and I've understood the consequences and what that meant, and it has done what I expected it would do-it has broken me further.

What are we as human beings when political parties polarize to a point where we are taking the vulnerable parts of society's children and then dive deeper into that travesty and take the children that do not fit, do not belong. We allow them to undergo dangerous medical procedures that have proved not to help anything. We can't stop for one minute and allow children to rise above the importance of who we think God wants us to be or not be attracted to? That's the point for you at which we hold children up to the altat sacrificing them; this is your line? This is the mountain you wish to die on?

Shame on us for not working with others because of the difference of opinions. Shame on us for financially profiting from these separations, and shame on all of us for being so concerned with how we look, what we gain and whom we know, setting the safety of children so low that we are butchering an entire generation of children because people want to say, "I told you so, I was right, and you were wrong."

But I did what I set out to do! I shook the core of the earth; please continue with the person on your left, the one you said you would never work with, tell them now you will, grab the person on the right and tell them you will work with all to keep kids safe.

The villains are not within one particular group of society; they are the Dr Curtis Cranes butchering people, it's Gov Abbott's of the world protecting the Cranes, and it's surgeons like Dr Marci Bowers, who only admit the carnage of medical transition when it's an appropriate career move for them to do so. Shame on these people, hate and attack these people, not the person to your left or right because of something that doesn't matter.

I did what I set out to do, and I have no more to give. I thank you for your willing ears and to all who have SCREAMED with me.

Please continue to SCREAM,

"Medical Transition Is No Place For A Child!"


Kellie Ellen King/Scott Newgent

Daughter Of Scott & Cindy King & Granddaughter of Bill Newgent My Superman

I Did "Until" Grandad Just As You Said, I was always listening to you and am who I am because of it.

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