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You need to know what the 12 leading complications of childhood medical Transition

By, Scott Newgent


12 Leading Complications-Medical Transing Kids-USA Estimate Of Money Generated-312 Million A Year!

Start Screaming Louder Parents
Links included within to verify facts. Please check them because if it shocks you to read them, guess what it will do when you take the time to verify the truth?

Here is what we do know about medical transition
Decreased life expectancy
Premature death from heart attacks
Premature death from pulmonary embolisms
Bone damage
Possible liver damage
Increased mental-health complications
Increases chances of mood-syndrome symptoms
Increased suicide rates than the non-trans population
12% higher chance than no trans population to develop symptoms of psychosis
Brain development stunted during hormone blockers
Reduced chance for lifelong sexual pleasure
Probably does not even improve mental health outcomes

Here is what really gets my goat:

What will happen to a biological boy who takes sex hormones associated with the opposite sex (or vice versa) and grows up without the benefit of natural puberty? What happens to a male body on estrogen over the long term? No one knows.

What are the psychological effects on detransitioners? How many detransitioners are there even? No one knows.

Homosexuality: Born, your child has blonde hair, blue eyes, and an IQ of 121 & homosexual. Things born that do not change...EVER!

Transgenderism: You create by using synthetic hormones and surgery; it a choice. I know I know they say it's not; of course not! Do you know how much money is made off of transitioning children?

In the UK in ten years hormone blockers generated approximately:

Two million yearly to 50 million yearly: This 4000% spike happened in less than 10 years. Do I need to say anything else? Once you see that you can't play dumb anymore! (oh, and the UK banned them, thank God)
Hormone blockers are 8X more expensive when they are prescribed to children than adults.

The average cost for kids to be on hormone blockers in the USA = $19,999 per year, per child

In the UK the number of kids medically transitioning from 2009-2018 went from 96 kids to 2515-4515% increase

UK Population/Children = 11,759,000 - .00021421889 ratio (estimate mirroring the UK) of the population of kids transitioning

Let's use that same ratio here in the USA

USA Population = 73,000,000 Take that ratio compare in the USA - 15,638 kids transitioning

Fiscal numbers for the UK

$19,999 X 96 kids transitioning = $1,919,904 - 2 million to 50 million per year! 4515% increase
$19,999 X 2519 kids transitioning = $50,377,481

If we use that same ration it would equal the break down to a rough estimate of 3,371 kids in Indiana medically transitioning or 15,638 kids in the USA medically transitioning

Money Generated:

Fiscal numbers for the USA

USA Kids = 15,638 on hormone blockers = $312,744,362
Average Yearly Cost For Hormone Blockers: $19,999

In 2006 96 kids on HB in the UK - $1,919,904
In 2018 2515 kids on HB in the UK - $50,377,481 50

Homosexuality: Conversion therapy doesn't work. Conversion therapy to change people's sexuality works about as good as yelling at a person for a month that they do not have blue eyes and if they had faith they would be brown- It's ridiculous!

Transgenderism: Is promoted to kids that have gender dysphoria, which is a severe mental illness. What do we know about mental illness? Metal illness distorts reality and throws onto the fire of a brain that has not matured enough to see around corners. Sprinkle in the greed of pharmaceutical corporations, and you have a catastrophe.

80% of children work their way out of gender dysphoria with talk therapy and anxiety medications, and this is a good thing! This is not bad or a transphobic thing, remember I am trans, and I have fully medically transitioned from top to bottom.

We want to give our kids time to grow out of gender dysphoria because here is something people don't talk about, and trans don't speak about. The only people that do are the detrasitioners and thank God for them telling the truth.

Here is the truth: Medical transition makes gender dysphoria worse! Think I'm kidding? Talk to a therapist that specializes in anorexic children. I guarantee you will not find one that says,

"The best therapy I prescribe to my anorexia patients is a daily class on the benefits of starvation. This works wonders helping with the mental illness of anorexia." Said no therapist in the world ANYWHERE!

It's nuts!

Currently Canada has a bill - Bill C-6 criminalizing any mental health professionals, anyone schools, parents, everyone from having the ability to say, "What makes you feel gender dysphoric? Where do you believe this is coming from and why? Let's work this through and figure out what is best."

The only option is straight to medical transition, no questions asked. The ONLY people that benefit from that is; pharma. FYI, these companies are in my country the USA; Canada is feeding the US economy by being so ignorant and without the ability to have some balls and stand up and say,

"Aww wait for a second, this doesn't seem right, and I don't care who's feelings I hurt."

Why is this a bad thing to go straight to medical transition without healing GD with talk therapy? You know that study that came out in 2019, the one the trans activist parade saying "Medical Transition Cures Gender. Dysphoria," Reduction in Mental Health Treatment Utilization Among Transgender Individuals After Gender-Affirming Surgeries? It was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, which purported to show the transition benefits, do you remember? I do! It was retracted with the truth "Medical Transition" does not help anything, cure anything, but it comes with life long medical complications!

Every mental health study that has backed, promoted and agreed with medically transitioning children as the first line of defense due to the high success rate has been retracted. EVERYONE!

Parents Scream Louder

Scott Newgent

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