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We are up against Goliath, with on souls on fire . . . 

Help STOP The Travesty Of Childhood  Medical Transition

We are fighting the most significant medical scandals in modern history, and your support can make a real difference. Your help can save children's lives. 

The truth is that medical transition for gender-confused children is experimental, dangerous, and ineffective. It not only causes significant health issues but also worsens their mental well-being. These are undeniable facts that need to be brought to light. (See Facts & Study Page)

Unfortunately, mainstream media is censored, and society continues to believe that gender ideology is solely about human rights. The reality is that every child they convince to transition yields substantial financial profit, with synthetic hormones alone amounting to over 1.3 million dollars in a lifetime. This doesn't even account for the expenses of surgeries and potential complications, which are extensive. Disturbingly, puberty blockers prescribed to children generate eight times more profit and cause the most long-term damage.

We are in a battle for the lives of these children, and we are determined to make a difference. Our organization, Trans Regretters is #SCREAMINGLouder to STOP childhood medical transition, is dedicated to STOPPING, 100% stop for all children worldwide because all kids matter - Not creating change but rather saving lives. We share robust, factual information and real-life stories to break free from societal subtribes and echo chambers.

Now is a critical moment as innocent children continue to be subjected to unnecessary procedures. Our relentless pursuit aims to put an end to the suffering caused by childhood medical transition. Every contribution we receive brings us closer to saving a child's life. Every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment to grow and thrive. I know firsthand the love and devotion a parent feels towards their child, and this deep sense of care drives me to speak out and make a difference. I am confident that you share the same sentiments regarding your children. Our society cannot turn a blind eye to such injustice. If we fail to protect our children, we risk losing our way as a compassionate and responsible community.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact and ensure the safety of these vulnerable children. Your invaluable support and involvement can create a better tomorrow for them. By educating ourselves, raising awareness, and advocating for policy changes, we can create a society that prioritizes the protection and well-being of all children.

Please join me in this important cause. Let us unite in our efforts to safeguard the rights and dignity of these innocent lives. Together, we can ensure that they have the chance to grow up and fulfil their potential.

If you have any questions about how you can contribute or are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch with us at

All my love and all my passion, I #SCREAMLouder 'STOP Transing Kids!'
-Trans Regretter Scott Newgent

Scott Newgent

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