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C-6 Senators

A little help needed!

This message will not be covered with flowers and sprinkled with sugar.

For several days, I have received threatening emails from trans radicals. I have shared some of the mild ones below. It's evident that we are making progress, and it's no surprise that trans radicals are ratcheting things up. These psychopathic adults react like toddlers in the store when you refuse to buy them a piece of candy you'd occasionally bought on previous trips. They test your will, throwing bigger and louder tantrums until they get what they want, testing your resolve. Someone will win, and we all know who will win here! In the meantime? Please be careful!

Next week I will travel to Florida to give a speech for 'Florida Fathers for Freedom.' Although some of my travelling expenses are paid, flight, room, and other expenses are not, as well as the time I still need to include from work. Regardless of donations, I will focus 24/7 for the next 30 day s and figure out how to do so because I have committed to others. But if you think my voice matters, please help me to use it while keeping the lights on and my kids fed! Remember, I am not within a community; I stand alone, which makes me effective. Still, being alone means, I don't have the support of the various social, political, or religious groups with stakes in this war."

I will be working 24/7 for the next 30 days, and if you want me to continue, please support me. We have new merchandise, and it all looks great, but currently, I get about one or two shirts a month at a $4 profit. You would be shocked if you knew how much sacrifice this takes. But I will not give up; it's a promise I made, and I will keep it with a smile. If you try to call me, you won't get through. I have a $200 phone bill for which I need funds to pay. I'm not kidding; you would be shocked by the sacrifice this takes.

Thank you in advance for your belief.

-Scott Newgent

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