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C-6 Senators

A Baptist Minister & A Transman/Lesbian. Who's The Bigot! Both! .....OHIO.... On the road again

Come along and see what transpires as I journey from state to state, bill to bill, fighting to educate our legislators about the realities of medical transition and why we must STOP transing children.

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My name is Scott Newgent, and I am a 50-year-old transgender man and a parent of three children. I medically transitioned at 42, and because of it, I suffered many life-threatening complications. As I researched and studied thousands of reports and papers to save my life, I first learned that medical transition is dangerous, experimental and doesn't cure anything. But the medical industry has, with the magnanimity and piety of a Chinese footbinder, convinced society that transition is a civil rights struggle, that sexually mutilating and castrating our children is a noble fight for human rights that just happens to unlock an enormous revenue stream into the pockets of what used to be the world's most revered profession.

As I found the key to saving my life, I stumbled upon alarming facts about the medical subspecialty called "transgender medicine," and from then on, I devoted my life to protecting gender-confused children and making this area of medicine safe.

I have been fighting to STOP childhood medical transition for over four years. In 2021, I published the first article here in the US detailing the travesty of medically transitioning children.



We Need Balance When It Comes To Gender Dysphoric Kids. I Would Know | Opinion


ON 2/9/21 AT 7:30 AM EST

Since these bills I have made it my mission to educate legislators and the public about the grotesque reality of medical transition. My involvement began with the first bill introduced to ban childhood medical transition. It is now referred to as 'Let them grow."


Each year I wear myself out offering my help to as many dedicated senators as possible, trying to pass these essential bills to save our children's lives. This year I am taking a 60-day sabbatical to devote as much time as possible to the cause. I believe everything will turn out okay because These bills deserve everyone's 100% attention. What could be more important than the health and lives of our children?


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Please consider a donation; everything helps. Yes, I usually get travel expenses covered, but only sometimes 100%. The rest I had to come from my (sometimes) meagre funds (and I have college tuition x 3 in my future!) Yes, I occasionally receive a gift for a speaking engagement, but only a little. Many are shocked: "What's in this for you; they're not your children?" What kind of a person would I know what I know and shrug my shoulders ?"Eh, they're not my kids." No, they're not my children. They're our children. They are our future. I hope you find our future worth saving and investing in. My friend, editor, and coffee addict asks herself when deciding whether or not to give money to causes such as this one. If the cause is worth more than a grande mocha. The decision is easy.


A recent whistleblower who worked at a gender clinic stated that it is worse than the experimental-No follow-up, no clue what is happening or what will happen to these kiddos in the future.(don't understand…

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Many European countries have been shutting down gender clinics 100% due to children suffering from more severe instances of mental illness and significant complications. Yet here in the United states? The media I am not covering the truth, and society believes transition kids are safe and "gender transition" is a cure-all!

Medical transition is 95% experimental, except for "top surgeries" (double mastectomies).

Children who are being medically transitioned due to mental illness/suicidal ideation do see an improvement initially, but things change as the years go on. The process continues; the highest point of suicidal ideation is 7-10 years after these children begin to transition medically.

Children on puberty blockers have serious, sometimes life-threatening, side effects as they enter adulthood.

You heard me right. These kids? The infamous, "Better an alive daughter than a dead son?" Hogwash.

Suicide Truth: When discussing the emotional effects of transition, many activists will refer you to a 2018 Pediatrics Journal article entitled "Transgender Adolescent Suicide Behavior", which refers to a study based on only three years of data collected between 2012 and 2015. Three years! What matters is the long term. The "gold standard" is a study of 324 medically transitioned adults based on 30-year longitudinal data. The authors found that completing sex-reassignment surgery was associated with "considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity" than the general population. Kids who are suicidal before their transition likely continue to be suicidal, and the most intense ideation often comes years after transitioning.

Read more on suicide: Facts or Myths

Retracted Studies (

It's experimental, ALL of it!

"Standards of Care" by World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), which the Swedish Medical Journal calls an 'activist organization – are the supposed transgender health care guidelines in transgender medicine. Since its inception in 1979, WPATH "guidelines" have never been held up in a court of law anywhere in the world as a reasonable standard for transgender care.

An increasing number of leading health professionals are challenging this organization's credibility. Dr Joseph Burgo, a leading psychologist, challenged WPATH: "As mental health professionals, public health scientists, allied organizations and individuals, we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and psychological health impact of the current 'Standards of Care' released by WPATH. We hold that WPATH has discredited itself."

If you have any questions, refer to the above: WPATH's "standards" has never been held up in a courtroom anywhere in the world as a baseline for care.

All seven studies claimed to be a cure-all for these kids. All seven have been retracted with "Oooops, our bad, transing kids don't help diddly squat" or "Insufficient time or subjects to render an analysis.

The Heritage Report by Jay Greene corroborates what the international evidence is also saying --> which is that the evidence base shows the benefits of affirmative care DO NOT outweigh the risks.

1) Based on Swedish data: Branstrom major correction was issued in 2020 (which was not publicized, although the original study published in 2019 which was erroneous was widely trumpeted): the results demonstrated NO advantage of surgery in relation to subsequent mood or anxiety disorder-related health care visits or prescriptions or hospitalizations following suicide attempts in that comparison. Swedish study data Link

Read the rest of the modified/retracted studies:

Retracted Studies (

The majority of children being medically transitioned usually have commonalities, such – as 43 per cent of boys who medically transition would grow up to be healthy gay men embracing their bodies without health-debilitating medical intervention, and 67% of girls? Lesbian. 67% of Future Lesbian Adults...& more below: (Scott, I've read studies on this and the numbers are MUCH higher, 80, 90%)


7% Asperger's Gifted

49.5% Mentally Gifted

63.3% Mental Illness

7.59%ADHD Gender Variance

24% Autistic Gender Diverse

Read more on commonalities:

What Do These Kids Have In Common (

Puberty Blockers & Documented Risks


  1. Risk Listed - Studies, Verbiage & Facts To Follow:

  2. Diminished bone density

  3. Cognitive impairment <---Brain impairment

  4. Infertility

  5. cholelithiasis

The link below also shows a recent study that was retracted and found two children who were medically transitioning committed suicide - Not jesting; this is grave, people! (I think they called it "adverse effects")

Read the rest: Study-Puberty Blockers 26 Risks 0 Benefit-Europe 'Were Out Transing Kids' - USA Full Speed Ahead! (

Thanks for the ear..Remember SCREAM Louder.

See you out on the road!

-Scott Newgent

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